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Troubleshooting Tips - GE GDF510-640 Series Owner's Manual

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Troubleshooting Tips... Before you call for service
Start status indicator
light flashing
Dishwasher BEEPS
once every minute
(on some models)
Beeping at the end
of the cycle (on
some models)
Dishes and flatware
not clean
Spots and filming
on glasses and
Cloudiness on
Possible Cause
The door was opened or the
cycle was interrupted.
This is a reminder that your
dishwasher door has been left
open during operation. It will
continue beeping until you
press Start and close the door.
This is normal. Dishwasher
will beep twice at the end of
the cycle.
Ultra-Fine Filter or Fine
Filter is clogged
Low inlet water temperature
Water pressure is
temporarily low
Air gap or disposer clogged
High drain loop or air gap
not installed
Improper rack loading
Poor performing detergent
Extremely hard water
Low inlet water temperature
Overloading or improper
loading of the dishwasher
Old or damp powder
Rinse agent dispenser empty
Too little or low performing
Combination of soft water
and too much detergent
Low performing phosphate-
free detergent
Water temperature entering
the dishwasher exceeds
150°F (66°C)
What To Do
Press the Start pad once and close the door within 4
seconds to start the dishwasher. Press the Start pad a
second time when the dishwasher is running only if you
wish to cancel the cycle.
Press Start and close the door.
To turn off the double beep indicator (or re-activate it if
it was previously turned off), press the Heated Dry pad 5
times within 3 seconds. A triple beep will sound to indicate
the end-of-cycle beep option has been turned on or off.
See the Care and Cleaning section.
Make sure inlet water temperature is correct (see the
USING THE DISHWASHER section). Turn on the hot
water faucet nearest the dishwasher, let run until the water
temperature stops rising. Then start the dishwasher and
turn off the faucet. This ensures the entering water is hot.
Select Wash Temp Boost if available.
Turn on a faucet. Is water coming out more slowly than usual?
If so, wait until pressure is normal before using your dishwasher.
Normal water pressure to the dishwasher should be 20-120 psi.
Clean the air gap or flush the disposer.
Refer to the Installation Instructions for proper drain line
Make sure large dishware does not block the detergent
dispenser or the wash arms. See the Loading section.
Use a highly rated detergent such as Finish
Automatic Dishwashing
Use rinse agents such as
prevent spots and prevent new film build-up.
If water is extremely hard, a softener may be required.
Make sure water temperature is at least 120°F (49°C).
Load dishwasher as shown in the Loading section.
Make sure detergent is fresh.
detergent such as Finish
Refill with rinse agent such as
Make sure you use the proper amount of highly rated
This is called etching and is permanent. To prevent this
from happening, use less detergent if you have soft water.
Wash glassware in the shortest cycle that will get it clean.
See A white film on glassware, dishware and the
interior in this TROUBLESHOOTING section.
This could be etching. Lower the water heater
Rinse Aid
Use a highly rated

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