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TDK Power Supply/DC to DC Converter/CCFL Inverter Application Manual

Module on board dc/dc converters, point of load converters and ac/dc front end converters
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  Summary of Contents for TDK Power Supply/DC to DC Converter/CCFL Inverter

  • Page 2 Rely on TDK-Lambda By choosing TDK-Lambda as your strategic custom power solution partner you minimise risk for the entire life of your product. Our objective is high reliability in both our products and our business processes.
  • Page 3 TDK-Lambda have the complete product line-up to realise an entire DPA solution, either completely utilising card based ‘Module on board’ converters, or a mix of AC-DC front end PSUs combined with card level ‘Module on board’ converters.
  • Page 4 DC / DC converters, point of load converters – non - isolated, regulated output TDK-Lambda’s range of industry standard footprint point of load converters are compatible with all com- monly used bus voltages and architectures from 3.3 to 12V and suited to almost any market application from harsh telecom mast mounted to exacting medical equipments.
  • Page 5 iAX/iBX, 1st generation industry standard line up The first generation of POL converters with the choice of SMT or SIP packages offer higher levels of output current under given thermal conditions, than many competitor parts allowing existing user products to be upgraded to more power hungry loads without the need for a complete redesign.
  • Page 6 N E W Series Output current / power upto 33A / 400W Efficiency upto 96 % Output voltage 9.6V, 12V Input voltage range 36 – 75V Output trim feature Remote sense feature Format, DOSA open frame Industry standard quater brick, thru hole Baseplate option Warranty...
  • Page 7 Half Brick Sharing all the key attributes of the iQG / iQL families above, the iHG series extends the useable power to 456W for single unit and 900W for two modules using droop technique current share version. N E W Series Output current / power upto 38A / 456W...
  • Page 8 DC/DC converters, fully featured – isolated, regulated output Pico Brick Providing full output power in high temperature environment and higher voltage outputs from a very low profile the Pico - brick is well suited to a very broad range of information and communication technology applications including LAN/WAN, servers and storage, radio, RF amplifiers and many more.
  • Page 9 Sixteenth Brick The well established 1/16B family provides a broad series of fully featured products, compatible with conventional and contact cooling techniques, providing full rated power at high ambient temperature and low airflow, across the wide range of output voltages available. •...
  • Page 10 Eighth-Brick TDK-Lambda’s hugely successful family of eighth brick converters with the broadest range of output voltages available has recently been augmented by the addition of the new wide input voltage products, extending the scope of applications to include ‘remotely powered’ RF devices commonly found in latest LTE / GSM telecom equipment.
  • Page 11 Quarter-Brick Covering from 1.2V to 28V and up to 300W, this is possibly the broadest range of Quarter Bricks available. Many available with 48V and 24V input versions, with high current and true useable power ratings the user has a choice of cooling strategies making the range of user applications possible almost limitless.
  • Page 12 Warranty 3 years Half-Brick TDK-L’s half brick line up offers solutions to a huge range of load demands by covering the output voltage range from 1 V to 53V enabling power hungry low voltage silicon or ‘high voltage’ GaN RF devices, POE circuits and almost everything in –...
  • Page 13 Three Quarter Brick This family of dual output converters provides two regu- lated output voltages. With sequenced start – up and optimised low ripple and noise, these converters are ideal for sensitive applications such as xDSL cards requiring power for both data processing and ‘line driver’ silicon. •...
  • Page 14 Full Brick This range of Full Brick devices with very high output power capability, choice of 48V or 24V input and a range of output voltages is ideal across a broad range of applications. With an auxiliary rail available and active current share, coupled with a DC good indication, these products are extremely versatile.
  • Page 15 DC bus structures found in newer data centre power architec- tures and from TDK-L’s ‘PF’ AC-DC PFC front end module. • 3kV AC isolation input to output • Very wide output voltage adjustment / trim range •...
  • Page 16 AC/DC converters, front end converters – regulated output PFE Series, simple function This range of ‘front end’ converters can be used to create quick to market, low profile single output PSU directly power user loads, or combined with any suitable DC-DC converter to facilitate a multi output ‘custom’...
  • Page 17: Voltage Output

    PF Series The PF series of AC-DC front end converters provide a regulated high voltage DC output to power the TDK-L PF and PAF families of DC-DC converters, allowing the user to create a full ‘custom’ PSU, from standard parts, featuring wide input AC-DC operating range and power factor / harmonic correction.
  • Page 18 TDK Innoveta Inc. Corporate Headquarters 3320 Matrix Drive Suite 100 Richardson, Texas 75082 Phone: +1 214 239-3100 Toll Free USA Only: (877) 498-0099 Fax: +1 214 239-3102 E-mail: TDK Corporation of America 475 Half Day Road, Lincolnshire, IL 60069-2934...