Sylvania SGPD432 User Manual

Sylvania gps receiver user manual.
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Please read this manual before you start using this device ...2 General tips for GPS application...2 Function introduction...7 Video Playback ...8 Music Playback ...9 Picture Display...10 eBook Reading...11 System Setting ...12 Language Setting...13 Backlight setting ...13 Power Management...14 Sound Setting ...14 Time Setting ...15 System Resources ...15 Coordinates Calibration ...15...

  • Page 3: Please Read This Manual Before You Start Using This Device, General Tips For Gps Application

    Please read this manual before you start using this device Thanks for purchasing our product. Please read this manual carefully before starting to use this device. When you use this device, you are supposed to learn well of this product. The information in this manual has been verified for its accuracy.

  • Page 4

    satellites when you are in different places, this is called "Satellite Path", a "Satellite Path" only covers a range of 300 KM. If a "Satellite Path" is defined at place A, then turn off the device and move to another place beyond 300 KM away from A, the device is under another "Satellite Path", At this moment, the device needs to search for satellite signal again.

  • Page 5

    Warnings: Please install the device in a right way to avoid driver's sight and airbag to be hindered. Any loss or damage of product, passengers, or other property caused by mistakes of mounting or installing of the device will be not covered within the warranty and not be the responsibility of the manufacturer.

  • Page 6

    Appearance and Port Description: Accessories: Car charger USB Cable Bracket Cradle User Manual Warranty card Map instructions Illustrations on screen display: System UI(Projector Screen) Under this UI, click icon down the screen to enter the function page. Then there will be Looped playback of cartoon, click it to entry this function.

  • Page 7

    In this interface, click the icons on the screen to enter the corresponding functions; and click the arrow on the right bottom to turn the page. There will be an animation effect when turning the page. Battery Status Icon: Full======================================================>Drained When the battery is at low power level, please charge it immediately to ensure the device work normally.

  • Page 8: Function Introduction

    When you use car charger, please start car engine first, then connect it to the device to avoid possible damage to the device due to overloaded pulse current during ignition. Please pull it out when you stop the engine, and plug it in again after next ignition. Power On the device In power off status, please press the power button for a while to turn on the...

  • Page 9: Video Playback

    Video Playback This feature is for video file playing, with the formats: AVI, MPEG, MPG, ASX, ,ASF and WMV. Operation: On system main menu, click icon to enter into Video Playback application. Display of UI for file selection: On this UI, click icon to search video files not listed in the appointed video file folder;...

  • Page 10: Music Playback

    few minutes to search files when video play mode starts if this application has not been used for a long time. Music Playback This is for Music Playback with format of MP3, WMA, WAV. Operation:On system main menu, click icon to play music. Screen display is shown as the illustration below: On this UI, click icon to search for music files not in selected folder;...

  • Page 11: Picture Display

    Picture Display This is for Photo Display with format JPG, BMP and GIF stored in NandFlash or TF card. Operation: On system main menu, click icon to enter into Picture Display function. Display of UI for file selection: On this UI, click icon to search photo files not listed in the appointed picture file folder;...

  • Page 12: Ebook Reading

    eBook Reading This if for eBook Reading with format .txt stored in NandFlash or TF card. Operation: On system main menu, click icon to enter into eBook Reading application. Display of UI for file selection: On this menu, click icon to search for txt files not in selected folder; click icon to close this window and exit file reading mode;...

  • Page 13: System Setting

    In eBook Reading mode, click right icon to enter into bookmark setting, display of dialogueblock is shown as in the illustration below: Click icon to set a bookmark for the current page. Directly click selected bookmark stored in the dialogueblock to remove this bookmark; click icon to jump to the bookmarked page.

  • Page 14: Language Setting, Backlight Setting

    In system setting, there10 items for setting, click directly each item to change setting for it. Details will be described one by one below. Language Setting This is for setting of system language, screen display is shown as the illustration below: Click the icons of the corresponding language in this interface or choose the interface project, the system will save the setup automatically when the setup is closed, and return to the previous menu.

  • Page 15: Power Management, Sound Setting

    disabled. After setting, close the current window to save. Power Management This is for setting power saving mode, and adjusting time to start power saving when no operation on the device. In drag menu to select time, select “No” for disabling this feature. After setting, close the current window to save.

  • Page 16: Time Setting, System Resources, Coordinates Calibration

    "NandFlash" is the inside memory of the device, "SDMMC" is the TF card. So the start-up music can be selected from both of them. Select one, click the button icon confirm, then back to the upper-level interface. Time Setting This is for setting time of the system. After entering into this UI, screen display is shown as the illustration below: On this UI, click icon on the screen to set.

  • Page 17: Update Logo

    On this UI, use stylus to tap at the center of the cross, then tap on other crosses which will move after each tapping until finish. Update Logo The function is for updating start-up logo of the device. Please be sure that you have stored the Logo pictures into the TF card.

  • Page 18: Gps Path

    GPS Path Using this function is to set GPS path for your navigation. Screen display will show as follows: Files listed on the present screen belong to the saved ones in TF card, so click them can read the file. File folders of TF card will be listed on screen.

  • Page 19

    Click icon on the upper right corner to return to GPS path interface.. FLASH formatting functions: In the path setup interface, as shown: Click the icon, enter the format: interface, as shown: Select the desired formatting and click icon format, as shown: Warm remind The machine can not use a computer format, you can use the tools inside the machine format, methods of operation: Please select the system configuration / GPS path / formatting functionality mode,...

  • Page 20: How To Save And Allocate Files In Tf Card

    Click the desired connection mode and close the window to save the chosen mode. How to save and allocate files in TF card: Usually, the files used by the device are saved in the appointed folders to ensure the access for embedded program of the device. You may save files into other folders or under root directory of the TF card.

  • Page 21: Specifications

    Specifications Memory NandFlash Chip Antenna Memory Card Screen Type Screen Size Screen Color Dot Matrix Display Extension Slot Battery Type Battery Capacity SiRF Atlas V GRF3i+ Built-in folded antenna Applicable for a Maximum up to 8GB TF card TFT Touch Screen 4.3”...

  • Page 22: Trouble Clearing

    Trouble clearing Fault Possible Cause No power on Battery drained (The screen has no further display after a blink when pressing power on button.) Dead Unit The start interface stays on the screen for long time without changing. No display of the screen, or display on screen is frozen as any button is pressed.

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