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Sony MX Operating Instructions Manual Page 2

Sony operating instructions vaio mx computer.
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About Your VAIO MX Computer
MiniDisc drive
Your MiniDisc drive can perform several audio functions. Use the MiniDisc drive to:
Play music from your favorite MiniDisc.
Record to a MiniDisc media.
Integrate seamlessly with the other installed audio devices, using MiniDisc media and SonicStage
Additionally, your MiniDisc uses Net MD technology, which enables:
Secure, high-speed music data transfers.
Support of the MagicGate
Recording of copyright-protected music from the Internet or audio CDs, to your own MiniDisc.
Premium software
SonicStage Premium software is a special jukebox application that supports high quality digital audio playback and
recording using a variety of devices and media. You can record from the built-in equipment, such as the FM tuner or optical
disc drive, and from external analog and digital audio devices, such as portable audio devices. SonicStage Premium
software also includes several standard jukebox features, including a Music Visualizer, audio CD-burning component, and a
parametric equalizer for fine-tuning your audio playback.
Giga Pocket
Personal Video Recorder
Giga Pocket Personal Video Recorder is an interactive collection of audio/video hardware and software. The unique and
versatile Giga Pocket features provide a wide array of television/video viewing, recording and playback capabilities.
DVD-RW drive
This new optical storage technology provides increased storage capacity and a dynamic multimedia computing experience.
Your state-of-the-art DVD-RW drive writes to DVD-R/DVD-RW and CD-R/CD-RW media, and plays your favorite DVDs and
CDs. This drive also functions as the ideal solution for making backups and archiving data, with the ability to store up to 4.7
GB of data on a single DVD-R/DVD-RW media. You can store up to 700MB of data on a single CD-R/CD-RW media. Save your
personal movies, videos, and still images to share with family and friends.
Sony MagicGate
Memory Stick
The next generation of digital storage media is smaller than a stick of gum. Easily deliver information from one Memory Stick
media-equipped electronic device to another, so you can transfer images, sounds, data and text between cameras,
computers, and more.
AV applications
This suite of Sony original applications includes PictureGear , Smart Capture, DVgate , Digital Print, MovieShaker ,
VisualFlow , and Media Bar
techniques to develop your personal audio and video creations. Using the i.LINK ports, you can capture, view, and share
both still and video images, then catalog everything for fast, easy storage and retrieval.
(IEEE1394) interface
Two built-in i.LINK ports, located on the front and rear panels, provide you with digital connection capability. The i.LINK
name and logo identify a high-speed communication interface, which allows you to easily connect compatible digital
i.LINK is a trademark of Sony used only to designate that a product contains an IEEE1394 connection. The i.LINK connection
may vary, depending on the software applications, operating system and compatible i.LINK devices. All products with an
i.LINK connection may not communicate with each other.
Please refer to the documentation that came with your compatible i.LINK device for information on operating conditions and
proper connection. Before connecting compatible i.LINK PC peripherals to your system, such as an optical or hard disk drive,
confirm their operating system compatibility and required operating conditions.
copyright protection technology.
media slot
DVD Player. These software applications make it easy to use advanced multimedia
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Table of Contents

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