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Sony AZ-HS1 Operating Instructions Manual

Portable usb memory player.
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The player
Portable USB
Memory Player
Operating Instructions
©2004 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Sony AZ-HS1

  • Page 1 4-254-119-11(1) The player Portable USB Memory Player Operating Instructions AZ-HS1/HS128/HS256 ©2004 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 WARNING To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. To prevent fire, do not cover the ventilation of the apparatus with news papers, table cloths, curtains, etc. And don’t place lighted candles on the apparatus. Warninng Certain countries may regulate disposal of the battery used to power this product.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment. AZ-HS1: No “pavit” supplied AZ-HS128: AZ-RM128 (a 128 MB “pavit”) supplied AZ-HS256: AZ-RM256 (a 256 MB “pavit”) supplied If you have any questions about this product, you may call;...
  • Page 4: Overview

    Overview What you can do with your player AZ-HS1/HS128/HS256 is a portable USB memory player specially designed for use with a USB storage media called “pavit.” You can send MP3 files from your computer to the “pavit,” insert the “pavit” into the player, and carry your favorite songs anywhere.
  • Page 5: Main Features

    • Music you record is limited to private use only. Any other use requires the permission of the copyright holders. • Sony is not liable for incomplete data transfer or damaged data due to problems of this product or your computer.
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    • Portable USB memory player (1) • CD-ROM* (“Music Transfer pavit Edition”) (1) • USB storage media “pavit” (1) (not supplied with AZ-HS1) • Operating instructions for the application software “Music Transfer pavit Edition” (1) • Quick start guide (1) About the serial number The serial number provided for your player is printed in the battery compartment of the left ear side of the headphones.
  • Page 7: Step 2: Insert A Battery

    Push and slide the F part. Battery duration Approximately 11 hours (continuous playback, with a Sony LR03 (size AAA) alkaline battery) When the battery is drained, playback stops and the power is turned off automatically. Operations of the buttons and switches may also become disabled. Even if you try to turn on the power in this state, the LED indicator will not flash and you cannot start playback.
  • Page 8: Locating Controls

    Locating controls Player (right ear side) 1 “pavit” slot 2 VOL –/+* buttons 3 REP1 (repeat)/SHUF (shuffle) switch 4 HOLD/BEEP switch 5 M.D.S.E (MP3 Digital Sound Enhancer) switch 6 INPUT jack 7 ./ > (skip) buttons 8 Nx (play/stop)* button 9 LED indicator * The button has a tactile dot.
  • Page 9: Basic Operations

    Basic operations Listening to music First, send MP3 files to the “pavit” from your computer using the supplied “Music Transfer pavit Edition” software. Refer to the separate manual for “Music Transfer pavit Edition” about how to send MP3 files to the “pavit.” .
  • Page 10: Start Playback

    . Start playback. 1 Press and hold Nx. The power is turned on, a short beep is heard in the headphones (when the HOLD/BEEP switch is set to BEEP ON) and playback starts. 2 Press VOL –/+ to adjust the volume.
  • Page 11: Other Operations

    Other operations Go to the beginning of the next track Go to the beginning of the current track Go to the beginning of previous tracks Go to the beginning of succeeding tracks Adjust the volume Stop playback Turn off the power *1 A short beep sounds for each track.
  • Page 12 If playback does not start Make sure that the HOLD/BEEP switch is slid in the direction opposite to the arrow (see page 14). To remove the “pavit” Always turn off the power before you remove the “pavit.” The audio data or the “pavit” itself might be destructed if you remove the “pavit”...
  • Page 13: B Advanced Operations

    B Advanced operations Changing the sound quality (M.D.S.E) The M.D.S.E (MP3 Digital Sound Enhancer) allows you to enjoy clear digital sound and a resonant bass. Set the M.D.S.E switch to ON. Note If the sound is distorted when using the M.D.S.E function, turn down the volume.
  • Page 14: Locking The Controls (hold)

    Locking the controls (HOLD) When carrying the player in a bag, the HOLD function can be used to prevent accidental pressing of the buttons. Set the HOLD/BEEP switch in the direction of the arrow. A yellow mark behind the switch becomes visible, and all operation buttons except for the switches on the right ear side are disabled.
  • Page 15: Using The Player As Stereo Headphones

    Using the player as stereo headphones You can use the player as a pair of ordinary stereo headphones using an analog connection cord (not supplied). When you use the player as stereo headphones, turn off the power of the player. To prevent wrong operation, we recommend you use the player with the battery and “pavit”...
  • Page 16: B Additional Information

    B Additional information Precautions General Never place the player in a place: • under direct sunlight or near heat sources • in a car with its windows closed (especially in summer) • where it will be subjected to excessive moisture such as in a bathroom •...
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If you experience any of the following difficulties while using your player, use this troubleshooting guide to help you to remedy the problem. Should any problem persist, consult your nearest Aiwa dealer. For trouble concerning operations while connected to your computer, also refer to “Troubleshooting”...
  • Page 18 Battery Symptom Battery life is short. Other Symptom The “pavit” cannot be inserted into the player. The player gets warm. The “pavit” which has been used on another device does not work. To attach the battery compartment lid Attach as illustrated below. Cause/Remedy c The operating temperature is below 0°C (32°F).
  • Page 19: Specifications

    5°C - 35°C (41°F - 95°F) Power source One LR03 (size AAA) alkaline battery: 1.5 V DC 1 Battery life Approx. 11 hours with a Sony LR03 (size AAA) alkaline battery Mass Approx. 129 g (4.5 oz) (including battery) Accessories See page 6.
  • Page 20: Index

    Music Transfer pavit Edition 4, 9 N, O, P, Q “pavit” 4, 5 insert 10 remove 12 Playback 10 Precantions 16 Sony Corporation Printed in Korea Repeat 13 Reset 17 Shuffle 13 Skip 8 Sound 13 T, U Troubleshooting 17...

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