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VAIO Digital Studio

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  • Page 1: Read Me First

    VAIO Digital Studio Computer Read Me First PCV-E518DS...
  • Page 2 NOTICE This product contains software owned by Sony and licensed by third parties. Use of such software is subject to the terms and conditions of license agreements enclosed with this product. Some of the software may not be transported or used outside the United States. Software specifications are subject to change without notice and may not necessarily be identical to current retail versions.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Welcome ...5 Features...5 Unpacking Your Computer ...7 Back Panel Overview ...9 Front Panel Overview...10 Supplementary Information ...11 About the Software On Your Computer...18 For Answers to Your Software Questions ...23 Specifications...26...
  • Page 5: Welcome

    Welcome Congratulations on your purchase of the Sony VAIO Digital Studio™ Computer. Sony has combined leading-edge technology in audio, video, computing, and communications to provide you with state-of-the-art personal computing. Features For a complete description of the specifications of your VAIO Digital Studio™ Computer, see page 26.
  • Page 6 The i.LINK name and logo identify a digital interface (IEEE 1394) for high speed communication. By using your VAIO Digital Studio Computer, a Sony Digital Handycam® Camcorder, the DVgate™ software preinstalled on your computer, and the i.LINK (IEEE 1394) interface, you can easily create and edit your own home videos.
  • Page 7: Unpacking Your Computer

    Unpacking Your Computer Computer and Supplied Accessories System Unit Keyboard Manuals Read Me First (this manual) contains features and specifications of your computer. It also includes information on the applications included with your system, how to contact software vendors, and last minute troubleshooting tips.
  • Page 8 Setting up your VAIO Digital Studio Computer (poster) Packet containing special product offers Software Library The Software Library contains the Microsoft software license agreement, Sony end-user license agreement, and the following CDs: ® Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition 3.0 Gremlin Interactive Ltd. MotorHead™...
  • Page 9: Back Panel Overview

    Back Panel Overview The back panel of your computer contains the connectors where you plug in supplied and optional accessories. The icons on the back panel serve as a map to help you locate the connectors on your computer. For your convenience, your computer includes USB and i.LINK connectors on both the front and back panels, allowing you to connect to either set of connectors.
  • Page 10: Front Panel Overview

    VAIO Digital Studio Computer Read Me First Front Panel Overview The front panel of your VAIO Digital Studio Computer allows for access to the diskette and CD-RW drives. It also includes USB and i.LINK ports to connect USB devices, CD changers, MiniDisc drives, or other components.
  • Page 11: Supplementary Information

    Supplementary Information For the most recent version of this manual, see the online version of Read Me First. You can access this document from the Windows Start Menu by selecting Programs/VAIO Documentation. Hard Drive Partition In order to improve the performance of your computer’s DVgate™ Motion software, the hard disk drive on your computer has been formatted with two partitions, C and D.
  • Page 12 VAIO Digital Studio Computer Read Me First Change the timer settings for Standby mode in the Control Panel, as follows: From the Start menu, point to Settings and click Control Panel. Click the Power Management icon. On the Power Schemes tab, change the Power scheme to Home/ Office Desk.
  • Page 13 In the Adobe Premiere LE application, select Compression from the Make menu. The Compression Settings dialog box appears. In the Method list box, select Sony DV software CODEC. Click OK to close the screen. From the Make menu, select Preset. The Preset dialog box appears.
  • Page 14 Time base - 29.97fps (required) [Compress] File type - AVI (required) Compress Program Method - Sony DV software CODEC (required) Compress Program Depth - Millions colors (No other options) Quality (No control for this item) Option: Frames per second - 30 (required)
  • Page 15 Note that Adobe Premiere LE does not save the Preview Window Size, but uses a default size of 320 x 213 each time the application launches. We recommend that you change this setting to 360 x 240 to improve the quality of preview clips when editing AVI files.
  • Page 16 VAIO Digital Studio Computer Read Me First For tapes that include a mixture of both SP and LP mode, the information displayed by the capture progress indicator may not be accurate. Make sure the video head of your digital video device is properly cleaned.
  • Page 17 Basic Edition Once you have configured WinFax Basic Edition, it is automatically available for your use. You cannot use America Online or Sony Online Support when the automatic fax receive feature of WinFax Basic Edition is on. To disable this feature, right click the WinFax icon in the task tray at the bottom right corner of your screen, and then select Exit.
  • Page 18: About The Software On Your Computer

    VAIO Digital Studio Computer Read Me First About the Software On Your Computer Your VAIO Digital Studio computer is ready to help you work, play, learn, and communicate as soon as you turn it on. This section gives you an overview of the activities you can perform with your software titles. For support information, see “For Answers to Your Software Questions”...
  • Page 19 Internet without wasting time wading through it. Maximize your time online with CompuServe. Digital Media Park™ Sony Electronics An integrated suite of multimedia cataloging and playback programs including Media Bar, Media Library, Media Showcase, and MiniDisc Editor.
  • Page 20 VAIO Digital Studio Computer Read Me First ™ EarthLink Sprint TotalAccess EarthLink Network, Inc. An Internet Service Provider that supplies access, information, and assistance to its customers, introducing them to the Internet. Member benefits include e-mail, newsgroups, a Personal Start Page, a free 6 MB web site, a member magazine, and 24-hour technical support.
  • Page 21 Sony Electronics This image management software displays images from your hard drive, ® a Sony digital still camera, or a Sony Mavica camera. The images appear in a convenient light-table format, so that you can easily view the contents of an entire folder.
  • Page 22 The System Recovery CD program allows you to restore the software titles that shipped with your computer if they become corrupted or are erased accidentally. It can be used only to restore the hard disk of the Sony computer you purchased.
  • Page 23: For Answers To Your Software Questions

    For Answers to Your Software Questions For Answers to Your Software Questions Sony Service Center For the Sony Service Center nearest you, call at 1-888-4SONYPC (1-888-476-6972). ® Acrobat Reader, Adobe PhotoDeluxe (Adobe Systems Incorporated) website phone e-mail hours ® America Online...
  • Page 24 VAIO Digital Studio Computer Read Me First ™ EarthLink Sprint TotalAccess (EarthLink Network, Inc. website phone e-mail hours Easy Internet Access (Encompass, Inc. website phone hours ™ MotorHead (Gremlin Interactive Ltd. website phone hours ® Windows 98 Operating System, Works, Money, Encarta, Internet Explorer (Microsoft Corporation website
  • Page 25 For Answers to Your Software Questions ™ SurfMonkey (MediaLive, Inc.) website phone e-mail hours ® WinFax Basic Edition (Symantec Corporation. website phone 541-984-2490 outside North America 408-556-2060 9AM-10PM PT everyday 800-798-0850 800-554-4403 in North America...
  • Page 26: Specifications

    Specifications Model Processor Hard Disk Drive Standard SDRAM Video RAM MPEG “Sony Tuned” MPEG Digital Video supports full- Graphics 3D 2X AGP graphics acceleration (Matrox) Sound Capabilities 3D Positional Audio (Aureal A3D) Diskette Drive CD-RW Drive CD-RW Drive (4X max. CD-R writing, 2X max.
  • Page 27 Specifications Model PCV-E518DS Weight 17 lbs. (7.71 kg) Operating 50º F to 95º F (+10º C to 35º C) Temperature * Maximum speed for faxing is 14.4 kbytes/s. Your modem is capable of downloading at 56 kbytes/s using K56flex technology or V.90. Your phone service, online service, or Internet Service Provider however, may not support this technology or operate at this speed.
  • Page 28 © 1999 Sony Electronics Inc. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. All rights reserved. Printed in USA 4-641-501-01...

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