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Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid 2014 Technology Reference Manual


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2014 Accord Plug-In
2014 Honda Accord Plug-In
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Technology Reference Guide
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©2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. — All Rights Reserved
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid 2014

  • Page 1 Technology Reference Guide 0 0 X 3 1 - T 3 V - Q 0 0 0 ©2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. — All Rights Reserved P r i n t e d i n J a p a n...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    HANDSFREELINK p. 35 ® The Technology Reference Guide is designed to help you get NAVIGATION INSTRUMENT acquainted with your new Honda and provide basic p. 32 ASSIST p. 10 PANEL p. 4 instructions on some of its technology and convenience features.
  • Page 3: Smart Entry With Push Button Start

    SMART ENTRY WITH PUSH BUTTON START Operate certain functions of your vehicle by simply having the remote within operating range. Unlocking the Doors Power Button Grab either one of the front door handles. Accessory or On Mode Locking the Doors Press POWER once without pressing the brake pedal for Accessory mode.
  • Page 4: Instrument Panel Indicators

    INSTRUMENT PANEL INDICATORS Briefly appear with each engine start. Red and orange indicators are most critical. Blue and green indicators are used for general information. See your Owner’s Manual for more information. Battery Charge Level Gauge POWER Gauge Fuel Gauge READY CHARGE Gauge Malfunction Indicators...
  • Page 5: Multi-Information Display (Mid)

    Main Displays MULTI-INFORMATION DISPLAY (MID) Consists of several displays that provide you with useful information. Eco Drive Accessing the Information Display Main screen Display Average fuel Vehicle economy settings* records Average fuel Oil life and instant fuel economy Main Displays To toggle between the different displays: Power flow...
  • Page 6: Understanding The Plug-In Hybrid System

    UNDERSTANDING THE PLUG-IN HYBRID SYSTEM Selectable Driving Modes Your vehicle is able to operate in electric, hybrid, charge, or full engine mode. Use the HV button to switch between How Your Vehicle Operates the modes below. Operating Electric Hybrid Engine Regeneration mode Vehicle (EV)
  • Page 7: Eco Assist Tm

    Driver Feedback ECO ASSIST Indicates real-time fuel efficiency. Results are displayed on the MID, where the vehicle icon and its surrounding color change based on your driving style. Provides various ways of monitoring your fuel efficiency and driving style. ECON Button Press either Info button ( /q) to toggle to the Eco Drive Display.
  • Page 8: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Tpms)

    TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM (TPMS) HOMELINK ® Monitors the vehicle’s tire pressures. Program your vehicle to operate up to three remote-controlled devices around your home, such as garage doors, lighting, or home security systems. How It Works Training a Button When the tire pressure drops significantly below recommended levels, the low tire pressure...
  • Page 9: Charging Your Vehicle

    47). However, manual charging will not begin if a timer has come on (see Notes). been previously set. See your Owner’s Manual for more information. • You can also operate the charging system using a downloadable smartphone app. Visit for more information.
  • Page 10: Auto Door Locks

    AUTO DOOR LOCKS DRIVING POSITION MEMORY SYSTEM (DPMS) Program how and when the vehicle doors automatically lock and unlock. Store driver’s seat positions into memory for each corresponding keyless remote (1 or 2), which are recalled when you unlock the driver’s door with the remote and enter the vehicle.
  • Page 11: One-Touch Turn Signal

    ONE-TOUCH TURN SIGNAL MULTI-VIEW REAR CAMERA Use this quick and convenient method to signal a lane change. For added convenience, the area behind your vehicle is displayed to help you navigate while backing up. How It Works How It Works •...
  • Page 12: Lanewatch Tm

    LANEWATCH LANE DEPARTURE WARNING (LDW) Helps you check your right blind spot when you make a lane change to the right. Alerts you if your vehicle begins to move out of a detected lane without the turn signal activated. How It Works How It Works When the right turn signal is activated, a camera located in the passenger side A camera mounted between the windshield and the rearview mirror determines...
  • Page 13: Forward Collision Warning (Fcw)

    FORWARD COLLISION WARNING (FCW) Changing Settings Determine the warning timing, or turn the system off. Alerts you to the possibility of a front-end collision. 1. Press SETTINGS. Use the How It Works interface dial to make and enter selections. 2. Select Vehicle Settings. At 10 mph or higher, if the radar sensor in the front grille detects a vehicle in front of you and the system determines a collision is likely, the system warns you with the 3.
  • Page 14: Adaptive Cruise Control (Acc)

    ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL (ACC) Set a time or space interval between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. When the vehicle ahead changes speed, ACC senses the change and accelerates or decelerates your vehicle’s speed to maintain a set range. Operating ACC Changing Vehicle Distance Control the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Page 15: Intelligent Multi-Information Display (I-Mid)

    INTELLIGENT MULTI-INFORMATION DISPLAY (i-MID) USING THE TOUCHSCREEN Choose what to display in the center screen. Interactive touchscreen display includes audio and Bluetooth HandsFreeLink ® ® functionality. Changing the Display Audio Options Source: Select Skip/Seek: Change audio sources. stations, tracks, etc. Preset: Select More: Select menu preset stations.
  • Page 16: Voice Recognition

    VOICE RECOGNITION To keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, use voice commands for hands-free calling, navigation, audio, and climate control. For a full list of commands, say “Voice Help.” How It Works Voice Command Portal The voice control system uses the steering wheel buttons and the ceiling When you press the Talk button from any of the main screens (NAV, PHONE, microphone.
  • Page 17 F i n d P l a c e C o m m a n d s P h o n e C o m m a n d s • Find nearest: - ATM - Honda dealer • Call by name - gas station - airport • Call by number...
  • Page 18: Navigation

    NAVIGATION Real-time navigation system uses GPS and a map database to show your current location and help guide you to a desired destination. Honda Real-Time Traffic Entering a Destination Using Voice Commands FM Traffic Provides continuously updated information, including traffic speed, incidents, and For information on setting other destination options, see your Navigation Manual.
  • Page 19: Bluetooth Handsfreelink (Hfl)

    ® Make and receive phone calls through your vehicle’s audio system. Visit to check if your phone is Bluetooth-compatible. To reduce the potential for driver distraction, certain functions may be inoperable or grayed out while the vehicle is moving. Stop or pull over to perform the function.
  • Page 20 Pairing Your Phone Dialing a Number Pair your phone when the vehicle is stopped to begin using hands-free phone and Enter a 10-digit phone number to call. related audio functions. Using the Menu* Use the interface dial to make and enter selections. Use the interface dial to make and enter selections.
  • Page 21: Sms Text Messaging And E-Mail

    Receive and send text messages and e-mails from your paired and linked phone using Using the Menu* Bluetooth HandsFreeLink . Visit to see if this feature is ® ® compatible on your phone. Standard message rates apply. This feature is limited while Use the interface dial to make and enter selections.
  • Page 22: Basic Audio Operation

    BASIC AUDIO OPERATION iPod OR USB FLASH DRIVE ® Operate basic controls of your audio system using various and convenient methods. Play audio files from your compatible iPod or USB flash drive through your vehicle’s audio system. Playing Audio Files Select the iPod or USB icon from Source.
  • Page 23: Hard Disc Drive (Hdd) Audio

    HARD DISC DRIVE (HDD) AUDIO SONG BY VOICE (SBV) Record CDs onto your vehicle’s hard disc drive. Songs are automatically recorded once a Play songs from your iPod and HDD from most screens by using simple voice CD is inserted into the disc slot. commands.
  • Page 24: Pandora

    Access music and information programming, location-based services, and social media Play and operate Pandora streaming radio from your compatible phone through your vehicle’s audio system. Visit to check if this feature is available through your vehicle’s audio system. Download the HondaLink app to your phone prior on your phone.
  • Page 25: Bluetooth

    Change different settings for many features in your vehicle. See your Owner’s Manual Stream audio from your compatible phone through your vehicle’s audio system. Visit for detailed information on settings and options. to check if this feature is available on your phone. Adjusting Vehicle Settings Playing Bluetooth Audio...
  • Page 26: Owner Link

    This helps avoid build-up of deposits in your engine and emission control system. Because the level of detergency and harmful metallic additives (such as MMT) in gasoline vary in the market, Honda endorses the use of “TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline” where available to help maintain the performance and reliability of your vehicle.

Table of Contents