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Emerson Yarway Installation And Maintenance Instructions Manual

A.t. temp cryogenic desuperheater


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YarwaY A.T.-Temp CryogeniC desuperheATer
InstallatIon and MaIntenance InstructIons
Before installation these instructions must be fully read and understood
The A.T.-Temp Cryogenic desuperheater is
packed with the greatest of care in wooden
boxes or cartons for protection during handling
and transit to site. After hydrostatic testing,
the unit is flushed through with a high grade of
preservative to protect machined and internal
surfaces from corrosion. if it is found, however,
that damage has occurred during shipment,
then this should be reported immediately to
your forwarder or yarway representative.
particular care should be taken when removing
the A.T.-Temp Cryogenic desuperheater
from its packing and your special attention is
required to check carefully that no damage has
occurred to flange faces, threading, actuators,
connecting pipes, etc. (see Figure 1).
hoist the unit with straps around the body as
depicted, do not lift the unit by the hoisting lug
on the actuator.
installation of the a.t.-temp
crYogenic desUperheater
Before installation, check the A.T.-Temp
Cryogenic desuperheater, actuator and
accessories for any visible damage.
Check that the information on the
documentation, identification plate and
tag number complies with the order
specification. remove the A.T.-Temp Cryogenic
desuperheater carefully from its packaging,
lifting by means of straps around the body, or
use the hoisting lug if provided. do not use the
water inlet connection, yoke, actuator or any
of its accessories for lifting. Leave the flange
covers in place during transportation, until
ready to install in the pipework.
When installing the A.T.-Temp Cryogenic
desuperheater use gaskets and bolting
material in accordance with the relevant piping
code, for example Asme/Ansi B31.3 or en.
place the gasket onto the mounting flange and
carefully insert the nozzle into the branch pipe.
ensure that the spray cylinder is pointed in the
direction of the gas flow before tightening the
mounting bolts (see Figure 2).
note: the A.T.-Temp Cryogenic desuperheaters
should be installed free of 'forces, moments
and torques'.
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  • Page 1 Vciom-03219-en 18/04 © 2017 emerson. All rights reserved.
  • Page 2 6 to 7 meters, although the distance branch for the process pipework must be would be specified by yarway at the enquiry specific to the application would be advised by manufactured to suit.
  • Page 3 YarwaY A.T.-Temp CryogeniC desuperheATer sTAndArd duTy InstallatIon and MaIntenance InstructIons pipe bends should always be of the long radius yarway supplies the A.T.-Temp Cryogenic The liquid supply should be of a good quality; type to assist in keeping the liquid droplets in...
  • Page 4: Maintenance

    YarwaY A.T.-Temp CryogeniC desuperheATer sTAndArd duTy InstallatIon and MaIntenance InstructIons start-Up maintenance The A.T.-Temp Cryogenic desuperheater may now be removed from the system. it is note: maintenance of the A.T.-Temp ensure that all components are installed recommended that the A.T.-Temp Cryogenic correctly.
  • Page 5 Tapping the in the event that such work is necessary, please fastener ring with a hammer may facilitate consult yarway or emerson for further advice. removal. note that the threading on the stem assembly spray cylinder is left handed. if difficulties are encountered with the removal of the fastener Withdraw the stem with piston.
  • Page 6: Spare Parts

    A Welding procedure specification the unit should be removed to the workshop, is available from yarway, upon request. Both for further examination. experience shows that Tig and ArC welding methods are acceptable...
  • Page 7 YarwaY A.T.-Temp CryogeniC desuperheATer InstallatIon and MaIntenance InstructIons Figure 11 taBle 1 - standard materials item name material 1• spray cylinder sA 182 F304L • 2• nozzle assy sA 182 F304L 3• spiral wound packing pTFe/316L 4• piston pTFe 25% reinforced/aluminium bronze* 5•...
  • Page 8: Inspection Procedure

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