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Manfrotto 851 Instructions Manual

Motorised expan background support system
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  Summary of Contents for Manfrotto 851

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTIONS 851 - 852 - 850 - 854-4 - 854-6 - 854-10 OTORISED EXPAN BACKGROUND SUPPORT SYSTEM...
  • Page 3 OVERVIEW Thank you for purchasing the Manfrotto Motorised Expan Background Support System. We have put a lot of care into making it easy and fast to install, operate and expand in step with the growing needs of your studio. The main features of your system are:...
  • Page 4: Package Inspection

    PACKAGE INSPECTION Please verify that you received all ordered components and that none were damaged. If anything is missing or damaged, contact your nearest Manfrotto sales office. Depending on your order you should receive a combination of following components: control box with remote control unit, mounting bracket and this manual...
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    GETTING STARTED SYSTEM INSTALLATION Contact! Electrostatic Discharge protection t h + e n g r e l d c o o u n k g r B a c Fig. 2 Installation IX THE HOLDERS TO THE WALL OR TO THE CEILING The distance between the holders depends on the length of your background cores.
  • Page 6: First Use

    NSTALL BACKGROUNDS WITH EXPANS IX THE CONTROL BOX Fit supplied pairs of expans to your backgrounds by inserting the white rod inside the background core and twisting the knob so that the rod grips the inside of the background core safely. Remember to not to exceed the maximum specified load (see "Specifications").
  • Page 7 Extension connector - enables the control box to be equipped with additional features in the future Mains power supply socket Never connect the control box to any equipment that is not a part of Manfrotto's motorised expan background support system. This may lead to a system damage or injury to users.
  • Page 8: Remote Controller

    EPLACING THE MOTOR PROTECTION FUSE Switch the control box off. Unscrew fuse cover and exchange the old fuse for a new one with the same current rating (indicated on the control box cover next to the fuse). Voltage rating should be at least 50 V. Standard values 110V or 230V are appropriate.
  • Page 9 EPLACING BATTERIES If you notice that the distance over which the IR sensor is able to receive commands from the controller drops significantly, you should replace the remote controller batteries. To prevent accidental acid leakage, always use alkaline batteries, AAA/LR06 type. To insert batteries in the correct polarity direction, check the picture in the battery compartment.
  • Page 10: Operation

    OPERATION SWITCHING THE CONTROL BOX INTO STANDBY MODE Press the On/Off button on the remote control. The numbers on the display will disappear, but the on/off switch will stay lit, indicating that the control box is still powered. While switching into standby mode all background stop levels and current positions will be updated in the system memory, therefore we recommend you always go to standby mode before switching the control box off.
  • Page 11 OLLING THE BACKGROUNDS IN AUTOMATIC MODE Select desired background number, than press the "auto up" or "auto down" button. Keep it pressed until you hear the "beep" sound. Release the button and let the background roll automatically up or down. You can interrupt background movement at any time, by pressing any button on the remote controller.
  • Page 12: Advanced Operation

    ADVANCED OPERATION This information is intended for advanced users and service engineers. You do not need to read it to use the system. SETUP MODE Thanks to its microprocessor, the control box functions and operation can be personalised to suit your own needs e.g. you can switch sound off or choose advanced working modes.
  • Page 13: Test Modes

    HANGING PARAMETER VALUE Each parameter value can be changed as follows: press 'FN' and '1' buttons simultaneously. Keep them pressed until you hear the "long beep" signal and the display starts to blink. While the digits are blinking you may change the right hand value digit using '-', '+' or '1' to '10' buttons.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING NE OF THE MOTORS IS NOT WORKING BUT THE DISPLAY STILL WORKS AND IT IS POSSIBLE TO CHANGE BACKGROUND NUMBER The motor fuse is broken. Replace the fuse. NE OF THE MOTORS IS NOT WORKING Check if the motorised expan jack is inserted properly in the power supply socket. Check if another expan running from the same control box works.
  • Page 15: General Precautions

    (**) Total background weight including background core and counterweight. DISCLAIMER The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Manfrotto makes no warranty and shall not be liable for any errors and omissions on information contained in this document.
  • Page 16 Code: 850,01 - 01/03 Copyright © 2003 Manfrotto Bassaon Italy...

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