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Kenmore 796.4168 Series Use & Care Manual


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Model: 796.4168*


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  • Page 1 Model: 796.4168* MFL68005528...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Master Protection Agreements Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your new IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ........3-5 ® Kenmore product is designed and manufactured for years of dependable operation. But like all products, it may require GROUNDING REQUIREMENTS........... 5 preventive maintenance or repair from time to time. That’s when...
  • Page 7: Installation Requirements

    INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS KEY DIMENSIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS Description Front-Loading Washer Electrical Requirements 120 VAC, 60 Hz Max. Water Pressure 14.5 - 142 psi (100 - 980 kPa) Dimensions 27" (W) X 29 " (D) X 38 " (H), 52" (D with door open) 68.6 cm (W) X 75.6 cm (D) X 98.3 cm (H), 132.2 cm (D with door open) Net Weight 205 lbs (93 kg)
  • Page 10: Connecting The Drain Hose

    Do not install the end of the drain hose lower than 29 in. (73.7 cm) or higher than 96 in. (243.8 cm) above the bottom of the washer. Install the elbow bracket near the end of the drain hose. Hang the end of the drain hose over the side of the utility sink.
  • Page 11: Leveling The Washer

    NOTE: Non-skid pads are included in the installation packet...
  • Page 12: Control Panel Features

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  • Page 14: Cycle Guide

    Energy Saver . (10 k asher . (4.5 k y cy Accela Wash Accela Wash...
  • Page 15 Energy Saver . (10 k asher . (4.5 k y cy Accela Wash Accela Wash...
  • Page 16: Sorting Wash Loads

    For best performance, load clothes as shown. - Load clothes loosely, and do not overfill the drum. Clothes need room to circulate in order to get clean. - Do not press down on items while stacking them in the drum.
  • Page 18: Detergent And Dispenser Use

    For proper wash performance, always measure the detergent using the measuring device provided by the detergent manufacturer.
  • Page 21: Steam Cycles And Options

    spray- when added to a cycle. hour...
  • Page 22: Special Functions

  • Page 23: Care And Cleaning Regular Cleaning

    powdered powdered...
  • Page 25: Maintenance

    IMPORTANT: ONLY use new, high-quality inlet hoses when installing this laundry product. Aftermarket hoses are not guaranteed to fit or function correctly. Other hoses may not tighten correctly and could cause leaks. Subsequent damage to product or property will not be covered under the terms of the product warranty.
  • Page 27: Diagnostics

    DIAGNOSTICS Using Diagnostics...

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