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Beko HPS-100 Instruction Manual

Home theatre speaker set


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Model No: HPS-100



Summary of Contents for Beko HPS-100

  • Page 1 Model No: HPS-100 HOME THEATRE SPEAKER SET...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Thank you very much for purchasing our product. Please read this instruction manual completely before connecting and operating the machine for best performance and safety. Contents 1. Contents/Features 2. Precautions 3. Safety Warnings 4. Front Panel Operation 5. Rear Panel Setting 6.
  • Page 3: Safety Warnings

    liquids, such as vases, should be placed on the apparatus. Safety Warnings Leave 15cm for ventilation. Do not block the pipe of the subwoofer. Do not open the cover and do not repair yourself. Do not function the system when liquid Refer servicing to qualified personnel.
  • Page 4: Front Panel Operation

    Front panel operation 1. Remote sensor 2. Power LED light 3. Power On/ Off Button Rear panel setting 1.Front Left and Right Input terminal 2.Center Input terminal 3.Subwoofer Input terminal 4.Rear Left and Right Input terminal 5. Front Right channel speaker input terminal 6.
  • Page 5: Connection With Sound Source And Satellites

    9. Rear left channel speaker input terminal Connections with sound source and satellites Connection with sound source equipment Connection with satellite speakers FUSE AC POWER...
  • Page 6: Operation Instruction

    Remote control operation ①. Press button of “Master ∧ ” or “Master ∨ ” to increase or decrease the volume of whole speaker system. ②. Press button of “Woofer ∧ ” or “Woofer ∨ ” to increase or decrease the volume of whole speaker system.
  • Page 7: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble Shooting Problem Improper connection of speaker terminal. Improper connection of sound frequency terminal. No sound Improper connection of AC plug and the socket. Volume is too low. The speaker terminal is short-circuited Improper connection of amplifier input terminal. Sound distortion The volume is too high.
  • Page 8: Technical Data

    Obstacle in front of the sensor. Technical Data Model No.: Power/Frequency: 230 V ~50Hz Watts: Subwoofer: 30W Remove the obstacle. Satellite: 15WX5...