HP VF15 Service Manual

15-inch lcd monitor
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Service Manual
15-inch LCD Monitor
vf15 / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315



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  • Page 1 Service Manual 15-inch LCD Monitor vf15 / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315...
  • Page 2 This manual may not, in whole or in part, be respective owners. copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or converted to any electronic or machine readable form without prior written permission of LiteOn Technology Corp. vf15 / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 Service Manual.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 1) Circuit Power board operation therory ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Inverter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Power supply ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 On-screen circuit--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Video input circuit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Definition converter LSI peripheral circuit --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 System reset, LED control circuit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5...
  • Page 4 / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 Checking the resolution change IC movement -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 Checking the DC/DC converter circuit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 10. No power on ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 23 11. Checking the panel circuit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24 12. Checking inverter board circuit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25...
  • Page 5: Power Board Operation Therory

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 1. Power Board Operation Therory Line filter consists of C801, T801, C802, C803, C804, C837, C838. It eliminates high frequency interference to meet EMI’s requirement. Rec & Filter Bridge diode D801 converts AC source into pulsed DC. This pulsed DC is smoothed and filtered by C805. R802 is an NTC ( negative thermal coefficient ) resistor, used to reduce inrush current to be within safe range.
  • Page 6: Inverter

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 2. Inverter This unit operates on an output voltage of 15V from power source. Regulator: Q101 get a +5VDC for I101 power supply. UVP: Q106 turns off when the Vin is under 10V. Then pin 3 of I101 is pulled low and inverter off immediately.
  • Page 7: Power Supply

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 3. Power supply (Circuit diagrams Main PWB) Line filter consists of FB326, FB327, FB328. It eliminates high frequency interference to meet EMI’s requirement. I309 3.3V and 2.5V DC-DC requlator A 3.3V and 2.5V DC power supply for LCD module and ASIC.
  • Page 8: E 2 Prom For Pnp

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 8. E PROM for PnP (Circuit diagram MAIN PWB 3/7) Data transfer between I308 and host. There are two forms of communications protocal. In both, display capabilities are retrieved by the system software during the boot-up and configuration time.
  • Page 9: User Control

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 If the horizontal sync signal is outside the measuring range of gm2115. If the vertical sync signal is outside the measuring range of gm2115. Table 1 Mode Resolution H-freq Band Width Polarity (KHz)
  • Page 10: Control Of Identification Converter Lsi (Ic306)

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 10.3.1Related ports of I303 Port Pin No. Signal name Function Remarks GPIO21 Power Power Switch Key GPIO3 MANUAL Menu Switch input MENU key GPIO7 Down - switch input Down / AUTO key GPIO6...
  • Page 11: Power On Sequence

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 10.5 Power ON sequence Page 9...
  • Page 12: Power Off Sequence

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 10.6 Power OFF sequence Page 10...
  • Page 13: Audio Circuit

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 11. Audio circuit (Circuit diagrams Main PWB) 11.1 Audio input The audio signal input received from the audio input terminal (P302) is applied to the amplifier I301 of 1 and 9 through the low-pass filter consisting of R305, R306, C314 and C315.
  • Page 14: No Display Of Screen (Screen Is Black, Color Of Led Is Amber)

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 1. No display of screen (Screen is black, color of LED is amber) Does OSD display when you push key button. When a signal isn't being inputted, it is indicated with "NO SIGNAL INPUT" or it is Proceed "No OSD display"section.
  • Page 15: Nothing Displays On Screen (Screen Is Black, Color Of Led Is Green)

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 2. Nothing displays on screen (Screen is black, color of LED is green) Is backlight lit? Refer "Checking the backlight unit" section Check the video cable for failure. Check the host for Does computer output RGB video signals? output signal with all black only.
  • Page 16 / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 Continue Check the 3.3 V power are supplied on I309 pin 4 and 2.5V on pin 5. Check if the voltage on I309 pin1 that is high level DC at 5V. Failure point 1) Printed wire broke between P309 and I309.
  • Page 17 / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 Continue Check the data signal output on P307 and P308 R, G, B data pin. Failure point 1) I303 failure. 2) Printed wire broke between I303 and P307 , P308 data line. Failure point 1) The cable broke between P307 , P308 and LCD module.
  • Page 18: Checking The Back Light Unit

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 3. Checking the back light unit Is +12V supplied to CN101 pin 1, 2 to inverter PWB? Failure point Inverter cable disconnection. Check the INV_EN signal input to Inverter Board Q104 at TTL high level.
  • Page 19: Abnormal Screen

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 4. Abnormal screen Check the R, G, B video signal from computer input on D-Sub R, G, B connector. Failure point 1) No R, G and B video signal output from host computer. Check computer 2) Video signal cable disconnection.
  • Page 20: No Osd Display

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 5. NO OSD display Confirm the MENU key is pressed at that moment. Failure point 1) Function key is destroyed. 2) FB305 open. 3) RP302 open. 4) I303 failure. Proceed "Checking the resolution change IC movement" section.
  • Page 21: Abnormal Plug And Play Operation

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 6. Abnormal plug and play operation Confirm the input of serial clock on I308 pin 6 SCL at TTL level. Failure point I308 failure. Failure point 1) The video cable may have failed or may not to have connections for DDC.
  • Page 22: Checking The Interface Circuit Of Sync Signal

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 7. Checking the interface circuit of sync signal 7.1 Checking the control circuit of horizontal sync pulse Check the horizontal sync signal on I304 pin 11 and pin 8 TTL level. Failure point 1) Video cable may have failed.
  • Page 23: Checking The Resolution Change Ic Movement

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 8. Checking the resolution change IC movement Is there +3.3V supply on I302 pin 2, 20, 37, 53, 67, 81, 97, 111, 129, 141, 146, 150, 173, 181, 187, 193, 196, 164, 168, 172 and 160.
  • Page 24: Checking The Dc/Dc Converter Circuit

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 9 Checking the DC/DC converter circuit Check the output of 3.3V line voltage from I309 pin 4. Is the output FB331 being inputted to I309 pin 1. Failure point Printed wire broke between I309 pin 1 and FB331.
  • Page 25: No Power On

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 10 No power ON Is there 12V DC supply on pin 1 of P309. Failure point 1) Power board failure. 2) I301 failure. Is there 5V DC ouput pin of P309? Failure point 1) Power board failure.
  • Page 26: Checking The Panel Circuit

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 11. Checking the panel power circuit 11.1 Check the output of -6V, +18V, +9.2V line voltage on R392, FB339, FB340. Is the PWM wave on pin 5 of I311. Check the input voltage of +5V on...
  • Page 27: Checking Inverter Board Circuit

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 12. Checking inverter board circuit Check Vin pin is around 15.5V. On/off pin is over 2V. Brightness pin is between 0V and 3.7V. It is not inverter problem. Check pin 5 of I102 is 5V.
  • Page 28: Recommended Parts List

    / FP15 / f1523 / FP5315 1. Recommended Parts List The components identified by “ “ mark are critical for X-ray safety. Replace these with Note: 1. only the same parts specified. If you have spare parts need, please check BOM to get the last release part number of flash ROM and related information.
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