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Product Features; Overload Protection - Acer SP100 User Manual

Smart plug


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Product Features

Real-Time Power Usage Information
The App shows real-time power usage and cost information. Data is updated every 2
seconds when the App is on. It can also monitor power consumption and provides real-
time energy bill by device.

Overload Protection

An overload protection feature in built-in to the Acer Smart Plug giving the users with
24/7 peace of mind. When the energy current is over 13A, the Acer Smart Plug will sent
notification to the user. When the energy current is over 15A, the Acer Smart Plug will
automatically cut off the power supply to the connected device.
Power Consumption Historical View
The App have the feature to track your energy consumption, carbon footprint and CO2
emission history by daily/weekly/monthly view.
Remote Control and Scheduling
The App provides you with the total control of connected your device. Through your
mobile devices, you can:
Remotely control your connected devices
Schedule when the device will turn on or off
Receive notification from the Acer Smart Plug of abnormal usage or overuse
Amazon Alexa Integration
Acer Smart Plug integrates with Amazon Alexa service which enables you to ask
Amazon Device (e.g. Echo, Dot, Tap ) for your power consumption. After setup, to know
your power consumption, you can say: "Alexa, turn on my living room plug."
You can find and enable Acer Smart Plug skill in Amazon Alexa skill page, or search
"Acer" for our skill in Amazon App. The first section will instruct you how to setup and
enable the Amazon Alexa Integration feature for the Smart Plug in Amazon App.
The second section will guide you on how to use the Acer Smart Plug skill.
Note. Please note that the Acer Smart Plug skill currently only support English
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