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Acer Chromebook 514 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Acer Chromebook 514


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Acer Chromebook 514

  • Page 1 Acer Chromebook 514 USER’S MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Register Your Acer Product

    2. Open and select your country. 3. Select Support > REGISTER A PRODUCT. 4. Sign up for an Acer ID or sign in if you already have an Acer ID. Register your Acer product After we receive your product registration, you will be sent a confirmation email with important data.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents - 3 A B L E O F C O N T E N T S Register your Acer product ......2 Composing an email ......... 20 YouTube ..........20 Manage your registered products ....2 Playing video or audio files ....20 Getting started Other Supported File Types....
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    4 - Getting started E T T I N G S T A R T E D Turn on your Chromebook On the Chromebook, the power button is located at the top-right corner of the keyboard. A "Welcome" screen will appear when the Chromebook first boots up.
  • Page 5: Sign In To Your Google Account

    Getting started - 5 Sign in to your Google Account If you already have a Google Account, enter your username and password in the sign-in box that appears and select the Sign in button. Sign in to your Chromebook Enter your email Forgot email? More options NEXT...
  • Page 6: Your Acer Chromebook Tour

    6 - Your Acer Chromebook tour O U R C E R H R O M E B O O K T O U R Now that you are done setting it up, let us show you around your new Acer Chromebook.
  • Page 7: Keyboard View

    Your Acer Chromebook tour - 7 Keyboard view Icon Item Description Keyboard For entering data into your computer. Touch-sensitive pointing device which functions like a computer mouse. Pressing down anywhere on the pad Touchpad / click functions like the left button of a button mouse.
  • Page 8: Common Keyboard Shortcuts

    8 - Your Acer Chromebook tour Icon Function Description Full-screen Open the page in full-screen mode. Next window Switch to the next window. Brightness down Decreases the screen brightness. Brightness up Increases the screen brightness. Mute Turns off audio output.
  • Page 9 Your Acer Chromebook tour - 9 Action Gesture Place two fingers on the touchpad and move Two-finger swipe them up and down to scroll vertically, left and right to scroll horizontally. Select the item you want to move with one finger.
  • Page 10: Left View

    10 - Your Acer Chromebook tour Left view # Icon Item Description Indicates the computer’s battery status. Charging: The light shows amber Battery indicator when the battery is charging. Fully charged: The light shows blue when in AC mode. Connects to the provided USB Type-...
  • Page 11: Right View

    • Delivers up to 3 A at 5 V DC for USB charging. • DC-in: requires power adapter or power source providing 45 W at 12/18~20 V. For optimal performance, please use a certified Acer power adapter or USB Power Delivery device.
  • Page 12: Bottom View

    12 - Your Acer Chromebook tour Bottom view # Icon Item Description Left and right speakers deliver stereo Speakers audio output.
  • Page 13: The Chrome Os Desktop

    The Chrome OS Desktop - 13 O S D H R O M E E S K T O P Window controls Shelf Window controls 10 11 Number Description Goes Backward and Forward in the current web browsing sessions’s history (closing and reopening the Chrome browser begins a new session).
  • Page 14: Shelf

    14 - The Chrome OS Desktop Number Description Maximizes the window to take up the entire screen. Click again to return window to previous position. Also, select and hold to display a left and right arrow next to the icon. These neatly align the window to take up half the left side of the screen or the right side, respectively.
  • Page 15: Status Area

    The Chrome OS Desktop - 15 Status area The Status area enables you to see vital computer information at a glance, such as the time, Wi-Fi signal strength, and battery life. Tap the Status area to display a box with more options. Icon Description Icon...
  • Page 16: 16 - Apps & Extensions

    16 - Apps & extensions & P P S E X T E N S I O N S You can enhance your Chromebook with extra web applications (Chrome apps, for short), features for the browser (also known as extensions) and apps designed for Android™ (Play Store apps). Chrome apps work like regular software programs for desktop computers, except they run entirely on the web.
  • Page 17: Installing Apps From Google Play Store

    Apps & extensions - 17 Installing apps from Google Play Store 1. Select the Launcher icon. 2. Click to select All Apps (or type "Play Store"). 3. Select Play Store. 4. You can browse apps by category or search for an app by keyword. 5.
  • Page 18: Google Drive

    18 - Apps & extensions Google Drive All files saved to your Google Drive are saved online and are accessible to other devices, such as your smartphone or tablet. Files saved to the Downloads folder are saved to your local drive and are only accessible to your Chromebook.
  • Page 19: Enable Offline Access To Google Drive Files

    Apps & extensions - 19 3. Select the Files icon. 4. Select the files that you want to upload. 5. Drag-and-drop the files to My Drive. Enable offline access to Google Drive files You can access files stored on your Google Drive while offline, but first you must enable offline access: 1.
  • Page 20: Gmail

    20 - Apps & extensions 5. Two-finger tap (see Touchpad on page 8) to bring up the context sensitive menu and select Available offline. Gmail Composing an email 1. Select the Launcher icon. 2. Click to select All Apps (or type "Gmail"). 3.
  • Page 21 Apps & extensions - 21 File type Supported formats Compressed .zip, .rar Other .txt, .pdf (read-only)
  • Page 22: 22 - Chrome Os Tips And Tricks

    22 - Chrome OS tips and tricks H R O M E T IP S A N D T R I C K S Your Chromebook is a new type of computer that works somewhat differently than what you may be used to, so you might like to know how easy and useful things are when using it.
  • Page 23: Finding Your Documents

    Chrome OS tips and tricks - 23 Finding your documents All documents you create are saved to your Google Drive where they are online and accessible to other devices, such as your smartphone or tablet. To find your documents, do the following: 1.
  • Page 24: How To Listen To Music

    24 - Chrome OS tips and tricks 3. Select the Hangouts call icon. 4. Type in the name or email address of a person. 5. Select the Invite button to start your Hangouts. How to listen to music 1. Press the Search key on your keyboard or select the Launcher icon.
  • Page 25: Working With Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, And Powerpoint) Documents

    Chrome OS tips and tricks - 25 Working with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) documents Open and edit Microsoft Office files using Google’s office compatibility mode 1. Press the Search key on your keyboard or select the Launcher icon. 2.
  • Page 26: Opening Microsoft Office Files Using Microsoft's Office Online Apps From The Chrome Web Store Or Google Play Store

    26 - Chrome OS tips and tricks 4. After creating the content of your document, select File > Download as and select the type of format you want to save as. 5. The file is saved to the download section of the Files app. Opening Microsoft Office files using Microsoft’s Office Online apps from the Chrome Web Store or Google Play Store...
  • Page 27: Gmail Offline

    Chrome OS tips and tricks - 27 Gmail Offline Note The first time you use Gmail Offline you MUST be connected to the internet to enable offline viewing. 1. Press the Search key on your keyboard or select the Launcher icon.
  • Page 28 28 - Chrome OS tips and tricks 5. Make your desired changes. The next time you are online and have Google Drive open, your local changes will upload to Google Drive. Note If you make changes to a Google document while offline and someone else makes changes to the document as well (for example, if the document is shared with someone else), the next time you are online and have Google Drive open, your changes will merge with the other person’s changes.
  • Page 29: Settings

    Settings - 29 E T T I N G S Use the settings menu to adjust the various options for your Chromebook. To access the settings menu do the following: 1. Select the Status area of the shelf in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • Page 30: Changing The Clock Settings

    30 - Settings Changing the clock settings You can change the time format and time zone on your Chromebook. If the date or time is incorrect on your Chromebook, try adjusting the time zone. To change the time zone: 1. Select the Status area of the shelf in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • Page 31: Setting Up A Printer

    Settings - 31 5. Once you find a theme that you’d like to try out, select it and then select ADD TO CHROME. Setting up a printer You can use the Google Cloud Print service to send print requests to many types of traditional cabled printer and wireless "cloud ready"...
  • Page 32: Manual Update

    Do not modify your Chromebook’s hardware yourself. Doing so will cause the update function to no longer work. Please get in touch with your dealer or an authorized service center. Visit to find an authorized service site. Resetting your Chromebook...
  • Page 33 Settings - 33 4. In the Reset settings section, select Powerwash. 5. Select Restart.
  • Page 34: Help

    34 - Help E L P Online and offline help Additional help is available both online and offline. Chromebook Help is installed on your Chromebook and doesn’t require internet access. It covers basic troubleshooting as well as more detailed information about Chrome OS and using your Chromebook.