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Samsung HT-P30 Instruction Manual

Digital home theater system
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  • Page 2: Safety Warnings

    This symbol alerts you to important operating and maintenance instructions accompanying the unit. WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. CAUTION: TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK, MATCH WIDE BLADE OF PLUG TO WIDE SLOT, FULLY INSERT.
  • Page 3: Precautions

    (furniture), with enough space around it for ventilation (3~4inches). Make sure the ventilation slots are not covered. Do not stack anything on top of the player. Do not place the player on amplifiers or other equipment which may become hot.
  • Page 4: Features

    AM/FM tuner, all in a single player. DVD-Audio compatible Experience the super high-quality audio performance of DVD-Audio. The on-board 24-bit/192kHz DAC enables this player to deliver exceptional sound quality in terms of dynamic range, low-level resolution and high-frequency detail. Dolby Pro Logic II Dolby Pro Logic II is a new form of multi-channel audio signal decoding technology that improves upon existing Dolby Pro Logic.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Dolby Pro Logic II Effect ...54 RADIO OPERATION Listening to Radio ...55 Presetting Stations...56 MISCELLANEOUS Convenient Functions ...57 Operating a TV with the Remote Control ...59 Before Calling for Service...61 Cautions on Handling and Storing Discs...63 Language Code List...64 Specifications...65 Memo ...66...
  • Page 6: Notes On Discs

    Many DVD discs are encoded with copy protection. Because of this, you should only connect your DVD player directly to your TV, not to a VCR. Connecting to a VCR results in a distorted pic- ture from copy-protected DVD discs.
  • Page 7 Only CD-R discs with MP3 files in ISO 9660 or Joliet format can be played. • MP3 file names should be 8 characters or less in length and contain no blank spaces or special characters (. / = +). •...
  • Page 8: Description

    TRACK indicator PROGRAM indicator System Status Display Stop ( ) button Play/Pause ( ) button Volume buttons Tuning Up & Skip ( ) buttons Tuning Down & Skip ( ) buttons PBC indicator TUNER indicator STEREO indicator RADIO FREQUENCY SPEAKER indicator...
  • Page 9: Rear Panel

    —Rear Panel— External Digital Optical Input Connector Use this to connect external equipment capable of digital output. Video Output Connector Connect the TV's video input jacks (VIDEO IN) to the VIDEO OUT connector. External Video Component Input Connectors Cooling Fan Component Input 5.1 Channel Speaker...
  • Page 10: Remote Control

    Description —Remote Control— TV indicator TV, DVD POWER button MODE button SLEEP button Number(0~9) buttons REMAIN button PL II MODE button VOLUME button MENU button SUB TITLE button RETURN button STEP button ZOOM button LOGO COPY button REPEAT button MO/ST, SLOW button...
  • Page 11 Range of Operation of the Remote Control The remote control can be used up to approximately 23 feet/7 meters in a straight line. It can also be operated at a horizontal angle of up to 30° from the remote control sensor.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Speakers

    Connecting the Speakers Before moving or installing the product, be sure to turn off the power and disconnect the power cord. Position of the DVD Player • Place it on a stand or cabinet shelf, or under the TV stand.
  • Page 13 Black Front Speaker (L) Back of the Main Unit Connect the connecting plugs to the back of the DVD player. • Make sure the colors of the speaker terminals match the colors of the connecting plugs. Gray...
  • Page 14: Connecting The Video Out To Tv

    METHOD 3 If your television is equipped with Component Video inputs, connect a component video cable (not supplied) from the Pr, Pb and Y jacks on the back panel of the system to the corresponding jacks on your television. •...
  • Page 15: P.scan(Progressive Scan) Function

    Unlike regular Interlace Scan, in which two fields of picture information alternate to create the entire picture (odd scan lines, then even scan lines), Progressive Scan uses one field of information (all lines displayed in one pass) to create a clear and detailed picture without visible scan lines.
  • Page 16: Connecting External Components

    Audio Out, connect either left or right. Connect the Digital Input (OPTICAL) to the Digital Output on the external digital component. Connect Audio In on the DVD player to Audio Out on the external analog component. • Be sure to match connector colors.
  • Page 17: Connecting The Fm And Am Antennas

    • Do not obstruct the cooling fan or ventilation holes. (If the cooling fan or ventilation holes are covered with a newspaper or cloth, heat may build up inside the unit and fire may result.) AM Loop Antenna...
  • Page 18: Before Using Your Dvd Player

    Before Using Your DVD Player Your DVD player is capable of playing DVD, CD, MP3 and JPEG discs. Depending on the disc you are using, these instructions may vary slightly. Read the instructions carefully before using. Plug the main unit's power cord into the AC power supply.
  • Page 19: Disc Terminology

    In this manual, the instructions marked with "DVD ( to DVD-VIDEO, DVD-AUDIO, and DVD-R/RW discs. Where a particular DVD type is mentioned, it is indicated separately. • Depending on the content of the disc, the initial screen may appear different. GROUP 1 GROUP 2 TRACK 2...
  • Page 20: Disc Playback

    • Each country has a different video format standard. • For normal playback, the video format of the disc must be the same as the video format of your TV. Load a disc. • Place a disc gently into the tray with the disc’s label...
  • Page 21: Mp3-Cd Playback

    Note • Depending on the recording mode, some MP3-CDs may not play. • Table of contents of a MP3-CD varies depending on the MP3 track format recorded on the disc. • MP3 file support: MPEG1 LAYER3 (BITRATE : 128KBPS~320KBPS , SAMPLING FREQ.: 32K/44.1K/48KHz)
  • Page 22: Jpeg File Playback

    JPEG File Playback Images captured with a digital camera or camcorder, or JPEG files on a PC can be stored on a CD and then played back with this DVD player. Slide Mode Place the JPEG disc on the disc tray.
  • Page 23 Press DIGEST button during playback. • JPEG files will be shown in 9 windows. To view the previous or next image with 9 windows, press Rotate/Flip Function Press Cursor Original Image Press Cursor to select the desired image and then press ENTER button.
  • Page 24: Divx Playback

    2 files in the disk. Fast playback To play back the disc at a faster speed, press and hold • Each time you press and hold either button, the playback speed will change as follows: Normal. Zoom Function Press ZOOM button.
  • Page 25: Subtitle Display

    " is displayed when there is one supported audio item in the disc. Note DivX Feature Table DivX Supported Avi files are used to contain the audio and video data; these must be stored on CD in the ISO 9660 format. DivX3.11 Up to the latest VERSION VIDEO Compatibility WMV...
  • Page 26: Displaying Disc Information

    GROUP display MP3 CD display Checking the Remaining Time Press the REMAIN button. • For checking the total and remaining time of a title or chapter being played. Each time the REMAIN button is pressed DVD- VIDEO TITLE ELAPSED TITLE REMAIN...
  • Page 27: Fast/Slow Playback

    Skipping Scenes/Songs Briefly press • Each time the button is pressed briefly during playback, the previous or next chapter, track, or directory (file) will be played. • You cannot skip chapters consecutively. TITLE 01/05 CHAPTER 002/040 TITLE 01/05 CHAPTER 004/040 •...
  • Page 28: Repeat Playback

    Repeat Playback Repeat playback allows you to repeatedly play a chapter, title, track (song), or directory (MP3 file). Press REPEAT button. • Each time the button is pressed during playback, the repeat playback mode changes as follows: DVD- VIDEO JPEG Note •...
  • Page 29: A-B Repeat Playback

    When ENTER button is pressed, the selected position will be stored in memory. A -? OFF. Note The A-B Repeat function will not work on an MP3 or JPEG disc. Press Cursor button to move to REPEAT PLAYBACK ( ) display.
  • Page 30: Step Function

    The picture moves forward one frame each time the button is pressed during playback. • During fast playback of a CD or MP3-CD, sound is heard only at 2x speed, Note and not at 4x, 8x, and 32x speeds. •...
  • Page 31: Zoom (Screen Enlarge) Function

    • This function will not work if the DVD is recorded with multi-camera angle format. • Black bars may not disappear because some DVD discs have a built-in horizontal to vertical ratio. Press Cursor buttons to move to the area you want to enlarge.
  • Page 32: Bonus Group / Navigating Pages

    Bonus Group / Navigating Pages Bonus Group Note • If you eject the disc, switch the power off, or unplug the player, you will need to re-enter the key number. Navigating Pages DVD- AUDIO Some DVD-Audio discs have an extra ‘bonus’ group that requires a 4-digit key number to access.
  • Page 33: Selecting Audio/Subtitle Language

    Selecting Audio/Subtitle Language Audio Language Selection Function Press INFO button twice. Note • You can use the AUDIO button on the remote control to select a audio language. Subtitle Language Selection Function Press INFO button twice. Press Cursor button or numeric buttons to select the desired subtitle.
  • Page 34: Moving Directly To A Scene/Song

    Press the numeric buttons. • The selected file will be played. • An MP3 or JPEG disc cannot be moved from the disc information screen. • When playing an MP3 or JPEG disc, you cannot use to move a folder.
  • Page 35: Using Disc Menu

    When some functions are disabled, select "PBC OFF" to enable them. PBC OFF: This VCD disc is version 1.1. The disc is played back in the same way as with a music CD. Using the Title Menu For DVDs containing multiple titles, you can view the title of each movie.
  • Page 36: Setting The Language

    OSD (On-Screen Display) language is set to English by default. Note • To select other language, select OTHER and enter the language code of your country. (See 64 page for language code of countries) AUDIO, SUB TITLE and DISC MENU language can be selected.
  • Page 37: Enter Button

    Select ‘Language’ and then press ENTER button Press RETURN button to return to the previous level. Press MENU button to exit the setup screen. Selecting the Selecting the OSD Language Audio Language (recorded on the disc) Press Cursor button to select ‘OSD Language’...
  • Page 38: Setting Tv Screen Type

    Setting TV Screen type Depending on your TV type (Wide Screen TV or conventional 4:3 TV), you can select the TV's aspect ratio. Press RETURN button to return to the previous level. Press MENU button to exit the setup screen.
  • Page 39: Adjusting The Tv Aspect Ratio (Screen Size)

    Adjusting the TV Aspect Ratio (Screen Size) The horizontal to vertical screen size ratio of conventional TVs is 4:3, while that of widescreen and high definition TVs is 16:9. This ratio is called the aspect ratio. When playing DVDs recorded in different screen size, you should adjust the aspect ratio to fit your TV or monitor.
  • Page 40: Setting Parental Controls (Rating Level)

    Setting Parental Controls (Rating Level) Use this to restrict playback of adult or violent DVDs you do not want children to view. Press Cursor button to move to ‘PARENTAL’ and then press ENTER button. • Note This function works only if a DVD disc contains the rating level information.
  • Page 41: Setting The Password

    If you have forgotten the rating level password, do the following: • While “NO DISC”message appears on the display of main unit, hold the main unit's seconds. “INITIALIZE” appears on the display and all settings will return to the default values. • Press the POWER button.
  • Page 42: Setting The Wallpaper

    Setting the Wallpaper While watching a DVD, VCD or JPEG CD, you can set the image you like as background wallpaper. Setting the Wallpaper During playback, press PLAY/PAUSE button when an image you like appears. PAUSE The power will turn off and then back on.
  • Page 43 Press to select the desired ‘USER’, and then press ENTER. Press RETURN button to return to the previous level. Press MENU button to exit the setup screen. Press Cursor button to move to ‘Setup’ and then press ENTER button.
  • Page 44: Dvd Playback Mode

    DVD Playback Mode Some DVD-Audio discs contain DVD-Video as well as DVD-Audio. To play back the DVD-Video portion of the DVD-Audio disc, set the unit to DVD-Video mode. Press the MENU button while the disc tray is open. Press Cursor button to move to ‘DVD TYPE’...
  • Page 45: Setting The Speaker Mode

    Setting the Speaker Mode Signal outputs and frequency responses from the speakers will automatically be adjusted according to your speaker configuration and whether certain speakers are used or not. In Stop mode, press MENU button. In the Speaker Setup, press the ENTER button again.
  • Page 46: Setting The Delay Time

    Setting the Delay Time If the speakers cannot be placed at equal distances from the listening position, you can adjust the delay time of the audio signals from the center and rear speakers. In Stop mode, press MENU button. Setting up the Speaker Delay Time When 5.1CH Surround Sound is played, you can enjoy the best sound if...
  • Page 47 ENTER button. Setting CENTER SPEAKER • If the distance of Dc is equal to or longer than the distance of Df in the figure, set the mode as 0ms. Otherwise, change the setting according to the table. Distance between Df and Dc Delay Time 0.00 m...
  • Page 48: Setting The Test Tone

    Setting the Test Tone Use the Test Tone feature to check the speaker connections and to adjust the speaker levels. In Stop mode, press MENU button. Press Cursor button to move to ‘Audio’ and then press ENTER button. Press RETURN button to return to the previous level.
  • Page 49: Setting The Drc (Dynamic Range Compression)

    Setting the DRC You can use this function to enjoy Dolby Digital sound when watching movies at low volume at night. In Stop mode, press MENU button. Press Cursor button to move to ‘DRC’ and then press ENTER button. Press RETURN button to return to the previous level.
  • Page 50: Setting The Audio Quality

    Setting the Audio Quality You can adjust the balance and level for each speaker. When adjusting the audio quality using the setup screen Method 1 In Stop mode, press MENU button. Press Cursor button to move to ‘SOUND EDIT’ and then press ENTER button.
  • Page 51 • The volume level can be adjusted in steps from +6dB to –6dB. • The sound gets louder as you move closer to +6dB and quieter as you get closer to -6dB. Adjusting Rear Speaker Balance Press SOUND EDIT button and...
  • Page 52: Av Sync Setup

    AV SYNC Setup Video may look slower than the audio if it is connected with digital TV. In this case, adjust the delay time of audio to optimal status to fit the video. Press the MENU button. • Setup menu appears.
  • Page 53: Sound Field (Dsp)/Eq Function

    EQ: You can select from ROCK, POP, or CLASSIC, depending on the genre of music. Note POP, JAZZ, ROCK: Depending on the genre of music, you can select from POP, JAZZ, and ROCK. STUDIO : Provides a sense of presence as if in a studio.
  • Page 54: Dolby Pro Logic Ii Mode

    • CINEMA: Adds realism to the movie soundtrack. • PRO LOGIC: You will experience a realistic multi-channel effect, as if using five speakers, while using just the front left and right speakers. • MATRIX: You will hear 5.1 channel surround sound.
  • Page 55: Dolby Pro Logic Ii Effect

    PANORAMA: This mode extends the front stereo image to include the surround speakers for an exciting "wraparound" effect with side wall imaging. • CENTER WIDTH: Sound is output to the center speaker only. The front left and right speakers produce phantom sound. •...
  • Page 56: Listening To Radio

    Listening to Radio You can listen to the chosen band (FM broadcast stations) by using either the automatic or manual tuning operation. Remote Control Unit Press TUNER button. • The selection toggles back and forth between "FM AM" each time the FM button is pressed.
  • Page 57: Presetting Stations

    • You can select between 1 and TITLE RDS RT TUNED To tune in to a preset station, press remote control to select a channel. • FM Frequency Modulation • AM Medium Wave Press select "89.10".
  • Page 58: Convenient Functions

    The remaining time before the DVD player will shut itself off is displayed. • Pressing the button again changes the sleep time from what you have set earlier. To cancel the sleep timer, press SLEEP button until OFF appears on the display.
  • Page 59: Adjusting Display Brightness

    Adjusting Display Brightness You can adjust the brightness of the display on the main unit so it won't interfere with your movie viewing. Press DIMMER button. • Each time the button is press, the brightness changes as follows: DARK BRIGHT.
  • Page 60: Operating A Tv With The Remote Control

    TV. • If you do not set the remote control with the code for your brand of TV, the remote control will work on a Samsung TV by default. When operating a TV with the remote control Press the MODE button to make the TV indicator on the remote control flash.
  • Page 61 TELEFUNKEN 41, 49, 51, 57 PANASONIC 07, 09, 26, 48, 49, 50 SABA 40, 41, 47, 48, 49 PHILIPS 05, 45, 47, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69 GRUNDIG 39, 42, 46, 70, 71, 72 ZENITH MIVAL NOBLEX EMERSON MAGNAVOX...
  • Page 62: Before Calling For Service

    Before Calling for Service Refer to the chart below when this unit does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below or if the instruction below does not help, turn off the unit, disconnect the power cord, and contact the nearest authorized dealer or Samsung Electronics Service Center.
  • Page 63 • You can play 16:9 DVDs in 16:9 WIDE mode, 4:3 LETTER BOX mode, or 4:3 PAN SCAN mode, but 4:3 DVDs can be seen in 4:3 ratio only. Refer to the DVD disc jacket and then select the appropriate function.
  • Page 64: Cautions On Handling And Storing Discs

    Cautions on Handling and Storing Discs Small scratches on the disc may reduce sound and picture quality or cause skipping. Be especially careful not to scratch discs when handling them. Handling discs Disc Storage Do not keep in direct sunlight •...
  • Page 65: Language Code List

    Language Code List Enter the appropriate code number for the initial settings “Disc Audio”, “Disc Subtitle” and/or “Disc Menu” (See page 35). Code Language Code 1027 Afar 1181 1028 Abkhazian 1183 1032 Afrikaans 1186 1039 Amharic 1194 1044 Arabic 1196...
  • Page 66: Specifications

    Specifications Power Consumption Weight Dimensions (W x H x D) Operating Temperature Range Operating Humidity Range Usable Sensitivity S/N Ratio Distortion Usable Sensitivity S/N Ratio Distortion Composite Video VIDEO S-Video OUTPUT Component Video Front speaker output Center speaker output Rear speaker output...
  • Page 67: Memo


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