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JFY tech WiFi Plug User Manual

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WiFi Plug
User Manual
Shenzhen JFY Tech.Co.,Ltd



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  Summary of Contents for JFY tech WiFi Plug

  • Page 1 WiFi Plug User Manual Shenzhen JFY Tech.Co.,Ltd...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Content 1. Introduction ........................................1 2. Device Layout ........................................1 3. Connect the WiFi Plug with the Inverter ............................. 1 4. Network setting ........................................ 1 5. Parameters setting ......................................5 6. Modify the account information for the WiFi Plug........................12 7. Register on SolarMAN Portal ...................................13 8.
  • Page 3: Introduction

    PV systems from the inverter when it is connected with an inverter. With the integrated WiFi function, the WiFi Plug can connect with a router and transmit data to the web server, enabling users to view the collected data by logging in the online monitoring portal (
  • Page 4 WiFi Plug User Manual 4.2 Prepare a computer or device, e.g. tablet PC or smart phone that enables WiFi. 4.3 Obtain an IP address automatically 4.3.1 Open Wireless Network Connection Properties; double click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Picture 2 4.3.2 Select Obtain an IP address automatically, and click OK Picture 3 Wifi Plug.LPB-V1.0...
  • Page 5 4.4 Set WiFi connection to the WiFi Plug 4.4.1 Open wireless network connection and click View Wireless Networks Picture 4 4.4.2 Select wireless network of the WiFi Plug. The network name consists of AP and the serial number of the product. Then click Connect. Picture 5...
  • Page 6 If AP_ (serial number of product) is not available in the wireless network list, there may be problems in the connection between the WiFi Plug and the inverter or in setting of WiFi Plug. Please check if the WiFi was installed ok, and inverter has been powered on.
  • Page 7: Parameters Setting

    WiFi Plug User Manual 5. Parameters setting 5.1 Open a web browser, and enter, the “Authentication Required” interface will appear, and then fill in username and password, both of which are admin as default. If the “Authentication Required” interface cannot appear, please use another web browser!
  • Page 8 WiFi Plug User Manual 5.2 In the System interface of WiFi Plug, you can view general information of the WiFi Plug. Picture 10 Wifi Plug.LPB-V1.0...
  • Page 9 2. In AP mode, after the web server is connected to the router, it will work as another router, and the SSID of the AP network will be visible. 3. The WiFi Plug works under both AP and STA mode is recommended. Wifi Plug.LPB-V1.0...
  • Page 10 WiFi Plug User Manual 5.4 Start quick setting via “STA Setting” interface 5.4.1 Click Scan to search the wireless network Picture 12 5.4.2 Select the wireless network you need to connect, and then click OK Picture 13 Wifi Plug.LPB-V1.0...
  • Page 11 WiFi Plug User Manual Notice: 1. If the wireless network you need to connect is unavailable, please click Refresh to search it again. 2.If the signal strength (RSSI) of the selected network is lower than 15%, which means unstable connection, please adjust the antenna of the router, or use a repeater to enhance the signal.
  • Page 12 WiFi Plug User Manual 5.4.4 Enter the password for the selected network, then click Save Picture 15 5.4.5 If saved successfully, the following page will display. Please click Restart Picture 16 Notice: Only after clicking Restart, the setting will take effect.
  • Page 13 WiFi Plug User Manual 5.4.6 Re- log on this setting interface after the Web server reset, and check the network connection status of the module on “System” interface. Picture 17 Notice: 1. After network setting is completed, the Wireless STA mode should be enabled and relative information of your router will display on the interface automatically as follows: Router SSID: the SSID of your router.
  • Page 14: Modify The Account Information For The Wifi Plug

    WiFi Plug User Manual 6. Modify the account information for the WiFi Plug 6.1 Please enter the new username as well as password you would like to use, then click Save. Enter a new username Enter a new password Picture 18 6.2 After clicking Save, the following interface will display, please click Restart...
  • Page 15: Register On Solarman Portal

    WiFi Plug User Manual Notice: 1. Only after clicking Restart, the setting will take effect 2. Please enter the new username as well as password when you try to logon to this module next time 7. Register on SolarMAN Portal Open a web browser and visit the portal website: .
  • Page 16 WiFi Plug User Manual Fill in your email address and password, and then click Next Picture 21 Wifi Plug.LPB-V1.0...
  • Page 17 WiFi Plug User Manual You can find the Serial Number at the bottom of the Wifi Plug Fill in the information as required, then click Complete Picture 22 Wifi Plug.LPB-V1.0...
  • Page 18: Log In Solarman Portal To Manage Power Station

    WiFi Plug User Manual If registration is successful, the above interface will display. Click OK to return to the homepage of the portal. Picture 23 8. Log in SolarMAN Portal to manage power station After successful registration, visit the login page of SolarMAN Portal, and input your E-mail and password to access the monitoring system and start monitoring and management of power plants.
  • Page 19: Contact Us

    9. Contact us If any technical problems, please contact us, with the following information in hand:  Device model  Serial number of WIFI Plug  Type of your inverter IGEN Tech. Co., Ltd. Add: Rm.405, Building A, Tian’an iPark, No.228, Ling Hu Ave., Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China P.C: 214135...