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Troubleshooting - Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges User Manual

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1. The lightsaber tip light doesn't change from white to blue.
Make sure your phone's bluetooth is switched on.
Disable then re-enable the bluetooth connection on your phone, then restart the app and follow
the set up procedure to retry.
2. After putting the headset on, the game interface cannot be seen.
Possible cause 1. The headset battery may be too low. Check the indicator LED status.
If it is blinking, please charge the headset.
If it is off and you didn't charge it before, please charge the headset.
Possible cause 2. The cable between the headset and the phone is loose. Check that the cable is
connected properly.
Possible cause 3. The headset is too far from or too close to the beacon. Make sure that the
headset stays in front of the tracking beacon. An optimal distance is 1.5-2.5 meters.
Possible cause 4. There is a known issue in iOS 11.0.X that users needs to wait 30-40s before the
game can be activated. Please wait patiently. Upgrade to iOS 11.1 to solve this problem.
3. The lightsaber image is not aligned with the lightsaber controller.
Please make sure that the headset, lightsaber and beacon are aligned when you activate the
lightsaber. Use the Control button to centre the lightsaber. Align the lightsaber with your line of
sight and press the Control button.
For more information, please visit, check troubleshooting
guide or FAQs.

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