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LG 19LG30 Owner's Manual

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Test Report No.: GETEC-E3-07-096
FCC Class B Certification
EUT Type: LCD TV/Monitor


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Test Report No.: GETEC-E3-07-096 FCC Class B Certification APPENDIX H : USER’S MANUAL EUT Type: LCD TV/Monitor FCC ID: BEJ19LG30UA...
  • Page 2 ENERGY STAR is a set of power-saving guidelines issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). As an ENERGY STAR Partner LGE U. S. A.,Inc. has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines P/NO : SAC30708022 (0712-REV00) for energy efficiency. /
  • Page 3: Warning / Caution

    This reminder is provided to call the CATV system Do not attempt to modify this product in any way installer’s attention to Article 820-40 of the National without written authorization from LG Electronics. Electric Code (U.S.A.). The code provides guidelines for Unauthorized modification could void the user’s...
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Important safety instructions shall be provided with each apparatus. This information shall be given in a separate booklet or sheet, or be located before any operating instructions in an instruction for installation for use and supplied with the apparatus.
  • Page 5 Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, of the appliance, and have the cord replaced or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with an exact replacement part by an authorized with the apparatus. When a cart is used, use servicer.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

  • Page 7 TIME SETTING Clock Setting - Auto Clock Setup ........- Manual Clock Setup .
  • Page 8 ■ If the TV feels cold to the touch, there may be a small “flicker” when it is turned on. This is normal, there is nothing wrong with TV. ■ Some minute dot defects may be visible on the screen, appearing as tiny red, green, or blue spots. However, they have no adverse effect on the monitor's performance.
  • Page 9: Preparation

    PREPARATION ACCESSORIES Ensure that the following accessories are included with your product. If an accessory is missing, please contact the dealer where you purchased the product. User must use shielded signal interface cables (D-sub 15 pin cable) with ferrite cores to maintain standard compliance for the product.
  • Page 10: Front Panel Information

    PREPARATION FRONT PANEL INFORMATION ■ Image shown may differ from your TV ■ NOTE: If your product has a protection tape attached, remove the tape. And then wipe the product with a cloth (If a polishing cloth is included with your product, use it). INPUT MENU VOLUME...
  • Page 11: Back Panel Information

    BACK PANEL INFORMATION ■ Image shown may differ from your TV ANTENNA/CABLE IN AV IN AUDIO IN RGB(PC) IN S-VIDEO HDMI/DVI IN (RGB/DVI) VIDEO AUDIO L(MONO) SERVICE RS-232C IN AUDIO VIDEO ONLY (CONTROL & SERVICE) HDMI/DVI IN COMPONENT IN Connect a HDMI signal to this jack. Connect a component video/audio device to these jacks.
  • Page 12: Stand Installation

    PREPARATION STAND INSTALLATION ■ Image shown may differ from your TV Carefully place the TV screen side down on a cush- ioned surface to protect the screen from damage. Assemble the TV as shown. Fix the 4 bolts securely using the holes in the back of the TV...
  • Page 13: Back Cover For Wire Arrangement

    BACK COVER FOR WIRE ARRANGEMENT ■ Image shown may differ from your TV Connect the cables as necessary. To connect an additional equipment, see the EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP section. Install the CABLE MANAGEMENT CLIP as shown and manage the cable. CABLE MANAGEMENT CLIP Fit the CABLE MANAGEMENT CLIP as shown.
  • Page 14: Vesa Wall Mounting

    PREPARATION VESA WALL MOUNTING This product accepts a VESA-compliant mounting interface pad. (optional) There 4 threaded holes are available for attaching the bracket. 100 mm 100 mm NOTE Screw length needed depends on the wall mount used. For further information, refer to the VESA Wall Mounting Instruction Guide.
  • Page 15: Positioning Your Display

    POSITIONING YOUR DISPLAY ■ Here shown may be somewhat different from your TV. ■ Adjust the position of the panel in various ways for maximum comfort. • Tilt range...
  • Page 16: Kensington Security System

    PREPARATION KENSINGTON SECURITY SYSTEM - The TV is equipped with a Kensington Security System connector on the back panel. Connect the Kensington Security System cable as shown below. - For the detailed installation and use of the Kensington Security System, refer to the user’s guide provided with the Kensington Security System.
  • Page 17: Antenna Or Cable Connection

    ANTENNA OR CABLE CONNECTION ■ Image shown may differ from your TV. 1. Antenna (Analog or Digital) Wall Antenna Socket or Outdoor Antenna without a Cable Box Connections. For optimum picture quality, adjust antenna direction if needed. Multi-family Dwellings/Apartments Wall (Connect to wall antenna socket) Antenna ANTENNA/CABLE IN...
  • Page 18: External Equipment Setup

    EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP To prevent the equipment damage, never plug in any power cords until you have finished connecting all equipment. ■ HD RECEIVER SETUP This TV can receive Digital Over-the-air/Cable signals without an external digital set-top box. However, if you do receive digital signals from a digital set-top box or other digital external device, refer to the figure as shown below.
  • Page 19 When connecting HDMI cable 1. How to connect Connect the digital set-top box to HDMI/DVI I I N RGB(PC) IN HDMI/DVI IN jack on the set. No separated audio connection is necessary. HDMI supports both audio and video. SERVICE RS-232C IN ONLY (CONTROL &...
  • Page 20 EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP When connecting HDMI to DVI cable 1. How to connect Connect the DVI output of the digital set-top box to the HDMI/DVI I I N jack on the set. AUDIO IN RGB(PC) IN S-VID HDMI/DVI IN (RGB/DVI) Connect the audio output of the digital set-top box to the AUDIO I I N ( RGB/DVI ) jack on the set.
  • Page 21: Dvd Setup

    DVD SETUP When connecting Component cable 1. How to connect Connect the video outputs ( Y, P ) of the DVD to the COMPONENT I I N V V IDEO jacks on the set. Match the jack colors ( Y = green, P = red ) .
  • Page 22 EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP When connecting with an S-Video cable 1. How to connect ANTENNA/CABLE IN Connect the S-VIDEO output of the DVD to the S -VIDEO input on the set. AV IN AUDIO IN S-VIDEO (RGB/DVI) VIDEO AUDIO Connect the audio outputs of the DVD to the AUDIO L(MONO) input jacks on the set.
  • Page 23: Vcr Setup

    VCR SETUP To avoid picture noise ( interference ) , leave an adequate distance between the VCR and TV. ■ Use the ISM feature in the Option menu to avoid having a fixed image remain on the screen for a long period ■...
  • Page 24 EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP When connecting with a RCA cable AV IN AUDIO IN S-VIDEO (RGB/DVI) VIDEO AUDIO 1. How to connect L(MONO) Connect the AUDIO/VIDEO jacks between TV and VCR. Match the jack colors (Video = yellow, Audio Left = white, and Audio Right = red) AUDIO VIDEO RVICE)
  • Page 25: Pheadphone Setup

    HEADPHONE SETUP You can listen to the sound through the headphone. 1. How to connect Plug the headphone into the headphone socket. To adjust the headphone volume, press the VOL + or - button. If you press the M U T E button, the sound from the headphone is switched off.
  • Page 26: Pc Setup

    EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP PC SETUP This TV provides Plug and Play capability, meaning that the PC adjusts automatically to the TV's settings. When connecting D-sub 15 pin cable AUDIO IN RGB(PC) IN S-VIDEO DMI/DVI IN (RGB/DVI) 1. How to connect Connect the RGB output of the PC to the R GB ( P C ) I N jack on the set.
  • Page 27 To get the the best picture quality, adjust the PC adjust the brightness and contrast on the PICTURE graphics card to 1440x900 (19LG30), 1680x1050 menu until the picture is clear. If the refresh rate of (22LG30).
  • Page 28 EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP Screen Setup for PC mode Selecting Resolution When you change the resolution, select the proper resolution in present input to see the best picture appearance. XGA (1024, 1280, 1360) isn’t distinguished because of having the same H/V Sync Time. This function is you to select the Default Sync Time.
  • Page 29 Auto Configure Automatically adjusts picture position and minimizes image instability. After adjustment, if the image is still not correct, your TV is functioning properly but needs further adjustment. Auto c c onfigure This function is for automatic adjustment of the screen position, clock, and phase The displayed image will be unstable for a few seconds while the auto configuration is in progress.
  • Page 30 PREPARATION Adjustment for screen Position, Size, and Phase If the picture is not clear after auto adjustment and especially if characters are still trembling, adjust the picture phase manually. This feature operates only in RGB-PC mode. SCREEN PICTURE Move Prev. MENU Move Enter...
  • Page 31 Screen Reset (Reset to original factory values) Returns to the default settings Resolution, Auto Config., Position, Size and Phase at the factory. SCREEN PICTURE Move Prev. MENU Move Enter Resolution • Contrast • Brightness Auto Config. • Sharpness • Color Position Initialize Settings.
  • Page 32: Watching Tv / Channel Control

    WATCHING TV / CHANNEL CONTROL REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONS When using the remote control, aim it at the remote control sensor on the TV. It helps you select and set images and sounds when con- AV MODE POWER necting AV devices. p.42 INPUT PICTURE...
  • Page 33 POWER Turns your TV on or off. In AV, Component, RGB-PC, and HDMI input sources, screen returns to the last TV channel. INPUT External input modes rotate in regular sequence NUMBER button NUMBER button Used to enter a program number for multiple program channels such as 2-1, 2-2, etc. —...
  • Page 34: Turning On Tv

    WATCHING TV / CHANNEL CONTROL TURNING ON TV POWER INPUT AV MODE PICTURE SOUND RATIO First, connect power cord correctly. At this moment, the TV switches to standby mode. , INPUT, CH ( ( In standby mode to turn TV on, press the ■...
  • Page 35: Quick Menu

    QUICK MENU Your TV's OSD (On Screen Display) may differ slightly from what is shown in this manual. Q.Menu (Quick Menu) is a menu of features which users might use frequently. • Aspect R R atio: Selects your desired picture format. •...
  • Page 36: Initial Setting

    WATCHING TV /CHANNEL CONTROL INITIAL SETTING This OSD (On Screen Display) is displayed automatically on the screen as figure after turning on the TV and you can adjust the Location, Time, Language, Auto tuning. Step1. Mode setting Step1. Mode Setting Select Display M M ode or Home M M ode.
  • Page 37 Step3. Option setting Step3. Option Setting Select OSD L L anguage S S etting or English Audio L L anguage S S etting. 1. OSD Language Setting 2. Audio Language Setting French Select your desired language. Enter EXIT Exit ENTER Step4.
  • Page 38: On-Screen Menus Selection

    WATCHING TV /CHANNEL CONTROL ON-SCREEN MENUS SELECTION Your TV's OSD (On Screen Display) may differ slightly from that shown in this manual. CHANNEL PICTURE AUDIO Move Enter Move Enter Move Enter Auto Tuning Aspect Ratio : 16:9 Clear Voice : On Manual Tuning Picture Mode : Standard Balance...
  • Page 39: Channel Setup Auto Scan (Auto Tuning)

    CHANNEL SETUP Auto Scan (Auto Tuning) Automatically finds all channels available through antenna or cable inputs, and stores them in memory on the channel list. Run Auto Tuning again after any Antenna/Cable connection changes. CHANNEL CHANNEL Move Enter Move Enter Auto Tuning Auto Tuning Manual Tuning...
  • Page 40 PICTURE CONTROL PICTURE SIZE (ASPECT RATIO) CONTROL This feature lets you choose the way an analog picture with a 4:3 aspect ratio is displayed on your TV. When you receive an analog picture with a 4:3 aspect ratio on your 16:9 TV, you need to specify how the picture is to be displayed.
  • Page 41: Appendix

    APPENDIX TROUBLESHOOTING The o o peration d d oes n n ot w w ork n n ormally. Check to see if there is any object between the product and the remote control ■ causing obstruction. Ensure you are pointing the remote control directly at the TV. The remote control Ensure that the batteries are installed with correct polarity (+ to +, - to -).
  • Page 42 The a a udio f f unction d d oes n n ot w w ork. Press the VOL or VOLUME button. ■ Sound muted? Press MUTE button. ■ Picture OK & No sound Try another channel. The problem may be with the broadcast. ■...
  • Page 43: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Early malfunctions can be prevented. Careful and regular cleaning can extend the amount of time you can enjoy your new TV. Caution: Be sure to turn the power off and unplug the power cord before you begin any cleaning. Cleaning the Screen Here’s a great way to keep the dust off your screen for a while.
  • Page 44: Product Specifications

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 19LG30 22LG30 MODELS (19LG30-UA) (22LG30-UA) 18.1 x 15.4 x 7 .4 inches 20.6 x 17 .0 x 7 .4 inches Including stand 458.8 x 391.0 x 189.2 mm 522.2 x 432.4 x 189.2 mm Dimensions 18.1 x 13.6 x 2.7 inches 20.6 x 15.1 x 2.7 inches...
  • Page 45: External Control Through Rs-232C

    APPENDIX EXTERNAL CONTROL THROUGH RS-232C The RS-232C port allows you connect the RS-232C input jack to an external control device (such as a computer or an A/V control system) to control the TV’s functions externally. Note: RS-232C on this unit is intended to be used with third party RS-232C control hardware and software. ■...
  • Page 46 RS-232C Configurations Either cable below can be used. 7-Wire Configuration 3-Wire Configurations ( Serial female-female NULL modem cable ) ( Not standard ) D-Sub 9 D-Sub 9 D-Sub 9 D-Sub 9 Set ID Use this function to specify a TV ID number. Refer to ‘Real Data Mapping1’.
  • Page 47 APPENDIX Command Reference List DATA DATA COMMAND1 COMMAND2 COMMAND1 COMMAND2 (Hexadecimal) (Hexadecimal) 01. Power 0 ~ 1 10. Tint 0 ~ 64 02. Input Select p.87) 1 1. Sharpness 0 ~ 64 03. Aspect Ratio p.87) 12. OSD Select 0 ~ 1 04.
  • Page 48 01. Power ( ( Command: k k a) 06. V V olume C C ontrol ( ( Command: k k f f ) To control Power On/Off of the TV. To adjust volume. Transmission [k][a][ ][Set ID][ ][Data][Cr] You can also adjust volume with the volume buttons on remote control.
  • Page 49 APPENDIX 10. T T int ( ( Command: k k j ) 16. B B alance ( ( Command: k k t ) To adjust the screen tint. To adjust balance. You can also adjust tint in the Video menu. You can also adjust balance in the Audio menu.
  • Page 50 Data5: Main/Sub Two/One Using Physical Step Part Channel Picture Channel Reserved Main NTSC Air No Use NTSC Cable ATSC Air ATSC Cable_std ATSC Cable_hrc The table above lists the binary code which must be ATSC Cable_irc converted to Hexadecimal before sending. For example: ATSC cable_auto The binary code to tune the sub source to an NTSC Reserved...
  • Page 52 Regulatory information Regulatory information...
  • Page 53 Regulatory Information cont. respecte toutes les exigences du Règlement sur le FCC Compliance Statement matériel brouilleur du Canada. This equipment has been tested and found to comply NOTICE within the limits of a Class B digital device pursuant to Part The regulations are applied only to the products with the 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 54 Regulatory Information cont. Why do we have environmentally labelled computers? computer and/or display, after a certain period of inactivity, In many countries, environmental labelling has become an shall reduce its power consumption to a lower level, in one established method for encouraging the adaptation of or more stages.
  • Page 55 Regulatory Information cont. relevant bio-accumulative TCO’95 requirement permits Monitor Disposal the inclusion of lead, as no replacement has yet been WARNING developed. If you need to dispose of a monitor, ask a qualified service representative for the proper procedure. Improper disposal could Cadmium is present in rechargeable batteries and in the result in personal injury from implosion.
  • Page 56 Regulatory Information cont. Approval requirements cover a wide range of issues: ecology, ergonomics, emission of electrical and TCO’99 requires that plastic components weighing more magnetical fields, energy consumption and electrical than 25 grams shall not contain flame retardants with safety. organically bound bromine or chlorine.
  • Page 57 The product must be prepared for recycling and the If you want to find out more information about our recycling manufacturer must have a certified environmental program, please contact your local LG vendor or a management system such as EMAS or ISO 14 001 corporate representative of LG.
  • Page 58 La LGE. ha annunciato nel 1994 la cosiddetta 'LG Declaration for a Cleaner Environment' (Dichiarazione di ment.jsp LG a favore di un ambiente più pulito), un ideale che da allora funge da principio ispiratore della gestione aziendale. La dichiarazione rappresenta il fondamento che Français consente di intraprendere attività...
  • Page 59 LGE. presentó la 'Declaración para un entorno más limpio Declaração é a base que nos tem permitido realizar de LG' en 1994 y este ideal ha servido para guiar nuestros atividades favoráveis ao ambiente com consideração principios empresariales desde entonces. La Declaración atenta aos aspectos econômicos, ambientais e sociais.
  • Page 60 ¬ 1994 „Ó‰Û ÍÓÔÓ‡ˆËˇ LGE ÓÔÛ·ÎËÍÓ‚‡Î‡ het milieu 'ƒÂÍ·‡ˆË˛ LG ÔÓ Óı‡Ì ÓÍÛʇ˛˘ÂÈ Ò‰˚', LGE. publiceerde in 1994 de 'LG Declaration for a Cleaner ÍÓÚÓ‡ˇ Ò ÚÂı ÔÓ ÒÎÛÊËÚ ÓÒÌÓ‚Ì˚Ï ÔË̈ËÔÓÏ Environment' (de LG-verklaring met betrekking tot een ÛÔ‡‚ÎÂÌˡ. Õ‡ ÓÒÌÓ‚Â ˝ÚÓÈ ‰ÂÍ·‡ˆËË Ï˚ ÒÏÓ„ÎË...
  • Page 61 ÔËÂÏÎÂÏÓ„Ó ÏÂÚÓ‰‡. «‡ ·ÓΠÔÓ‰Ó·ÌÓÈ ËÌÙÓχˆËÂÈ ÔÓ Ì‡¯ÂÈ ÔÓ„‡ÏÏ ÛÚËÎËÁ‡ˆËË ÓÚıÓ‰Ó‚ Ó·‡˘‡ÈÚÂÒ¸ Í ÏÂÒÚÌÓÏÛ ÔÓÒÚ‡‚˘ËÍÛ ËÎË Ô‰ÒÚ‡‚ËÚÂβ ÍÓÔÓ‡ˆËË LG. Ã˚ ÓËÂÌÚËÛÂÏÒˇ ̇ Ó·ÂÒÔ˜ÂÌË ˝ÍÓÎӄ˘ÂÒÍÓÈ ·ÂÁÓÔ‡ÒÌÓÒÚË, ÒÚ‡‚ˇ Ò· ˆÂθ˛ „ÎÓ·‡Î¸ÌÛ˛ Á‡˘ËÚÛ (U.S.A only) ÓÍÛʇ˛˘ÂÈ Ò‰˚. ƒÓÔÓÎÌËÚÂθÌÛ˛ ËÌÙÓχˆË˛ Ó (EPA applied model only) ̇¯ÂÈ...

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