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Lenovo SMARTBAND SWB100 Quick Start

Waterproof health bracelet.
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Basic operations
Basic operations on the Smartband:
 Tap the screen once (hereinafter
called tap)
Quick Start
 Tap the screen twice continuously
(hereinafter called double-tap)
The screen stays off when no operation is
performed. When needed, double-tap to
wake up the screen.
By default, the following home screen is
displayed when you wake up the screen.
The home screen switches between the
"time screen" and the "steps/calories
screen". Tap to toggle among the
following screens: home, training mode,
sleep mode, and heart-rate mode.
Double-tapping on any of the mode
screens will turn on or turn off the mode.
Note: The "steps/calories" screen shows
 After you enter training mode, the
the real-time step count and calories of
screen displays running time,
your daily activities.
distance, calories, and real-time heart
rate in order. If you have set up a goal
on the Smartband app, such as
Function modes
running time, this goal will be
displayed in the first place.
The Smartband provides three function
modes: training mode, sleep mode, and
heart-rate mode.
Training mode
You can set your training goals on the
 When you finish the workout, double-
Smartband app, such as running time,
tap to exit training mode. Your workout
distance, and calories. Turn on training
data is saved.
mode when you start running, and the
Sleep mode
Smartband starts to record your workout
In sleep mode, Smartband helps you track
data. With the ease of getting the time,
your sleeping quality. You can turn on and
distance, and calories data, your workout
turn off sleep mode by either operating on
gets well under control.
the Smartband or setting on the
Smartband app.
Related information or operations:
 On the training mode screen, double-
Related information or operations:
tap to turn on training mode:
 Turning on sleep mode manually:
On the sleep mode screen, double-tap to
Double-tap, and the screen will display the
turn on sleep mode:
total time of this sleep and show you the
percentage of accomplishing your pre-set
goal through a progress bar:
 Turn off sleep mode manually:
Wake up the screen, on the following
screen, double-tap to turn off sleep mode.
Heart-rate mode
You can ask the Smartband for your real-
time heart rate. In addition, you can use
 Turning on or off sleep mode
the heart-rate data to control your training
effect more precisely.
Set the starting and ending time for your
sleep on the Smartband app. At the pre-
Related information or operations:
set starting time, the Smartband enters
 On the heart-rate mode screen,
sleep mode automatically. It vibrates and
double-tap to enter heart-rate mode:
displays the following screen:
 Once in heart-rate mode, the
At the pre-set ending time, the Smartband
Smartband starts to monitor your heart
exits sleep mode automatically. It vibrates
rate. During the process, the following
and displays the following screen:
screen is displayed:
 When the Smartband gets your heart-
rate data, it vibrates and displays the
data as follows:
 In the Smartband app, you can set
upper and lower limits for your heart
rate. In training mode, when your heart
rate hits the upper or lower limit, the
Smartband vibrates to help you control
your training.
 For accuracy of data, wear the
Smartband tight enough to keep the
heart-rate sensor closely against your
skin. The sensor is located in the
center on the bottom of the
 Avoid any obstacle or scar between
the heart-rate sensor and your skin.
 Heart-rate monitoring by the
Smartband is for your personal
reference only. Do not use it for
medical purposes.


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  • Page 1 Basic operations on the Smartband: rate in order. If you have set up a goal goal through a progress bar:  Tap the screen once (hereinafter LENOVO SMARTBAND on the Smartband app, such as  Turn off sleep mode manually: called tap)
  • Page 2 Incoming call/SMS reminder 1. On the home screen, tap continuously  There is no obstacle or scar between Pairing Reminder If your smartphone is paired with your for 5 seconds, and the following the heart-rate sensor and your skin. Smartband and has Bluetooth turned on, screen is displayed: ...
  • Page 3 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two RSS-Gen & RSS-210 statement: conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must This device complies with Industry Canada licence-exempt RSS standard(s). accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

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