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Rockford Fosgate 125.2 Operation & Installation

2-channel amplifiers.
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2-Channel Amplifiers
Operation & Installation


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    t r a n s • a n a t r a n s • a n a t r a n s • a n a t r a n s • a n a ® 2-Channel Amplifiers Operation & Installation ®...

  • Page 2: Practice Safe Sound

    Congratulations on your purchase of the world's finest brand of car audio amplifiers. At Rockford Fosgate we are fanatics about musical reproduction at its best, and we are pleased you chose our product. Through years of engineering expertise, hand craftsman- ship and critical testing procedures, we have created a wide range of products that reproduce music with all the clarity and richness you deserve.

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    Section of this manual or refer to the icons listed below. Other information can be located by using the Table of Contents. We, at Rockford Fosgate, have worked very hard to make sure all the information in this manual is current. But, as we are constantly finding new ways to improve our product, this information is subject to change without notice.

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    N T R O D U C T I O N Rockford engineers designed the Punch 55. amplifiers to withstand the rugged automotive environment while delivering superior sound quality in a flexible, reliable, and efficient package. TRANS•ANA is a low voltage circuit in the preamp stage of all Punch . lets the music sound crystal clear and very real, even when played at high volume levels.

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    ECHNICAL ESIGN TRANS•ANA (TRANSconductance Active Nodal Amplifier) The TRANS•ANA (TRANSconductance Active Nodal Amplifier) is a circuit that allows the audio signal to pass through the amplifier at low voltage. The signal is directly level-shifted to the fixed high voltage rails via a pair of driver transistors.

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    (Discrete Surface Mount) Technology The DSM (Discrete Surface Mount) manufacturing process combines the advantages of both discrete components and integrated circuitry. Rockford Fosgate is the only American amplifier manufacturer to have invested millions into this process. DSM components differ from conventional discrete compo- nents in different ways.

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    MOSFET Devices Rockford Fosgate is one of the few manufacturers in the sound community to utilize MOSFET devices in both the power supply and the output stages . MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) devices offer several important inherent advantages over the 30 year old technology of bi- polar design.

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    ESIGN EATURES 1. Cast Aluminum Heatsink – The cast aluminum heatsink of the Punch amplifier dissipates heat generated by the amplifier's circuitry. The inherent advantage of casting provides a 30% improvement of cooling over conventional extrusion heatsink designs. 2. End Caps – The unique end caps conceal the wiring and input cables, giving the amplifier a clean “stealth”...

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    7. Input Sensitivity Controls – The input level controls are preset to match the output of most source units. They can be adjusted to match output levels from a variety of source units. 8. Punch Equalization Controls – The Punch EQ helps correct for acoustical deficiencies in the listening environment.

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    NSTALLATION The following is a list of tools you will need for installing the Punch amplifier: Allen wrenches 9/64" & 3/32" (included) Wire strippers Electric hand drill w/assorted bits 17' (518.16cm) Red Power Wire 12' (365.76cm) Remote Turn-On Wire 1.5' (45.72cm) Black Grounding Wire This section focuses on some of the vehicle considerations for installing your new Punch amplifier.

  • Page 11: Trunk Mounting, Passenger Compartment Mounting

    Engine Compartment Mounting Rockford Fosgate amplifiers should never be mounted in the engine compartment. Not only will this void your warranty but could create an embarrassing situation caused by the ridicule from your friends.

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    Rockford amplifier without problems, although battery and alternator life can be reduced slightly. To maximize the performance of your Rockford Fosgate amplifier, we suggest the use of a heavy duty battery and an energy storage capacitor.

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    Punch 55. , 75. , 125. Trim the power cable to within 18" of the battery and install the protective rubber boot, which is packed with the fuseholder, over the end of the wire. Strip 3/8" of insulation from the wire and insert into the end of the fuseholder, then crimp it in place.

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    amplifier. Connect the other end of the REM wire to a switched 12 volt positive source. The switched signal is usually taken from the source unit's auto antenna or the accessory lead. If the source unit does not have these outputs available, the recommended solution is to wire a mechani- cal switch in line with a 12 volt source to activate the amplifier.

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    SING ASSIVE A passive crossover is a circuit that uses capacitors and/or coils and is placed on speaker leads between the amplifier and speaker. The crossover delegates a specific range of frequencies to the speaker for optimum driver performance. A crossover network can perform one of three functions: High-Pass (capaci- tors), Low-Pass (inductors or coils) and Bandpass (combination of capacitor and coil).

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    .25mH 1800 .16mH 4000 .08mH 6000 51 H 9000 34 H 12000 25 H For more information, see your Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer. OMPONENT 6dB/Octave High-Pass Speaker Impedance 4 OHMS 8.2mH 500 F 800 F 6.2mH 400 F 600 F 4.7mH...

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    SING THE The crossover functions are controlled through the use of an XCard and can be set for high-pass, low-pass or full range operation. The XCard shipped with your amplifier is set for Full Range. Each crossover card has two faces: one face operates Full Range, the other has arrows to indicate the edge for selecting HP (high-pass) or LP (low-pass) operation.

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    ESISTOR HART Our tests have shown that using 0.047 f capacitors for frequencies below 100Hz, and 0.022 f capacitors for frequencies above 100Hz, result in more linear crossover control. Refer to the Specifications page to determine the capacitor value of each supplied XCard. Butterworth Alignment Q = .707 1% resistors used with 0.047 F caps Frequency...

  • Page 19: Power Connections

    NSTALLATION Power Connections *Keep grounds as short as possible Connect to remote Connect to chassis turn-on lead of ground of vehicle* source unit Less than 18" Connect to B+ of battery with appropriate fuse value – 16 – ® ®...

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    Stereo Operation Speaker + L – Treble • RCA inputs are connected to both left and right channels • Gain for left and right channels operate independently • Impedance for each channel should be 2 • XCard can be set for High-Pass, Low-Pass or Full Range R C A I n p u t Left Left...

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    Mono Operation Speaker + L – Treble • RCA inputs are connected to both left and right channels • Gain for left and right channels are set equally to balance the subwoofer • Impedance for mono channel should be 4 minimum •...

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    Stereo/Mono Operation Speaker + L – Treble • RCA inputs are connected to both left and right channels • Gain for left and right channels are set equally to balance the subwoofer • Impedance for each channel should be 2 minimum •...

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    Y S T E M I A G R A M S 2-Way System CLOCK AUTO ILLUM DISC DSPL P.SCN LOUD AMFM LD RDM TUNE D.SCN SCAN PAUSE ® ® 80Hz HP XCard 80Hz 12dB/octave HP Crossover Crossover Tweeter Tweeter Midrange Midrange –...

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    3-Way System CLOCK AUTO ILLUM DISC DSPL P.SCN LOUD AMFM LD RDM TUNE D.SCN SCAN PAUSE ® ® Front Rear 80Hz 80Hz 12dB/octave HP 12dB/octave LP 80Hz HP 80Hz LP XCard XCard Crossover Crossover Woofer Tweeter Tweeter Woofer Midrange Midrange –...

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    4-Way System CLOCK AUTO ILLUM DISC DSPL P.SCN LOUD AMFM LD RDM TUNE D.SCN SCAN PAUSE ® ® Front ® ® 80Hz HP XCard 80Hz HP 12dB/octave HP Crossover Crossover 80Hz HP 24dB/octave HP Tweeter Tweeter Midrange 275Hz LP Midrange XCard Midbass 80Hz HP...

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    4-Way System w/Fadable Rear Stage ® 80Hz HP 12dB/octave HP Crossover Tweeter Midrange 80Hz HP 24dB/octave HP 30Hz 12dB/octave HP CLOCK AUTO ILLUM DISC DSPL P.SCN LOUD AMFM LD RDM D.SCN SCAN PAUSE ® ® Rear Front ® 80Hz HP XCard Crossover 80Hz HP...

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    AC ripple caused by the alternator, reducing the chance of noise in the system. The Punch Caps are available in a variety of values and will maximize both the sound quality and performance that Rockford Fosgate amplifiers can deliver.

  • Page 28: Xcard Crossovers

    You can get the following XCards from your Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer. XM50 50Hz XM70 70Hz XM80 80Hz XM100 = 100Hz XM150 = 150Hz ATTENTION: We recommend your Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer install your new accessory. XM200 = 200Hz XM275 = 275Hz XM400 = 400Hz XM4.5k = 4,500Hz XM6.5k...

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    R O U B L E S H O O T I N G Symptom Amplifier does not Voltage applied to the REM turn on terminal of the amplifier is (Power LED is off) not between 10.5 and 15.5 volts or there is no voltage present.

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    Symptom Speaker Output Input gain signal for amplifier Low or Distorted is incorrectly set. Source unit output too low or source unit has no output. XCard is missing or not placed properly in crossover slots. Low battery voltage or large voltage drops to the amplifier under load.

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    Multiple grounds in the audio system. Ground loop between source unit and antenna. • If noise persists, see your Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer. Diagnosis Check connections, run the RCA cables on a different route away from sources of high current.

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    Real World operation of an amplifier. Many manufacturers, including Rockford Fosgate, at times will measure amplifier power into a fixed resistor (4 ohm, 2 ohm). While this method is useful in some types of evaluation and testing, it is not representative of an amplifier that is connected to a speaker and playing music.

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    Information Cubed The data acquired in the testing procedure is then graphed in the form of a 3-dimensional cube, hence the name PowerCube. The Phase Angle is expressed on the horizontal axis, the Output Voltage is presented on the vertical axis and the Impedance is displayed on the Z axis. Output Power, in watts, is listed on the left hand side for each impedance at each phase angle.

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    – 31 –...

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    – 32 –...

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    This warranty covers only the original purchaser of Rockford product purchased from an Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer in the United States. In order to receive service, the purchaser must provide Rockford with a copy of the receipt stating the customer name, dealer name, product purchased and date of purchase.

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    – 34 –...

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    LEA DETENIDAMENTE LAS SIGUIENTES INSTRUCCIONES DE INSTALACION DEL PRODUCTO. EVITARA POSIBLES DAÑOS A VD., AL VEHICULO O AL PRODUCTO. NTRODUCCION Los ingenieros de Rockford han diseñado los amplificadores Punch. ofrecer en el dificil entorno de un automóvil una calidad de sonido superior en un producto flexible, fiable y eficiente.

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    Terminal GND Prepare un trozo de cable para usarlo como toma de masa. Prepare un punto de masa en el chasis rascando y eliminando la pintura de la superficie de metal y limpielo de toda suciedad asegure el cable al chasis con un tornillo.

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    Ne pas les suivre pourrait causer des blessures ou endommager le véhicule. NTRODUCTION Les ingénieurs de Rockford Fosgate ont conçu l'amplificateur Punch. supporter l'environnement rude de l'automobile en délivrant une qualité de son supérieure dans un ensemble efficace, fiable et flexible. Trans• ana est un circuit de bas voltage dans l'étage de préamplification de tous les ampificateurs...

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    Terminal GND Préparez une longueur de câble pour la connexion à la masse. Préparez le châssis en grattant la peinture de la surface métallique et nettoyez la saleté et l'huile. Attachez le câble au châssis avec une vis. Terminal REM Connectez le fil REM à...

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    BITTE LESEN SIE DIESE GEBRAUCHSANLEITUNG ZUERST SORGFÄLTIG DURCH. DAS KANN SIE VOR DEM FALSCHEN EINSATZ, AUSFALLEN ODER SOGAR BESCHÄDIGUNG DES PRODUKTES ODER IHRES FAHRZEUGES SCHÜTZEN. INLEITUNG Rockford Ingenieure haben die Punch. Technologie-Standart, hervorragender Klangqualität, einfacher Handhabung und bester Servicefreundlichkeit Trans• ana ist eine Nieder-Volt Schaltung im Vorverstärkerteil aller Pünch.

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    GND Anschlu Preparieren Sie Ihr Kabel für die Negativ Leitung (Erdung). Preparieren Sie die Anschlubstelle des Erdungskabels, indem Sie das Metall gründlich reinigen und vom Lack befreien. Befestigen Sie nun die Erdung an dieser Stelle mit einer Schraube. REM Anschlu Verbinden Sie das Ein-und Ausschaltungskontroll-Kabel mit Ihrem Radio (12 Volt positiv).

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    ATTENZIONE: SI PREGA DI LEGGERE LE SEGUENTI ISTRUZIONI PER L'INSTALLAZIONE DI QUESTO PRODOTTO. IL NON SEGUIRLE POTREBBE RISULTARE SERIAMENTE DANNOSO PER LA PERSONA O PER IL VEICOLO. NTRODUZIONE Gli ingenieri Rockford hanno progettato la serie di amplificatori Punch. resistere all'ostico ambiente automobilistico mentre suonano con una musicalitá superiore, offrendo un insieme versatile, affidabile ed efficiente.

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    Terminale GND (cavo negativo) Decidere la lunghezza del cavo e terminarlo. Preparare la massa grattando la vernice dal telaio dell'auto ed eliminando tracce di olio o sporco. Fissare il cavo di massa al telaio con una vite. Terminale REM (Consenso di accensione) Collegare il cavo REM ad un positivo presente solo ad autoradio accesa (normalmente il cavo pilota dell'antenna elettrica o il cavo accessori dell'autoradio).

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    O T E S...

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    O T E S...

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    American companies. However, due to the global nature of their manufacturing facilities and the loudspeaker parts industry in general, some parts may be manufactured in other countries. Rockford Fosgate Rockford Corporation 546 South Rockford Drive Tempe, Arizona 85281 U.S.A.

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