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Philips 55OLED873 User Manual

Oled873 series
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OLED873 series

User Manual




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  Summary of Contents for Philips 55OLED873

  • Page 1: User Manual

    Register your product and get support at OLED873 series User Manual 55OLED873 65OLED873...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Get Support 13 Ambilight 1.1 Identify and Register your TV 13.1 Ambilight Style 1.2 TV Help and User Manual 13.2 Ambilight Brightness, Saturation 1.3 On-line Help and User Manual 13.3 Ambilight+hue 1.4 Consumer Care / Repair 13.4 Advanced Ambilight Settings 2 Software 14 Environmental 2.1 Update Software...
  • Page 3: Get Support

    On-line Help and User Get Support Manual To solve any Philips TV related problem, you can Identify and Register your TV consult our online support. You can select your language and enter your product model number. Identify your TV - TV model number and serial Go to
  • Page 4: Software

    back on again. Please wait. Software Do not . . . • use the remote control • remove the USB memory device from the TV  • press twice Update Software • press the power switch on the TV The TV switches itself off (for 10 seconds) and then back on again.
  • Page 5: Quick Guide

    • Fast forward  , to go fast forward  • Record , to start recording. Quick Guide 3 -  (Ambilight) To select one of the Ambilight style or switch off Ambilight. Remote Control 4 -  취침예약 (Sleep Timer) To start and set the sleep timer.
  • Page 6: Ir Sensor

    To navigate up, down, left or right. 10 -  화면모드 (Picture Format) To open or close the Picture Format menu. Bottom 1 - With the TV switched on, press the joystick key on the back of the TV to bring up the basic menu. 2 - Press left or right to select ...
  • Page 7: Setting Up

    Setting Up Read Safety • 55OLED873 Read the safety instructions first before you use the VESA MIS-F 300x300, M6 (Minimum 12 mm, Maximum 16 mm) To read the instructions, in Help > User manual, • 65OLED873  press the color key...
  • Page 8: On Or Standby

    if you do not use the TV for a long period of time. On or Standby Before you switch on the TV, make sure you plugged in the mains power in the POWER connector on the back of the TV. Switch On •...
  • Page 9: Connections

    Component Connections Y Pb Pr - Component Video is a high quality connection. The YPbPr connection can be used for High Definition Connectivity guide (HD) TV signals. Next to the Y, Pb and Pr signals, add the Audio Left and Right signals for sound. Always connect a device to the TV with the highest Match the YPbPr (green, blue, red) connector colors quality connection available.
  • Page 10: Mobile Device

    connection, you can enjoy using Miracast. Headphones You can connect a set of headphones to the  connection on the side of the TV. The connection is a mini-jack 3.5mm. You can adjust the Stop Sharing volume of the headphones separately. You can stop sharing a screen from the TV or the mobile device.
  • Page 11: Other Device

    Download the Philips TV Remote App from your favorite app store today. The Philips TV Remote App is available for iOS and Android and is free of charge. * When use your phone as a remote control, TV cannot be switched on or off via your phone.
  • Page 12: Switch Source

    Switch Source Source List • To open the sources menu, press  SOURCES . • To switch to a connected device, select the device with the arrows  (left) or  (right) and press OK. • To close the source menu without switching to a device, press ...
  • Page 13: Channels

    channels. 3 - Select Start and press OK to update channels. Channels This can take a few minutes. Weak Channel Installation About Channels and Switch  (Home) > Settings > Install Channels Channels > Antenna/Cable Installation > Weak channel installation To watch TV channels The digital frequency is shown for this channel.
  • Page 14: Channel List

    Closed Caption Create or Edit Favorites Channel List  LIST >  OPTIONS > Create favourites list Switch Closed Caption On or Off with this options. Select On During Mute to show closed captions Select a channel then press OK to add in a favorites only when the sound is muted with ...
  • Page 15: Favorite Channels

    The locked channel will have  next to the channel logo. Closed Caption (CC) and Language Remove Favorite List Closed Caption  LIST >  OPTIONS > Remove favorite list You can display closed captions at all times or only when the TV is muted.
  • Page 16 3 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close the menu.
  • Page 17: Recording

    Watch a recording Recording  (Home) > Watch TV > Recordings • In the list of recordings, select the recording you What you need want and press OK to start watching. • You can use the To record a TV programme you need… keys ...
  • Page 18: Videos, Photos And Music

    Slideshow speed Set the speed of the slideshow. Videos, Photos and Slideshow transitions Set the transition from one picture to the next. Music Videos From a USB Connection Play Videos You can view your photos or play your music and videos from a connected USB flash drive or USB Hard To play a video on the TV…...
  • Page 19: Music

    Play videos repeatedly or once. Music Play Music Open music folder 1 - Press  SOURCES, select  USB and press OK. 2 - Select  USB Flash Drive and press  (right) to select the USB device you need. 3 - Select Music and select one of music, you can press OK to play the selected music.
  • Page 20: Open Tv Setting Menus

    the connected audio system. Ambilight style - Select one of preset Ambilight styles. Open TV Setting Ambilight+hue - Switch Ambilight+hue on or off. Sleep timer - Set the TV to switch to standby Menus automatically after a preset time. Screen off - If you only listen to music on TV, you can switch off the TV screen.
  • Page 21 Connect HDMI devices supportings HDR on HDMI Adjust the color enhancement 1/HDMI 2/HDMI 3.  (Home) > Settings > All The styles for HDR content are... settings > Picture > Expert mode settings > Color enhancement • HDR Personal • HDR Vivid Select Maximum, Medium, or Minimum to set the •...
  • Page 22 TV automatically shows superior contrast and reduction brightness effect for HDR content. Select Maximum, Medium, Minimum to set the Note: Available when HDR (High-Dynamic Range) level for removing the noise in video content. signal is detected. Noise is mostly visible as small moving dots in on- screen picture.
  • Page 23 Perfect Natural Motion  (Home) > Settings > All settings > Picture > Expert mode Picture Format settings > Perfect Natural Motion  (Home) > Settings > All Perfect Natural Motion makes any movement settings > Picture > Picture format smooth and fluent.
  • Page 24: Sound Settings

    Sound Settings TV Placement  (Home) > Settings > All settings > Sound > TV Sound Style placement Select a style Select On a TV stand or On the wall to have best For easy sound adjustment, you can select a preset sound reproduction according to the setting.
  • Page 25 Set the audio out signal of the TV to fit the sound General Settings capabilities of the connected Home Theatre System. • Stereo: If your audio playback devices have no Connection Related Settings multichannel sound processing, select to only output stereo content to your audio playback devices.
  • Page 26 • Style: Select a font style. Input Sources • Text Color: Select a caption display text color. • Text opacity: Select the text opacity.  (Home) > Settings > All settings > General • Background Color: Select a caption display settings >...
  • Page 27  (Home) > Settings > All settings > General settings > Philips logo brightness Correct clock manually Adjust the brightness of the Philips logo on the front  (Home) > Settings > All settings > Region and of the TV.
  • Page 28: Lock Settings

    Lock Settings Set Code and Change Code  (Home) > Settings > All settings > Child lock > Set code or Change code Set new code or reset change code. The child lock code is used to lock or unlock channels or programmes.
  • Page 29: Network

     (Home) > Settings > All settings > Network > Connect to network > WPS To enjoy the full capabilities of your Philips Smart TV, your TV must be connected to the Internet. If your router has WPS, you can directly connect to the router without scanning for networks.
  • Page 30: Network Settings

     (Home) > Settings > All settings > Network > Clear Internet Memory Switch On with Wi-Fi (WoWLAN) With Clear Internet Memory you clear your Philips server registration and parental rating settings, your  (Home) > Settings > All video store app logins, all Philips App Gallery settings >...
  • Page 31: Smart Tv

    - Internet pages are shown one page at a time and full screen. Recommended Apps In this window, Philips presents a range of recommended Apps for your country, Apps for Online TV or a selection of rental movies from Video stores.
  • Page 32: Ambilight

    > Ambilight > Ambilight style > Follow In this first step, you will prepare the TV to find Color the Philips Hue Bridge. The TV and the Philips Hue Bridge must use the same network. Select one of the preset color styles.
  • Page 33 2 - Select Start now and press OK. The TV will 1 - Select a bulb to configure and press OK. The search for the Philips Hue Bridge. If the TV is not yet bulb you selected is flashing. connected to your network, the TV will start the 2 - Select Start and press OK.
  • Page 34: Advanced Ambilight Settings

    Bridge and bulbs.  (Home) > Settings > All settings > Ambilight > Ambilight + hue > Reset configuration Reset current setup of the Ambilight+hue. 13.4 Advanced Ambilight Settings Wall color  (Home) > Settings > All settings > Ambilight > Advanced > Wall color •...
  • Page 35: Environmental

    1 year. You can also find the power consumption values for this product on the Philips website for your country at 14.2 End of Use...
  • Page 36: Specifications

    Component Diagonal screen size • 480i - 24Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz • 55OLED873: 139 cm / 55 inch • 480p - 24Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz • 65OLED873: 164 cm / 65 inch • 576i - 24Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz Display resolution •...
  • Page 37: Sound

    15.6 Sound • Incredible Surround • Clear Sound • Smart Sound • Output power (RMS): 30W • Dolby Audio ™ • DTS 2.0+ Digital out 15.7 Multimedia Connections • USB 2.0/USB 3.0 • Ethernet LAN RJ-45 • Wi-Fi 802.11n (built-in) Supported USB file systems •...
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    Philips startup screen > User manual to find the information you are looking When the TV is in standby, a Philips startup screen is for. Select a keyword to go the most relevant page in displayed, then the TV returns to standby mode. This the User manual.
  • Page 39: Channels

    Press  Settings > Help > Check the TV. • If the picture size changes all the If the video clip stays black, call Philips. Wait until the time, press  Picture Format > Fit to screen. clip ends and select Contact info in the Help menu.
  • Page 40: Hdmi - Uhd

    compatible. EasyLink features only work with devices 16.6 that are HDMI-CEC compatible. Sound No volume icon shown • When an HDMI-CEC audio device is connected and No sound or poor sound quality you use the TV Remote Control to adjust the volume •...
  • Page 41: Wrong Menu Language

    16.10 Wrong Menu Language Change the language back to your language. 1 - Press  (Home), select Settings > Region and language > Languages > Menu language and press 2 - Select the language you want and press OK. 3 - Press  BACK to close the menu.
  • Page 42: Safety And Care

    The remote control may contain coin-type batteries from the power outlet immediately. which can easily be swallowed by small children. Contact Philips TV Consumer Care to have the TV Keep these batteries out of reach of children at all checked before use.
  • Page 43: Screen Care

    Humidity In rare occasions, depending on temperature and humidity, minor condensation can occur on the inside of the TV glass front (on some models). To prevent this, do not expose the TV to direct sunlight, heat or extreme humidity. If condensation occurs, it will disappear spontaneously while the TV is playing for a few hours.
  • Page 44: Terms Of Use

    TP Vision, which is the manufacturer of the for early integration in its products. product. TP Vision is the warranter in relation to the TV with which this booklet was packaged. Philips and the Philips Shield Emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • Page 45: Copyrights

    19.5 DTS 2.0 + Digital Out ™ Copyrights For DTS patents, see 19.1 Manufactured under license from DTS Licensing Limited. DTS, the Symbol, & DTS and the Symbol together are registered trademarks, and DTS 2.0+Digital Out is a trademark of DTS, Inc. © DTS, Inc. MHL, Mobile High-Definition Link and the MHL Logo All Rights Reserved.
  • Page 46: Open Source

    P1003.2/ISO 9945.2 Shell and Tools standard. It offers functional improvements over sh for both Open Source programming and interactive use. In addition, most sh scripts can be run by Bash without modification. 20.1 Source: Open Source Software c-ares (1.10.0) This television contains open source software.
  • Page 47 The GNU Find Utilities are the basic directory Source: searching utilities of the GNU operating system. These programs are typically used in conjunction with iptables (1.4.15) other programs to provide modular and powerful For Cross connection. directory search and file locating capabilities to other Source: commands.
  • Page 48 libusb. ain_Page This piece of software is made available under the terms and conditions of the libusb license, which can mtd-utils be found below. The aim of the system is to make it simple to provide Source: a driver for new hardware, by providing a generic interface between the hardware drivers and the upper
  • Page 49 procps (ps, top) (3.2.8) to run . procps is the package that has a bunch of small This piece of software is made available under the useful utilities that give information about processes terms and conditions of the u-Boot loader license, using the /proc filesystem.
  • Page 50: Disclaimer Regarding Services And/Or Software Offered By Third Parties

    Disclaimer regarding services and/or software offered by third parties Services and/or software offered by third parties may be changed, suspended, or terminated without prior notice. TP Vision does not bear any responsibility in these sorts of situations.
  • Page 51: Index

    Contrast 21 Perfect Clear Motion 23 Date 27 Perfect Natural Motion 23 Digital Out Delay 24 Philips Support 3 Digital Out Format 24 Photos, Videos and Music 18 Digital Out Leveling 24 Picture Clean, Noise Reduction 22 Digital Out Menu 24...
  • Page 52 Quick Settings Menu 20 Register TV 3 Remote Control 5 Remote Control - IR Sensor 6 Remote Control and Batteries 5 Rename Device 12 Repair 3 Reset Settings 27 Safety and Care 42 Screen Off 26 Sharpness 21 Shop Setup 27 Sleep Timer 27 Smart TV 31 Software Version 4...

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