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Acer photo printer user's manual fotoprisa 300p/u
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FotoPrisa 300P/U Photo Printer
User's Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 FotoPrisa 300P/U Photo Printer User’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    Acer Peripherals assumes no responsibility for any error that may appear in this document. Acer Peripherals makes no commitment to update nor to keep current the information contained in this document. Safety Information This device is designed to provide safe and convenient operation.
  • Page 3: Regulatory Information

    Do not block the ventilation holes on the device. Keep away from liquid, heat, dust and direct exposure to sunlight or strong electromagnetic field. Before you move the device, make sure that all power or cable connections are disconnected. Place the device on a flat and stable surface. Avoid moving the device during operation.
  • Page 4 Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Consult an experienced radio/TV technician for help. CE Declaration This device complies with the requirements of the EMC directive 89/336/EEC EN55022 (Class B, 1994)
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    CHAPTER 1. GETTING STARTED ... 1 1.1 I NTRODUCTION TO 1.2 F AMILIARIZE OURSELF WITH Front View ... 2 Rear View (FotoPrisa 300P) ... 4 Rear View (FotoPrisa 300U)... 5 1.3 S OFTWARE INTRODUCTION FotoPrisa driver ... 6 Photo Express ... 6 1.4 P ...
  • Page 6 5.1.1 Paper Jam ...41 5.1.2 LED Messages...42 Non-Error Messages ...42 Error Messages...42 5.1.3 Printer (parallel) port settings (For FotoPrisa 300P) ...43 How to check and change the parallel port mode of your computer...43 5.1.4 USB port settings (For FotoPrisa 300U) ...44 5.2 FAQ...45 1.
  • Page 9: Chapter 1. Getting Started

    1.1 Introduction to FotoPrisa Printer Thank you for choosing the true photo-quality FotoPrisa Printer by Acer Peripherals, Inc. Designed to bring you excellent photo printing quality and high printout durability, FotoPrisa Printer is bound to be the best partner to turn your masterpieces into beautiful photos, postcards and stickers.
  • Page 10: Familiarize Yourself With Fotoprisa Printer

    and quickly. The Photo Express image editing software allows you to get and edit image from various sources, such as from the web, through the digital camera or from scanner. You can also open image files that are already stored in your computer. After you finish getting and editing images in Photo Express, you can adjust and print the edited images through the FotoPrisa driver and share your idea and creativity on photo printouts,...
  • Page 11 FotoPrisa Manual paper feeding slot The FotoPrisa Printer provides two paper-feeding methods: manual feeding and paper cassette feeding. You can feed photo paper manually through this slot. While the FotoPrisa Printer is in printing process, the paper will go back and forth in the paper feeding slot for 3 or 4 times.
  • Page 12: Rear View (Fotoprisa 300P)

    FotoPrisa Ventilation holes These holes are designed to carry heat out of the machine. Do not block these holes while using the printer. Rear View (FotoPrisa 300P) Power switch Other device Power inlet Connector to PC Connector to other peripheral devices Power inlet Connect the power cord here.
  • Page 13: Rear View (Fotoprisa 300U)

    FotoPrisa Rear View (FotoPrisa 300U) Power switch Power inlet USB connector Power inlet Connect the power cord here. This power inlet accepts AC power 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Power switch Turns the printer power on or off. USB Connector Use this connector to connect the FotoPrisa 300U Printer to the USB port of your computer with a USB cable.
  • Page 14: Software Introduction

    1.3 Software introduction Your FotoPrisa Printer comes with two powerful software tools: FotoPrisa driver FotoPrisa driver is designed specifically for making it easier and more efficient to print images in various formats with FotoPrisa Printer. Its multifunctional capability and easy-to-use interface allows you to adjust print settings and image easily and intuitively.
  • Page 15: Prepare To Print

    1.4 Prepare to print This section shows you how to prepare the printer for printing images. Follow these steps when you use the FotoPrisa Printer to print images. “READY” LED Step 1- Turn on the printer power Turn the power switch ON and wait until the printer completes its self-test.
  • Page 16: Step 3- Load Paper

    4. Push the new ribbon cartridge all the way into the ribbon cartridge socket. When the cartridge goes into its place, you will hear a click from the ribbon cartridge hook. Close the ribbon cartridge cover. Step 3- Load Paper Load photo paper and postcards Please note that photo paper and postcards are two-sided and only one side can be used for printing.
  • Page 17 Load paper through paper cassette Before you load the paper into the paper cassette, ruffle the paper to separate each sheet. Open the paper cassette cover and load photo paper with the marked side face down into the paper cassette. You can load up to 25 sheets of photo paper into the paper cassette.
  • Page 18: Step 4- Print

    Step 4- Print Print images from your image editing software. The FotoPrisa driver Preview Window will pop up if you have checked “Preview” in the Property Window (please see Chapter 2 for details). You can adjust the print settings from the Preview Window.
  • Page 19: Chapter 2. Fotoprisa Driver

    FotoPrisa Chapter 2. FotoPrisa driver This section gives you a comprehensive description on the FotoPrisa driver functions and how to adjust printer settings and image quality in the Preview Window. 2.1 Introduction to FotoPrisa driver FotoPrisa driver is an integrated part of your FotoPrisa Printer. The FotoPrisa driver works as a bridge between the printer and application software (such as Photo Express).
  • Page 20: Property Window

    The FotoPrisa Printer driver can be divided into two parts: Property Window and Preview Window. 2.2 Property Window You will find two extra tabs added to the regular Printer Properties Window: 2.2.1 The "Setting" tab "Setting" tab contains the following printing options: About Displays the version number and other related information about the driver.
  • Page 21: Orientation

    Orientation This option allows the image to be printed on the paper in two orientations: landscape and portrait. You can choose the proper printing direction that fits the image style. When “Resolution” is set to “300x600dpi”, the “Orientation” is unchangeable in Preview Window. Tile This option is useful when you want to multiply the image on the paper or print on a sticker.
  • Page 22: Media Type

    Media Type You can choose between Photo Paper, Sticker (4x4) and Sticker (Single) in this item. If you use photo paper or postcard for printing, choose "Photo Paper". If you are printing images on stickers, please choose "Sticker (4x4)" or “Sticker (Single)”. If you choose "Photo Paper"...
  • Page 23: The "Print Area" Tab

    2.2.2 The "Print Area" tab According to the settings in “Orientation”, “Tile” and “Media Type” in the "Setting" tab, the "Print Area" tab displays the available print area options and their related information. For example, if you chose landscape in "Orientation" and "1" in "Tile"...
  • Page 24: Preview Window

    2.3 Preview Window Preview Area The preview area is where you can get a idea of what the image will look like before you actually print. Any modification made to print setting will also be reflected here. You can adjust the image position by first moving the mouse cursor on the image, when the cursor becomes a hand, click and drag the image to the desired position.
  • Page 25: Print" Button

    FotoPrisa “Print” button Click this button to print. “Cancel” button Click this button to cancel. “Help” button You can click this button to read the online help content. “Information” button Click this button to display the related information about the FotoPrisa driver.
  • Page 26: Image Quality" Tab

    FotoPrisa "Image Quality" tab The Image Quality tab provides the following tools to adjust the image quality before you print. The setting change will be applied in the preview area in real-time. Brightness: Drag the slider to the left to decrease the overall brightness of the image.
  • Page 27: Chapter 3. Photo Express

    Chapter 3. Photo Express In this chapter you will be presented a general introduction to the functions of Photo Express. For more detailed descriptions, please first install Acrobat Reader by searching and double- clicking the file “ar32e301.exe” located in the software disc, then open the file “pe2.pdf”...
  • Page 28 FotoPrisa You can run Photo Express by either double-clicking the icon on your desktop or from the shortcut in the Windows “Start” menu. After Photo Express is launched, the following main screen will appear: Tool Bar Workspace Options Panel Mode Tabs Command Panel Shortcut Bar Global Viewer and Thumbnail Scroll...
  • Page 29 Below is an introduction to each part of the Photo Express main screen: Mode Tab: The Mode tabs switch Photo Express between Photo mode and Project mode. Photo mode is where the majority of your work is done, while the Project mode lets you make greeting cards, name cards, and other fun things based on templates.
  • Page 30: Applications

    3.2 Applications In the sections below, we will show you how to make your personalized postcards, invitations, greeting cards, name cards and stickers with your FotoPrisa Printer and the templates in Photo Express. Photo Express allows you to import images various sources, including a file, a scanner or a digital camera.
  • Page 31 6. The scanner driver will pop up. Scan the image you want to use. When finished, the image will automatically replace the one in the template. You can adjust the size of the image by moving the handles on it. 7.
  • Page 32: Make A Unique Invitation For Your Friends

    Make a unique invitation for your friends Aside from getting images from a scanner, you can also use a digital still camera to capture images and import them into Photo Express. You can then use the templates in Photo Express to edit them and output them as unique invitations for your friends! 1.
  • Page 33 FotoPrisa 12. Click Print. The FotoPrisa Preview Window will appear after a few seconds. If everything looks OK, click button to start printing your invitation.
  • Page 34: Prepare An Amazing Postcard For Your Relatives

    Prepare an amazing postcard for your relatives If you have already had a file stored in your computer that is suitable to be output with FotoPrisa Printer, you can also use it to create an amazing postcard. 1. Click Photo on the Mode Tab. 2.
  • Page 35: Create Stickers

    Create stickers With your FotoPrisa Printer and the specially designed 4x4 sticker, you can create your original stickers and put them on your books, cellular phone or other personal goods. You can also give them to your friends to share your creativity. 1.
  • Page 36: Create A Special Name Card

    Create a special name card Don’t you find your name card too dull and serious? Use your FotoPrisa Printer and the templates in Photo, you will be able to create vivid and high-quality name cards for yourself. 1. Click Project on the Mode Tab. 2.
  • Page 37: Chapter 4. Some Useful Tips For Printing

    FotoPrisa Printer. 4.1 Cautions on using ribbon cartridges and paper The side without Acer Peripherals logo (or stamp mark) is the printing side. Load the paper with the printing side face up. Proper printing is impossible if the surface is dusty or dirty.
  • Page 38 FotoPrisa Keep the photo paper/sticker and ribbon cartridge away from high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight. Please flatten the paper in packed status if it is curled up (See figure 1). Before you print, ruffle the photo paper/sticker to release the static electricity and separate each sheet.
  • Page 39: Choosing The Right File Formats For The Printing Output

    FotoPrisa 4.2 Choosing the right file formats for the printing output Like in Photo Express, in many image editing software, more than one image file format are supported for editing and output use. But which formats are good enough for the printing? Here you will be introduced some ordinary formats and which ones are appropriate for FotoPrisa Printer output.
  • Page 40: Tga (Targa)

    *.tga (Targa) This format, one of the principal True Color image formats, can store image data with up to 32 bits per pixel. Compared to TIF and JPEG, which are other options for True Color images, TGA is relatively simple and therefore widely used in imaging programs. The only drawback to this format is that it lacks a good compression scheme.
  • Page 41: Choose The Appropriate Image Source For The File To Be Printed

    FotoPrisa specific programs or equipments. Here we don’t recommend these formats for FotoPrisa Printer. 4.3 Choose the appropriate image source for the file to be printed To get a perfect printout with FotoPrisa Printer, first, there are 3 points needed to really take care of for choosing an appropriate image input: Image size Before we go into the topic, there are several important terms...
  • Page 42: Aspect Ratio

    sacrificing the resolution. In order to obtain the best printing results, it is recommend that the source image size be large than 800 pixels x 1000 pixels. If you are using a digital camera as the image source, make sure that the camera is capable of taking pictures at 1.3 mega pixels.
  • Page 43: Image Dimension And Resolution

    Image dimension and resolution Image dimension indicates the very dimension of an image you will see on physical printouts. The difference between image dimension and image size is that image size is the absolute size of the image, while image dimension is subject to change by applying different printing resolutions when you print the image.
  • Page 44 FotoPrisa Different images in different dimensions The actual printout size shown in FotoPrisa Preview window...
  • Page 45: How To Adjust The Resolution And Dimension Of An Image

    How to adjust the resolution and dimension of an image Now you have chosen an image with appropriate image size and aspect ratio according to our discussion above, the next step is to adjust the resolution and dimension of the source image. The easiest way to adjust image resolution and dimension is to use the Adjust function provided by your application software.
  • Page 46: Quality Of Original Image

    Quality of original image The printer reflects the image we want to print out. If the original image's quality is not good enough (e.g. with smearing and unwanted dots or scribbles), of course, the printout will not be satisfactory as well. 4.4 Printing stickers When you want to print an image into 4x4 stickers, you don’t necessarily need to choose an image with a size larger than 800...
  • Page 47: Make Your Own Id Photos

    Secondly, maximize your browser window and you can approximately judge if the image size is suitable for FotoPrisa Printer full-size printing by comparing with the size of window visible area. For example, if your display resolution is 800 x 600 pixels: The image width is about 1/4, and length is about 1/3 of the screen visible area width and length, therefore, the image size is about 200 x...
  • Page 48: Get The Right Image

    1. Get the right image If you are using a digital still camera It’s better to choose the camera with aspects ratio of 4:3, like 640 x 480 (minimum requirements bigger than 600 x 450), 800 x 600, 1024 x 768…, etc. Then download to the PC to save as appropriate file in the image-editing program (such as Photo Express).
  • Page 49: Chapter 5. Troubleshooting And Faq

    Chapter 5. Troubleshooting and FAQ 5.1 Troubleshooting 5.1.1 Paper Jam If you encounter paper jam during the operation of the printer, please refer to the following instructions to remove. 1. Power off your printer and then remove the paper cassette from the printer.
  • Page 50: Led Messages

    5.1.2 LED Messages The LED indicators on the printer provide information on the status of your printer. The on/off/flash of each LED indicator represents certain error or process that occur within your printer. Please refer to the following table to identify the meaning of the LED messages.
  • Page 51: Printer (Parallel) Port Settings (For Fotoprisa 300P)

    5.1.3 Printer (parallel) port settings (For FotoPrisa 300P) FotoPrisa 300P is designed to work with your computer in all parallel port modes, but is optimized for ECP-mode connection with the parallel port of your computer. If the FotoPrisa Printer is not working under ECP mode with your computer, the printer will not be able to output images in 300x600 dpi.
  • Page 52: Usb Port Settings (For Fotoprisa 300U)

    5.1.4 USB port settings (For FotoPrisa 300U) The FotoPrisa 300U Printer is connected to your computer via USB port. USB is short for Universal Serial Bus, a connection interface capable of transmitting signal at 12Mbit per second. Besides, it is a real plug-and-play interface type, which means that you don’t have to power on a USB device before you turn on your computer to use it.
  • Page 53: Faq

    FotoPrisa 5.2 FAQ What is dye sublimation printing? Dye sublimation works in much the same way as thermal wax transfer. Thermal wax transfer creates images by selectively heating colored wax from a ribbon so that it will adhere to paper or film.
  • Page 54: What Type Of Printing Material Is Used

    What type of printing material is used? In contrast to traditional types of liquid ink, ink cartridges, crayon ink and dry toner, dye-sublimation printers utilize ink ribbons which look like rolls of colored cellophane. Each roll contains panels of cyan, magenta and yellow and the printer works like a four-color printing press (CMYK).
  • Page 55: What Is The Difference Between A Ymc Ribbon Cartridge And A Ymco Ribbon Cartridge

    FotoPrisa 7. What is the difference between a YMC ribbon cartridge and a YMCO ribbon cartridge? There are two different kinds of ribbon cartridges available for using with your FotoPrisa Printer: the ribbon cartridge without overlayer (YMC) and with overlayer (YMCO). The overlayer is mainly designed to protect the printout by printing another layer of transparent material on the paper after Y, M and C are printed.
  • Page 56: Service And Information

    5.3 Service and Information For more information on the imaging products of Acer Peripherals, Inc., on-line technical support and software updates, please visit our web site at (USA) (Europe) (Taiwan) If you encounter problems using the printer or its driver...
  • Page 57: Chapter 6. Appendix

    FotoPrisa Chapter 6. Appendix Acer Peripherals Genuine Printing Media Series Standard Kit – Photo Ribbon cartridge / Photo Paper 25 sheets Option Kit - Sticker Ribbon cartridge / Sticker (4x4) 25 sheets Option Kit – Sticker Ribbon cartridge / Sticker (Single) 25 sheets...
  • Page 58: Product Specifications

    Product Specifications Item Print Method Resolution Printable Colors Ribbon Cartridge Type Paper size Print area Paper Cassette Capacity Interface Power Consumption Power Supply Voltage Dimension Net Weight Operating System Operating Environment * Specifications subject to change without notice. FotoPrisa Description Dye sublimation 300 x 600 dpi 16.77 million, 256 gradations each of C, M , Y...

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