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XHDATA D-808 Instruction Manual

XHDATA D-808 Instruction Manual

Fm stereo/lw/mw/sw-ssb air rds synthesized receiver


Synthesized Receiver


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  • Page 1 XHDATA D-808 FM Stereo/LW/MW/SW-SSB AIR RDS Synthesized Receiver...
  • Page 2 WARNING · Do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture · Do not submerge or expose to water · Protect from high humidity and rain · Only operate within specified temperature range(0°C to 40 °C) · Unplug immediately if liquid has been spilled or debris have fallen into the unit ·...
  • Page 3 RADIO – FRONT VIEW Power and Sleep Button SSB /Battery Charge Button Display Button (Clock, Alarm, signal Strength Level,Temp.) Alarm Button (Radio & Buzzer) AM Bandwidth Selection, FM Stereo/Mono, Time Set FM Band,ATS, FM Freq Range Selection LW/MW Band Selection, ATS SW BAND, Meter BandSelection, ATS AirBand,ATS Back Light Button...
  • Page 5 1. Battery Icon / Charge Indicator 2.Sleep Timer is Activated 3. Beep is Activated 4. Alarm Set for Radio Station or Buzzer 5. kHz Indicates kilohertz while in MW,SW and LW bands ,MHZ indicates Megahertz while in FM and Air band 6.
  • Page 6 RADIO VIEW - BACK VIEW ○ ○ ○ 27. Whip Antenna used for FM, SW,AIR bands 28. Back stand-up &INED 29. Battery Compartment, insert 1 x 18650 Lithium Battery FUNCTIONS & OPERATIONS EXPLAINED Power/Sleep Button ·To turn the radio 'ON: just press the orange power button.
  • Page 7 Up and Down Tuning Buttons ·Press once quickly to tune to the next frequency increment. ·Press and hold for 2 seconds to automatically tune to the next strong station. ·Hold continuously to cycle through the whole band. Press once quickly again to stop at current frequency.
  • Page 8 station played. It is best to check the station frequency and adjust the volume level to your wake up preference before going to sleep to ensure that it is to your liking. When the alarm sounds, press the power button to turn the alarm off, or press any other button to sleep for 10 more minutes.
  • Page 9 your station are: 1. Stereo or Mono selection on FM 2. Bandwidth selection on AM, Shortwave, LW, or Air bands Beep Button ·When radio powered off, press and hold 'BEEP' button ('5' key) for 3 seconds to switch between been on and off. If Beep is on, 'BEEP' icon will be displayed.
  • Page 10 Reset Hole ·Quickly press into the reset hole on the bottom of the radio to reset the microprocessor. It is recommended to use a toothpick or other soft device to reset the radio. ·Do not press to hard as you might damage the radio. FM/AIR/SW Antenna ·Flip up and fully extend the whip antenna.
  • Page 11 SPECIFICATIONS Radio Bands 87.5 - 108(64-108)MHz 522 - 1620kHz (9k step) AM (MW): 520 - 1710kHz (10k step) 1711 - 29999kHz 150-450kHz AIR: 118- 137MHz S/N (Signal to Noise) Sensitivity: >3uV >0.5mV/m >10mV/m >10uV AIR: >0.5uV AM Selectivity: >80dB Number of Memories: 500 Batteries: 1 x 18650 DC In:...
  • Page 12 XHDATA Skype: radiwow Facebook:XHDATA

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