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General Information; Safety Instructions; Warnings; Care & Safety Information - Philips HTL1030 User Manual

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General Information

Safety Instructions

Please read carefully the
Safety Mark on the Back side
This mark is intended to alert
the users from the non isolated
dangerous voltage within the
product that may be of sufficient
magnitude to constitute a risk of
electric shock to persons
This mark is intended to alert
the user for important operating
and servicing instruction


Avoid sustained periods on
high-volume use, and do not turn the
volume to maximum level while using
high output signal, such as Mobile Phone
or DVD, etc., as this will cause distortion
and may damage the loudspeaker cones.
Please switch off the system from the wall
socket, when not in use.
Please unplug the system from the
AC outlet when unused for a long time
Do not open the cover or back panel to
avoid electronic shock or any other
accidents. No user-serviceable parts are
Only for indoor use.
Plug the system to the AC outlet with
the right voltage marked on the back
panel of the Sound Bar.


*(Use AAA X 2 Battery)
*Battery not provided
Care and safety information
Avoid high temperatures, moisture,
water and dust
– Apparatus should not be exposed to
dripping or splashing of liquid.
– Do not place any sources of danger on
the Bar (e.g. liquid filled
objects, lighted candles).
– Do not install near heat sources.
Do not block any ventilation
– Place the apparatus in a location with
adequate ventilation to prevent
internal heat build up. Allow at least
100cm (4 inches) of free space all
around the apparatus for adequate
– At high volume the back cover of Bar
becomes hot. Do not touch it.
Care of the cabinet
– Use a soft cloth slightly moistened
to clean the cabinet. Do not use a
solution containing alcohol, spirits,
ammonia or abrasives.
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