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Set-up Guide


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    Set-up Guide...

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    Getting Ready 2. Get your gear ready 1. Before you start • Lenovo Mirage AR headset • Phone tray ( inserted in the headset ) Make sure your phone is compatible at . • Tracking Beacon • 2 x AA batteries •...

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    (3) Turn on location in settings / location Star Wars: Jedi Challenges app on the application store (4) Set location to high accuracy in settings / location / mode on your phone. Download and install the application...

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    Setting Up 2. ADJUST THE VOLUME If not set to maximum, the Experience set to maximum to insure best gaming experience. Swipe left to get to the next screen. 1. OPEN THE APP And tap the screen to continue. 3. TURN ON THE LIGHTSABER Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, turn on the lightsaber using...

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    4. CONNECT 5. CALIBRATE THE LIGHTSABER YOUR SABER Tap search for lightsaber. You have • While standing in your play area, 10 seconds to click any lightsaber tab the calibration button button. The lightsaber tip turns • Tab the calibration button blue, which means it is connected.

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    6. PLACE YOUR TRACKING BEACON ON THE FLOOR 7. CONNECT YOUR CABLE • Insert the included AA batteries inside the Tracking beacon. • Remove your phone protective case if you have one. • Turn on the beacon to pink. • Make sure to connect the cable as on the pictures, so the •...

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    8. ACCEPT DISPLAY PERMISSIONS (ON ANDROID ONLY) 9. TAKE THE PHONE TRAY OUT FROM THE HEADSET • Connect your phone to the headset to activate permissions • Pull out the tray from the inside of the headset and grant them. •...

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    10. INSERT THE PHONE IN THE CASE • Make sure the stopper is in the position indicated on the screen instructions. The position of the stopper depends on the phone model you are using. • Tap “continue” before inserting the phone inside the tray •...

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    11. INSERT THE TRAY 13. PUT ON THE HEADSET INSIDE THE HEADSET, AND START YOUR JEDI TRAINING. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! Slide in the tray, screen down all the way inside until it clicks in position 12. AND CONNECT THE PHONE TO THE HEADSET Connect the micro-USB to its port, the light will glow red...

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    Learn the Control button Use powers Controls Activation Matrix Validate + Ignite Power Switch of Your Gear Select Button Validate Back/Cancel Button Menu Button Access to settings...

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