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    LBA-C300 LBA-C300 E N G L I S H E N G L I S H P/N : MCDDXXXXXXX LG Electronics Inc.

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  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Overview ......................4 Introduction ..............................4 Contents of Box............................4 Specification ..............................5 Qwerty-Card Overview ..........................6 Getting Started ..................10 Battery Status.............................10 Charging ..............................10 Setting time and Date ..........................12 Connecting to your mobile phone ....................13 Easy Pairing..............................13 Manual Pairing ............................14 Main Menu and Profiles .........................15 Basic ......................

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Changing the Language ........................30 Changing the Backlight .........................30 Restore factory setting ...........................31 To reset the LBA-C300 ..........................32 Hot Keys ...............................33 How to handle LBA-C300 ................. 34 When wearing using LBA-C300 ......................34 Safety Guideline ..................35 Troubleshooting ..................37 Warranty and Service ................38 Conditions ..............................38...

  • Page 6: Overview

    Overview Introduction The LBA-C300 is a light weight wireless Qwerty-Card utilizing Bluetooth® technology. This device can be used as an incoming call and SMS indicator from only LGE Mobile phone for supporting LBA-C300. LBA-C300 only supports LGE Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

  • Page 7: Specification

    Specification ITEM Bluetooth enabled Qwerty-Card Model LBA-C300 Bluetooth® specification V2.0 (Class 2), GAP/HID Profile Battery 3.7V, Li-Polymer Rechargeable Operation Temperature -10˚C~ 50˚C Humidity 20%~60% (No Dew formation) Dimension / weight 87mm(L) X 54mm(W) X 4.6 mm(H) / 66g Adapter rated voltage...

  • Page 8: Qwerty-card Overview

    Overview ITEM Bluetooth enabled Qwerty-Card • Not Connected to a mobile phone - Check on the time : 15/day - Backlight Duration : 15 sec - Menu : 5/day - Alarm : 1/day Duration • Connected to a mobile phone (Operating Condition) - Call : 20/day (notification, Viewing) - SMS : 20/day (notification, Viewing,...

  • Page 9

    Description Case Press Actions Short Topmenu Menu Idle Screen Long Profiles Short Message module (Inbox, New message) Idle Screen Long New Message Contacts Short New Message to corresponding contact Call history Short New Message to corresponding contact Message Inbox Short New Message to corresponding contact Idle Screen Short...

  • Page 10

    Overview ICON N ICON N Indicator Indicator Indicator Indicator Time Time Date Date Component Description • Time format: 12Hr/24Hr • Date format: [1] Day/Month/Year Time area [2] Month/Day/Year [3] Year/Month/Day • Indicate Alarm icon when active Right side • Missed call (Top) •...

  • Page 11

    Description Indicator SEMC Case (MBW150) Unread Message Missed call Missed call Set MC alarm Alarm Set phone alarm Bluetooth on without phone connection Connectivity Bluetooth on with phone connection Battery Level Charging in process Battery Charging completed (Same as Full battery icon)

  • Page 12: Getting Started

    On charging the battery Full charge Charging The LBA-C300 can be charged in two ways. 1. Connect LBA-C300 to power adapter a) Plug the power adapter into a working electrical outlet. b) Connect the charging cradle to back of the Qwerty-Card. Make sure...

  • Page 13

    Connect the power adapter to the charging cradle with the symbols on the power adapter and cradle connector facing the same direction. d) When connecting the charger, LBA-C300 will be reset and then the battery begin to charge. If the screen indicates “Battery full” icon, charging battery is completed.

  • Page 14: Setting Time And Date

    Getting Started Setting time and Date 1. Press MENU button shortly to show Top menu Messages. 2. Choose Settings b Time&date b Time setting & Date setting. 3. Press up/down keys to set numbers 4. Right/left keys to move back and forth to DD/MM/YY or HH/MM 5.

  • Page 15: Connecting To Your Mobile Phone

    Pairing process is essential to fully utilize LBA-C300. There are two ways to establish connection. Easy Pairing 1. Press OK keys for 1 sec and then the LBA-C300 is ready for pairing. 2. Search LBA-C300 from your phone. 3. Choose LBA-C300 to pair with your phone.

  • Page 16: Manual Pairing

    1. Choose Menu b Connectivity b Pairing. 2. Following same steps shown in the Easy Pairing from step2. Optimum operating range is within 10m. If the LBA-C300 is out of range, the connection will be lost. when the LBA-C300 is brought back in the range, it will...

  • Page 17: Main Menu And Profiles

    Main Menu and Profiles To enter the menu map, press “MENU” key shortly. The following Main menu map shows the available menu structure and Icons. Messages Contacts Call History Connectivity 1. Pairing 2. Bluetooth Tools 1. Alarms 2. World Time 3.

  • Page 18: Basic

    Basic Watch Theme LBA-C300 provides 4 time themes to be selected upon your preference. A Theme can be changed by pressing Left(Top)/Right(bottom) key according to user’s preference. • Default Watch • Support Icon Indicator • Watch Theme 1 • Support Icon Indicator •...

  • Page 19: Setting The Manner Mode

    Setting the Manner Mode 1. Pressing OK Key will place LBA-C300 into Alert Setting Mode. 2. LBA-C300 provides Ring & Vibration, Vibration, Ring, and LCD only (silent) modes. 3. You can change the manner mode by Settings. Lock 1. Pressing Lock Key puts your device into lock mode in any condition.

  • Page 20: Responding To A Call

    Basic 5. Power off by pressing end key doesn’t work while locked. Inactive for 5 sec Lock LCD off Lock long (0.7 sec) End key or Back key or Lock key Responding to a call When receiving a phone call, you have two options to respond. 1.

  • Page 21: Composing A New Message

    Composing a new message 1. The LBA-C300 is able to write/send a new message 2. Pressing message key or select message from top menu. 3. Select New message and then complete writing a new message. 4. Enter a contact/phone number to send a message.

  • Page 22: Check The New Message

    Basic Check the New Message 1. The LBA-C300 alerts you and displays a notification on screen when you receive a text message. 2. Press OK key to check the sender’s information. 3. Detail of a message is automatically viewed if only 1 message is available in mailbox.

  • Page 23: Check Received Message List

    Check Received Message List 1. Press MENU key and select Messages. 2. Select Inbox. 3. Up to 2 messages will be shown on the screen. 4. Press Navigate button and select message title to see the details.

  • Page 24: Contacts

    Basic Contacts 1. Select the Menu b Contacts. 2. The LBA-C300 does not save Contacts DB in internal memory but when a user searches for a contact list, the device will sync with mobile phone and search/display on it. Search result is downloaded...

  • Page 25: Tools

    Tools Setting the Alarm Bluetooth connection is not required to use this local alarm function. 1. Press the OK key and then select Menu b Tools b Alarm. 2. Press Navigation button to increase the number. 3. Press right direction key to confirm the Hour and move on to minute. Phone event The sequence of 3 sec of alarm plus beep, and 5 sec of snooze will be active until “END”...

  • Page 26: Using The World Time

    Press button except “END” Key to snooze the alert and press “END” or “Stop” button to stop the phone alarm. Icon indicator will blink on the screen of LBA-C300 when local alarm function is in action. Using the world time The world time theme of LBA-C300 supports two types of time settings.

  • Page 27

    4. Choose the region or country where you are located. The default World Time region has been set to “London”. Notice that The LBA-C300 is not able to set clock to summer time automatically.

  • Page 28: Using Stopwatch

    Tools Using Stopwatch 1. Go to Tools b Stopwatch. 2. Press OK key to start and Pressing OK key again will stop timer. 3. Press Navigation button for Lap. 4. Press back button to clear.

  • Page 29: Keypad Mode

    Keypad mode 1. Go to Tools b Keypad mode. 2. Press OK or Back to return to previous menu or Press End key to go back to main screen (idle screen). Camera remote controller 1. Go to Tools b Camera remote controller. 2.

  • Page 30: Settings

    Settings Updating the time automatically LBA-C300 supports “auto update” function to synchronize with your phone. 1. Set Off in the Auto update menu, Time & Date have to be set manually. 2. Set On, Time & Date will be updated automatically by synchronizing with...

  • Page 31: Setting The Event Alert

    Setting the Event Alert 1. Go to Settings b Event alert. 2. LBA-C300 provides three event alerts. 3. Select an option that you want to get notified and set it ON or OFF. The default event alert setting is “ON” for all the choices.

  • Page 32: Changing The Language

    Settings Changing the Language 1. Go to Settings b Language. 2. Select region where you are located. 3. Language of country that you selected will be a default. Changing the Backlight 1. Go to Settings b Backlight. 2. Select the proper duration and brightness upon your preference.

  • Page 33: Restore Factory Setting

    Battery runtime may vary and depends on your LCD setting. Restore factory setting Set the LBA-C300 to factory default settings and deletes changes you have made.

  • Page 34: To Reset The Lba-c300

    To reset the LBA-C300 1. Go to Settings b Reset b Reset all. 2. Choose the Yes. 3. All the settings are initialized. The LBA-C300 needs to re-establish the connection through pairing process once you set the LBA-C300 to factory default settings.

  • Page 35: Hot Keys

    Hot Keys Action Show the screen for symbol input. Pressing one-time : The orange-colored letter in the button can be typed then it goes to the original input mode automatically. Pressing double-times : The orange-colored letter in the button can be typed.

  • Page 36: How To Handle Lba-c300

    If liquids have entered the Qwerty-Card, or if the inside of the glass is fogged up and does not become clear for an extended period, do not leave the LBA-C300 in this state. Immediately take the Qwerty-Card to a service center for inspection and repair.

  • Page 37: Safety Guideline

    Safety Guideline Do not drop the unit from high places. Product failure, deformation and discorloration of the device and burn injuries may result. Do not modify,repair or take apart the unit. Electric shock, explosion, product failure or injury may result. Do not expose the Qwerty-Card directly to water, alcohol, benzene, etc.

  • Page 38

    Safety Guideline Keep the unit away from humidity and dust. Product failure, deformation and discoloration of the device and burn injuries may result. Keep the unit out of the reach of chidren. Improper handling of the device by children may cause injury. Do not transmit radio waves where it is prohibited, such as in airplanes and hospitals.

  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    Qwerty-Card cannot be properly to the rear case’s charge pin. done charge cradle. • Please connect LBA-C300 to the charger to reset. No key is • Press “End” button for 5~12 sec System Halt functional. to power off and press “End”...

  • Page 40: Warranty And Service

    • If LG Electronics repairs or replaces the product, the repaired or replaced product shall be warranted for the remaining time of the original warranty period or for ninety (90) days from the date of repair, whichever is longer.

  • Page 41: Limited Warranty

    Limited Warranty • Subject to the conditions of this Limited Warranty, LG Electronics warrants this product to be free from defects in design, material and workmanship at the time of its original purchase by a consumer, and for a subsequent period of one (1) year.

  • Page 42: Declaration Of Confirmation

    European Union Notice Products with CE marking comply with the R&TTE Directive (99/5/EC), the EMC Directive (89/336/EEC) and the Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC) issued by the Commission of the European Community. FCC ID: BEJ-LBA-C300 Bluetooth QD ID B014987...

  • Page 43: Additional Information

    Additional Information 1. Radio frequency exposure This Bluetooth®, LBA-C300, is a radio transmitter and receiver. When in operation, it communicates with a Bluetooth® equipped mobile device by receiving and transmitting radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (microwaves) in the frequency range 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz. The output power of the radio transmitter is low, 0.002 watt.

  • Page 44

    4. Recycling the battery in your Bluetooth® Device The battery in your Bluetooth® Device must be disposed of properly and should never be placed in municipal waste. The LG Electronics service partner removing battery will dispose of it according to local regulations.

  • Page 45

    English Disposal of your old appliance 1 When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC. 2 All electrical and electronic products should be disposed of separately from the municipal waste stream via designated collection facilities appointed by the government or the local authorities.

  • Page 46

    Additional Information Italian Smaltimento delle apparecchiature obsolete 1 Quando su un prodotto è riportato il simbolo di un bidone della spazzatura barrato da una croce significa che il prodotto è coperto dalla direttiva europea 2002/96/EC. 2 Tutti i prodotti elettrici ed elettronici dovrebbero essere smaltiti separatamente rispetto alla raccolta differenziata municipale, mediante impianti di raccolta specifici designati dal governo o dalle autorità...

  • Page 47

    Swedish Kassering av den gamla telefonen 1 När symbolen med en överkryssad soptunna sitter på en produkt innebär det att den omfattas av EU-direktivet 2002/96/EC. 2 Alla elektriska och elektroniska produkter ska kasseras på andra sätt än som hushållsavfall, helst på för ändamålet avsedda uppsamlingsanläggningar som myndigheterna utser.

  • Page 48

    Additional Information Finnish Vanhojen laitteiden hävittäminen 1 Tämä merkki tuotteessa tarkoittaa, että tuote kuuluu sähkö- ja elektroniikkalaiteromusta annetun EU-direktiivin 2002/96/EY soveltamisalaan. 2 Kaikki elektroniset laitteet ovat ongelmajätettä, joten ne on toimitettava paikalliseen keräyspisteeseen. 3 Vanhan laitteen asianmukainen hävittäminen ehkäisee mahdollisia ympäristöön ja terveyteen kohdistuvia haittavaikutuksia.

  • Page 49

    Danish Bortskaffelse af din gamle telefon 1 Skraldespanden med kryds over på produktet betyder, at produktet er dækket af det europæiske direktiv 2002/96/EC. 2 Alle elektriske og elektroniske produkter skal bortskaffes separat fra husholdningsaffald via bestemte indsamlingsfaciliteter, der er godkendt af regeringen eller de lokale myndigheder. 3 Den korrekte bortskaffelse af din gamle telefon er en hjælp til at forhindre de mulige negative konsekvenser for miljøet og sundhedsskadelige indvirkninger.

  • Page 50

    Additional Information Croatian Odlaganje starog aparata 1 Ako se na proizvodu nalazi simbol prekrižene kante za smeće, to znači da je proizvod pokriven europskom direktivom 2002/96/EC. 2 Električni i elektronički proizvodi ne smiju se odlagati zajedno s komunalnim otpadom, već u posebna odlagališta koja je odredila vlada ili lokalne vlasti.

  • Page 51

    Polish Postępowanie ze zużytym urządzeniem 1 Jeżeli produkt jest oznaczony symbolem przekreślonego kontenera na odpady, oznacza to, że podlega on dyrektywie 2002/96/WE. 2 Zgodnie z tą dyrektywą zabrania się wyrzucania zużytych urządzeń elektrycznych i elektronicznych razem ze zwykłymi odpadami komunalnymi. Sprzęt taki winien być przekazywany do punktów zbiórki odpadów wyznaczonych przez władze lokalne.

  • Page 52

    Additional Information Slovak Likvidácia starého prístroja 1 Keď sa na produkte nachádza tento symbol prečiarknutej smetnej nádoby s kolieskami, znamená to, že daný produkt vyhovuje európskej smernici č. 2002/96/ES. 2 Všetky elektrické a elektronické produkty by mali byť likvidované oddelene od komunálneho odpadu prostredníctvom na to určených zberných zariadení, ktoré...

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