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Smart Glasses new glass C100
Lenovo Smart Glasses User Guide
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2015/10/16 15:22:09


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    Smart Glasses new glass C100 Lenovo Smart Glasses User Guide C1 02.indd 1 2015/10/16 15:22:09...

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    Note: Please read this document carefully before installing and using the device and keep this document properly. C1 02.indd 4 2015/10/16 15:22:10...

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    To obtain an electronic version of this document, visit the support service portal for this device on the Lenovo product website, and perform a search as instructed. Version 1 (May 2015) All rights reserved. © Affiliate of Lenovo Group. 2015 All rights reserved. C1 02.indd 5 2015/10/16 15:22:10...

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    Overview Support Thank you for choosing new glass smart glasses. This document will guide you on how to use this device and its key features. For more information and additional support, please visit Specifications Display 0.294” LCOS 16: 9 panel, screen definition: 800*480 Scope of view 20°, equivalent to a 25-inch display two meters away from the wearer Camera...

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    Overview Glasses Camera/ video key Prism Ambient-light sensor FHD camera C1 02.indd 10 2015/10/16 15:22:14...

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    Connection cord Headset jack Micro USB port C1 02.indd 11 2015/10/16 15:22:16...

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    Neck base Main body of neck base Left/right neck clip of neck base Sleep/ power button C1 02.indd 12 2015/10/16 15:22:18...

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    Prism display window Slot Proximity sensor Earphone C1 02.indd 13 2015/10/16 15:22:21...

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    Charging Before starting up this device for the first time, connect it to a power supply and disable the transport mode. Connect the charging cable to the Micro USB port located at the lower portion of the main body of the neck base. Please use the power adapter provided.

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    Wearing This device comprises a pair of glasses and a neck base, which are connected via a connection cable. Put neck base around your neck, and attach this device to the glasses frame provided or some other glasses frame Provided glasses frame of your choice.

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    The part of the neck base in contact with the wearer's skin is made of thermal resistant material to help lower the temperature at the point of contact between the neck base and skin. C1 02.indd 16 2015/10/16 15:22:25...

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    Matching the Glasses Frame Choose a clip that is suitable for your glasses frame. Insert the clip into slot (1) on your glasses, and then clip it onto the arm of your glasses at position (2). The opening of the wire grip should face upwards, and it should cover the end of the glasses arm.

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    Adjustment Adjust the clip such that it is suitably positioned on the glasses arm. Rotate the front end of the glasses clockwise or counterclockwise, until the prism achieves an optimal line of sight. C1 02.indd 18 2015/10/16 15:22:30...

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    Neck base Wear the neck base around your neck. Adjust the left or right clip to get a good fit between the neck base and your neck. This will provide the best comfort. C1 02.indd 19 2015/10/16 15:22:31...

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    C1 02.indd 20 2015/10/16 15:22:32...

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    Buttons Power button To turn on this device, press and release the power button. To turn off this device, press and hold the power button. Photo/video button To take a photo, press and release the photo button. To take a video, press and hold the photo button.

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    Touchpad A touchpad is located on your new glass to help you control the device. The touchpad can perform the following functions: C1 02.indd 22 2015/10/16 15:22:32...

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    Tap: select Sliding forward: page right Sliding down with Sliding backward: page left single finger: back C1 02.indd 23 2015/10/16 15:22:32...

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    C1 02.indd 24 2015/10/16 15:22:33...

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    Start to use About the Glasses Manager App The Glasses Manager app is not only a tool for managing glasses apps also helps you configure the settings for your new glass. Before using new glass, download and install this app and complete the activation of new glass. If you are using an Android phone, scan the QR code below to install the Glasses Manager app.

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    Activate the glasses. Step 5: Scan the QR code with your new glass. When you are prompted by the instructions on the screen Step 1: Turn on the device. to scan the QR code and activate your device, tap the Press the power button to turn the device on.

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    Glasses Desktop The Glasses Desktop is embedded with a voice engine, and connects to the Internet independently and runs applications. It synchronizes and shares resources generated by your new glass. The interface of the Glasses Desktop is displayed by taking card as a unit, and its default main page is the Clock page.

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    Basic functions Voice control On the homepage, you can use direct voice commands to control your new glass, such as to take a photo or video, send SMS, or navigate. You can also ask questions. When you say ‘Start’ to the new glass, it will show recommended voice commands to you.

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    Software installation There are two versions of the new glass: the developer's version and consumer's version. You can differentiate between them by reading the device information. The developer's version has a text identification, while the consumer's version does not. The two versions have different requirements for software installation: Developer's version: you can install any app, and install glasses apps using the Glasses Manager.

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    P.R.C. documents such as the purchasing agreement, invoice and Lenovo may not offer any of the products, services or features packing list. If you have any questions regarding this, please mentioned in this document in any other countries or regions.

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    Trademarks The texts and logos below are trademarks of the affiliate of the Lenovo Group. The names of other companies, products and services mentioned may be the trademarks Barcode or service marks of their respective owners. C1 02.indd 31 2015/10/16 15:22:35...

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