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Yamaha XXXXXX Owner's Manual


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Read this manual carefully before operating this unit.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Yamaha XXXXXX

  • Page 1 Read this manual carefully before operating this unit. OWNER’S MANUAL XXXXXX YYYYYY XXX-88888-88-88 ZZZ-88888-88...
  • Page 2 (H2) Thank you for purchasing this product. Read this manual carefully before operating the unit, and retain it for future reference.
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION EAU10134 Particularly important information is distinguished in this manual by the following notations: This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible inju- ry or death.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION Conventions For better legibility, the following terms and expressions are used in this manual. Terms and expressions Operation Use your finger to press a hardware button on the vehicle. Press Use your finger to touch a button, an icon, or other item on the screen. Touch Indicates a button on the screen accompanied by a term enclosed in brackets.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION Thank you for choosing Yamaha. We hope you will enjoy using the audio and navigation system. This motorcycle was designed to be used with various option packages. Therefore, some functions of the audio and navigation system require accessory parts, third- party contracts, compatible equipment (such as a smart phone and headset), and the navigation function requires registration by your Yamaha dealer before use.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY INFORMATION ....1-1 Registering your Yamaha dealer ..5-3 SIRIUSXM ..........10-1 CAUTION TO USERS / Registering a Bluetooth device ..5-3 Receiving information FCC WARNING........1-2 Subscribing to the from SiriusXM ........10-1 Safety Notice ........1-2 SiriusXM ® Sattelite Radio ....5-4 Using the SiriusXM ®...
  • Page 7: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION WARNING WARNING Read the motorcycle owner’s man- Failure to pay attention while rid- ual carefully before operating the ing could result in death or serious vehicle. Do not attempt to operate injury. the motorcycle until you have at- Always concentrate on riding by tained adequate knowledge of its keeping your eyes and mind on the...
  • Page 8: Caution To Users / Fcc Warning

    SAFETY INFORMATION CAUTION TO USERS / FCC licence. L’exploitation est autorisée Safety Notice aux deux conditions suivantes : WARNING The antenna used for this radio (1) l’appareil ne doit pas produire de m u s t b e p r o p e r l y i n s t a l l e d a n d C h a n g e s o r m o d i f i c a t i o n s n o t brouillage;...
  • Page 9 SAFETY INFORMATION acceptance, or which would change the frequency determining method, are strictly prohibited. Replacement or substitution of crystal, transistors, ICs, regulator diodes, or any other part of a unique nature, with parts other than those recommend by Midland Radio Corporation, may cause violations of the technical regulations in Part 95 of the FCC Rules or in violation of type...
  • Page 10: Function Of Parts And Controls

    FUNCTION OF PARTS AND CONTROLS currently highlighted object on the look up destinations nationwide. System outline screen. ● ● m a k e c u s t o m i z e d s e t t i n g s Press and hold this button to turn off according to your preference the display (the audio source will not...
  • Page 11 FUNCTION OF PARTS AND CONTROLS For details, see “Voice recognition When a CB (citizens band) radio is function” on page 4-11. connected and activated Pressing and holding starts CB To start intercom radio communication. W h e n t h e i n t e r c o m f u n c t i o n i s S e e “...
  • Page 12: Passenger Switches

    FUNCTION OF PARTS AND CONTROLS Passenger switches Talk button (passenger) W h e n t h e i n t e r c o m f u n c t i o n i s activated, pressing and holding ) starts intercom. When a CB (citizens band) radio is connected Pressing and holding...
  • Page 13: Siriusxm

    FUNCTION OF PARTS AND CONTROLS When playing back music stored in a SRC (source) button Bluetooth device Press this button to change the audio source. Pressing starts playback of the Function of this button is the same as previous track. button on the screen.
  • Page 14: Basic Operations

    BASIC OPERATIONS HOME screen operation ● ● Map screen How to read the HOME screen Example: T h e f o l l o w i n g s c r e e n s c a n b e Information on the HOME screen assigned as the HOME screen.
  • Page 15 BASIC OPERATIONS ④● Currently played audio ⑥● Icons on the HOME screen Shows the currently played audio. Headset’s microphone T h e s e i c o n s a p p e a r w h e n t h e You cannot select another audio relevant function is activated.
  • Page 16 BASIC OPERATIONS Vehicle information screen HOME screen buttons To assign a desired button here, s e e “ To c h a n g e t h e H O M E ① ② screen and the home right but- ton”...
  • Page 17: Selecting A Target Object On The Screen

    BASIC OPERATIONS Information on the Audio screen Selecting a target object on the screen WARNING Always stop the vehicle before op- erating the touchscreen. T h e t o u c h s c r e e n a l l ows yo u t o perform a variety of operations.
  • Page 18: Moving Back To The Previous Screen

    BASIC OPERATIONS 2. Press Moving back to the previous screen/HOME screen The [Menu] screen appears. ① To operate the system with the but- ② tons on the vehicle In the same way as decribed above, ①● you can operate the system with Touch this button to return to the instead of touching previously displayed screen.
  • Page 19: Radio: Fm/Am/Weather Band

    ENJOYING AUDIO PLAYBACK Station name and content name Radio: FM/AM/weather band The passenger can search for the desired station by pressing the REV/ FWD buttons FM broadcast To preset stations To call up the FM reception screen While receiving the station to preset, 1.
  • Page 20 ENJOYING AUDIO PLAYBACK To show the detected stations To make audio settings AM broadcast Touch [List]. Touch To call up the AM reception screen I f y o u t o u c h [ L i s t] i m m e d i a t e l y The following screen appears.
  • Page 21 ENJOYING AUDIO PLAYBACK 2. Touch the audio source selector To preset stations The following screen appears. [AM]. While receiving the station to preset, The AM reception screen ap- touch [Add preset], and then a place pears. in the preset stations list where you want to add the station.
  • Page 22 ENJOYING AUDIO PLAYBACK Weather band broadcast 2. Touch the audio source selector To preset stations [WB]. While receiving the station to preset, To call up the weather band reception The weather band reception touch [Add preset], and then a place screen screen appears.
  • Page 23: Communication

    COMMUNICATION The system provides you various [Communication] menu To make communication settings ways to make communication. On the [Communication] menu, touch Call up the [Communication] menu [Setting]. Phone communication using a ● ● to perform communication-related The following screen appears. smar tphone c onnec ted to the operations.
  • Page 24: Cb (Citizens Band) Radio Communication

    COMMUNICATION CB (citizens band) radio com- To turn on/off the CB radio communi- To change the channel cation munication Use the button. If the CB radio communication is If a CB radio device is connected to Touch to change the channel turned off, touch [ON] to turn it on.
  • Page 25: Receiving Text Messages From Other Cell Phones/Smartphones

    COMMUNICATION To make communication settings Receiving text messages 3. Touch , if necessary, and touch the message you On the [CB Radio] screen, touch from other cell phones/smart- want to read. The following screen appears. phones The header and the message If the connected phone device, such are displayed.
  • Page 26: Navigation

    SETTINGS The [Setting] menu allows you to make various settings so that you can operate the unit under the most preferable conditions. The following table shows you an overview of the [Setting] menu. Category Menu Category Menu Vehicle info. Bass Home screen Treble Display...
  • Page 27: General Settings

    SETTINGS [Setting] menu To select the category General settings There are five categories in the When you go to [Setting] menu, the Use the [General] setting menu to [Setting] menu; [General], [Communi.], following [General] setting menu set various usage conditions of the [Audio], [Navigation], and [Sirius XM].
  • Page 28 SETTINGS The [Vehicle info.] screens show you the ● ● Unit: L/100km ● ● Unit: km/h following vehicle related informations. Resolution: 0.1 Resolution: 1 Range: 0 to 99.9 Range: 0 to 999 For the items accompanied with the [Reset] button, you can reset the Fuel consumpt.
  • Page 29 SETTINGS To change the HOME screen and you assign the Audio screen as the of the following three or four buttons: the home right button HOME screen. (Audio button) 1. Go to [Setting] menu. (Phone button) (Function button) 2. Touch [Home screen]. (Destination button) The [Home screen] screen appears.
  • Page 30 SETTINGS To set the display brightness To activate the auto brightness func- To set the heater tion The heater temperature can be set to 1. Go to [Setting] menu. “Low”, “Mid”, “High” or “Off” with the W h e n y o u a c t i v a t e t h e a u t o 2.
  • Page 31 SETTINGS 3. Touch to display the suc- To set the maintenance date, the To set the maintenance date ceeding items, as necessary. parts list, and the dealer information On the [Maintenance] screen, touch Each time you touch , the 1. Go to [Setting] menu. [Date input].
  • Page 32 SETTINGS To set the parts list 2. Touch [Name change]. To set the unit of displayed values The keyboard appears. 1. Go to [Setting] menu. On the [Maintenance] screen, touch [Parts list]. 3. E n t e r t h e p a r t s n a m e , t h e n 2.
  • Page 33 SETTINGS The following example shows that To delete all the personal data ● ● Destination shortcut you select [MPG] as the unit of the 1. Go to [Setting] menu. Bluetooth device list ● ● fuel consumption. 2. Touch twice [Delete all ●...
  • Page 34 SETTINGS To activate/deactivate the amplifier both [Internal amp use] and front side, touch [2 speaker] so [External amp use]. that a checkmark is added. If an external amplifier is connected to t h e veh i c l e, yo u c a n s p e c i f y If you do not want to use a spe- To c a n c e l s e t t i n g , t o u c h [ 4 which amplifier you use, the internal...
  • Page 35 SETTINGS To perform inspection To view the [Inspection 1] screen / [In- spection 2] screen T h e s y s t e m p e r f o r m s i n t e r n a l The better the reception status, the inspection itself, and allows you to more the bars turn on.
  • Page 36 SETTINGS ● ● [Vehicle CAN] Indicates that the status of GPS Indicates the system’s connection Indicates that the system is not signal reception is not clear. status to CAN (Controller Area connected to the grip heater. Network). ● ● [BT Rx Sensitivity] Indicates the Bluetooth signal I n d i c a t e s t h a t t h e s t a t u s o f reception status.
  • Page 37 SETTINGS ● ● [PSH connection] ● ● [TPMS battery] How to read and operate the [Inspec- tion 2] screen “PSH” stands for the passenger’s Indicates the TPMS battery status. seat heater. The battery is sufficiently charged. Indicates the system’s connection status to the passenger’s seat heater.
  • Page 38 SETTINGS ● ● [Speaker selection] To view and set the system information To copy the system information to a USB memory device You can select a speaker from 1. Go to [Setting] menu. among front left, front right, rear On the first [System info.] screen, 2.
  • Page 39: Communication Settings

    SETTINGS Communication settings 3. O n t h e [ C o m m u n i . ] s e t t i n g To search for a Bluetooth device and menu, touch [Bluetooth]. establish connection with the device Use the [Communi.] setting menu (pairing) T h e [ B l u e t o o t h ] s c r e e n a p -...
  • Page 40 SETTINGS Proceed as follows. 3. Touch [Pair]. : Internet connection 1. O n t h e [ B l u e t o o t h ] s c r e e n , If a message appears on the When this function is available, touch [Search device].
  • Page 41 To make functions of the Bluetooth 2. Touch [Show roaming warning] so is detected under the name device unavailable, touch [Disconnect that a checkmark is added. “yamaha”, continue operation all]. to establish connection with To turn off the roaming warning, the system within the indicated touch [Show roaming warning] again time.
  • Page 42 1. Go to [Setting] menu. At the time of purchase, the system name, and touch [Enter]. has a name “yamaha” as a Bluetooth 2. Touch the category selector device. To reset the name to “yamaha”, touch [Communi.].
  • Page 43 SETTINGS To update the phonebook To make settings for Bluetooth To turn on/off the sound On the [Phone] screen, touch [Refresh On the [Phone] screen, touch [Bluetooth]. You can turn on/off the sound of the phonebook]. external speakers, the rider’s headset, The [Bluetooth] screen appears.
  • Page 44 SETTINGS To adjust the volume To adjust the microphone sensitivity To make settings for voice commu- You can adjust the volume of all nication of rider’s headset You can adjust the microphone sensitivity the sounds and voices emitted and 1. O n t h e [ Vo x ] s c r e e n , t o u c h of rider’s headset and passenger’s picked up by the unit.
  • Page 45 SETTINGS 2. Touch to change the The screen is identical to the one The screen is identical to the one microphone sensitivity of the which is displayed by the following which is displayed by the following passenger’s headset. procedure: procedure: To disable adjustment, touch 1.
  • Page 46 SETTINGS To activate/deactivate the passen- To activate/deactivate the 2 zone 4. Touch [Audio output]. ger switches audio function The [Audio output] screen ap- You can either activate or deactivate See page 7-1. pears. the passenger switches. To turn on/off the sound 1.
  • Page 47 SETTINGS How to make settings on the [Audio Explanations for each icon and term To adjust the volume You can adjust the volume of all output] screen are given below. [Media]: Sounds of radio broadcasts the sounds and voices emitted and Touch the box you want to turn on the and audio devices you can play back picked up by the unit.
  • Page 48 SETTINGS 4. Touch [Volume]. Use the four [Volume] screens to adjust the volume to the desired level. The [Volume] screen appears. How to adjust the volume on the [Vol- ume] screens Touch to change the volume level within the available range, or turn on/off the sound by adding/removing a checkmark.
  • Page 49 SETTINGS Adjustable range: 0/17 to 17/17 Touch again so that the checkmark To make settings for the voice rec- is removed to turn off the beep ognition function ● ● sound. See page 4-11. Adjust the volume of the rider’s ●...
  • Page 50: Audio Settings

    SETTINGS Audio settings By touching , you can set SVC to [Lo] (Low), [Mid] (middle), or Use the [Audio] settings menu to [Hi] (high). make the audio-related settings, such as the bass/treble/fader/SVC adjustment. The [Audio] settings To turn on/off the sound You can turn on/off the sound of the m e n u a l s o a l l o w s y o u t o m a ke external speakers, the rider’s headset,...
  • Page 51 SETTINGS 1. Go to [Setting] menu. The screen is identical to the one which The screen is identical to the one which is displayed by the following procedure: is displayed by the following procedure: 2. Touch the category selector [Communi.]. 1.

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