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Pioneer GM-D7400M Owner's Manual

Class d mono amplifier
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Owner's Manual
Manual del Propietario
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Before Using This Product
Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER
product. Before attempting operation, be
sure to read this manual.
• We recommend that you use the special red bat-
tery and ground wire [RD-228], which is sold sep-
In case of trouble
arately. Connect the battery wire directly to the
car battery positive terminal (+) and the ground
wire to the car body.
When the unit does not operate properly,
• Do not touch the amplifier with wet hands.
contact your dealer or the nearest autho-
Otherwise you may get an electric shock. Also, do
rized PIONEER Service Station.
not touch the amplifier when it is wet.
• For traffic safety and to maintain safe driving
About This Product
conditions, keep the volume low enough so that
you can still hear normal traffic sound.
This product is a class D amplifier for the
• Check the connections of the power supply and
subwoofer. If both L (left) and R (right)
subwoofer if the fuse of the separately sold bat-
channels are connected to the RCA input
tery wire or the amplifier fuse blows. Detect the
of this product, output is mixed because
cause and solve the problem, then replace the fuse
this product is a mono amplifier.
with another one of the same size and rating.
• To prevent malfunction of the amplifier and sub-
woofer, the protective circuit will cut the power
supply to the amplifier (sound will stop) when an
abnormal condition occurs. In such a case, switch
• Never replace the fuse with one of greater value
the power to the system OFF and check the
or rating than the original fuse. Use of an
connection of the power supply and subwoofer.
improper fuse could result in overheating and
Detect the cause and solve the problem.
smoke and could cause damage to the product and
• Contact the dealer if you cannot detect the cause.
injury including burns.
• To prevent an electric shock or short-circuit
• Use the supplied hexagonal wrench to tighten
during connection and installation, be sure to
screws when fastening wires to the terminal. The
disconnect the negative (–) terminal of the battery
use of a long, commercially available hexagonal
wrench can cause excessive torque to be applied
• Confirm that no parts are behind the panel when
possibly resulting in damage to terminals and
drilling a hole for installation of the amplifier. Be
sure to protect all cables and important equipment
such as fuel lines, brake lines and the electrical
wiring from damage.
• DO NOT allow amplifier to come into contact
with liquids due to, for example, the location
where the amplifier is installed. Electrical shock
could result. Also, amplifier and speaker damage,
smoke, and overheating could result from contact
with liquids. In addition, the amplifier surface and
the surface of any attached speakers could become
hot to the touch and minor burns could result.
Setting the Unit
Gain Control
If the sound level is too low, even when the volume of the car stereo used along
with this power amplifier is turned up, turn gain control clockwise. If the sound
distorts when the volume is turned up, turn the gain control counterclockwise.
• When using with an RCA equipped car stereo (standard output of 500 mV), set to the
NORMAL position. When using with an RCA equipped Pioneer car stereo with max.
output of 4 V or more, adjust level to match the car stereo output level.
LPF (Low-Pass-Filter) Cut Off Frequency Control
You can select a cut off frequency from 40 Hz to 240 Hz.
Power Indicator (Blue)
The power indicator lights when the power is switched on.
BFC (Beat Frequency Control) Switch
If you hear a beat while listening to an AM broadcast with your car stereo, change the BFC
switch using a small standard tip screwdriver.
Input Switch
It is possible to input from a car stereo external output or a car stereo speaker output. Switch
the input switch before turning on the power. Since switching the input switch while the
power is on can cause a loud noise to be emitted from the speakers, the power is turned off
by a protection function. When using an external output, slide the switch to the right (RCA).
For connection instructions, see the "Connection Diagram" section. When using a speaker
output, slide the switch to the left (SP). In this case, it is necessary to use the supplied speak-
er input wire with RCA pin cord. For details, see the "Using the Speaker Input" section.
Bass Boost Control
You can adjust a bass boost level from 0 dB, 6 dB and 12 dB.



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  • Page 1 • Do not touch the amplifier with wet hands. contact your dealer or the nearest autho- NORMAL position. When using with an RCA equipped Pioneer car stereo with max. Otherwise you may get an electric shock. Also, do rized PIONEER Service Station.
  • Page 2: Setting The Unit

    • If you decrease the volume of the head unit and set the gain control of the amplifier to the proper position but still the sound cuts out from time to time, contact the nearest authorized PIONEER Service Station. Connection Diagram...
  • Page 3: Installation

    Connecting the Unit ENGLISH Installation 7 Connections when using the speaker Connecting the Speaker Output input Terminals • Do not install in: • Use a 10 AWG to 16 AWG wire for the speaker wire. 1. Expose the end of the speaker wires Car Stereo using nippers or a cutter by about •...
  • Page 4: Antes De Usar Este Producto

    • Cuando se usa un estéreo de automóvil equipado con RCA (salida estándar de 500 mV), ajuste a la posición normal. Cuando use con un estéreo de automóvil Pioneer equipado con RCA con una salida máxima de 4 V o más, ajuste el nivel para ade- cuarse al nivel de salida del estéreo del automóvil.
  • Page 5: Conexión De La Unidad

    • Si disminuye el volumen de la unidad principal y ajusta el control de ganancia del amplificador a una posición adecuada, pero todavía se corta el sonido de vez en cuando, póngase en contacto con la Estación de Servicio PIONEER autorizada más cercana. Diagrama de conexión PRECAUCION PRECAUCION: •...
  • Page 6: Instalación

    Conexión de la unidad ESPAÑOL Instalación 7 Conexiones cuando se utiliza la Conexión del terminal de salida de entrada de altavoz altavoz • No lo instale en: • Utilice un hilo de 10 AWG a 16 AWG para el cable de altavoz. 1.