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Haier mini PC:HR-V03P
Version is 1.1
P/N: 8444020100100
©2016 Haier Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. All Right Reserved.
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  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

    P/N: 8444020100100 Copyright ©2016 Haier Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. All Right Reserved. Production and corporate names appearing in this manual may or may not be registered trademarks or copyright of their respective companies, and are used only for identification...
  • Page 2: Federal Communications Commission

    Introduction Thank you for choosing the Haier mini PC! The Haier mini PC-HR-V03P is a personal computer with windows 10 and Intel’s CPU. The mini PC supports 2GB of system memory using DDR3L-RS 1333, Intel HD graphics integrated. This guide serves to enable user to get to know and familiar with our product as soon as possible.
  • Page 3: Disposal Instructions

    interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna...
  • Page 4 sources of heat, such as a radiator. Do not expose the mini PC to temperature below 0℃ or above 35℃. Do not subject the mini PC to magnetic fields. Do not expose the mini PC to Rain or moisture. Do not spill water or any liquid on the mini PC. Do not subject the mini PC to heavy shock or vibration.
  • Page 5 When adding or removing devices to or from the system, ensure that the adapter for the devices are unplugged before the signal cables are connected. If the power adapter is broken, do not try to fix it by yourself. Contact a qualified service technician or your retailer. Before using the product, make sure all cables are correctly connected and the power adapter are not damaged.
  • Page 6 ●Power adapter(1) ●Quick Start Guide(1) ●HDMI Cable(1) ●HDMI-To-VGA Cable(1) ●VESA Bracket(1) ●Screws(4) Specification Components Specification Processor Intel ® BayTrail-T CR Z3735F,Cores 4, Threads 4, Cache 2MB, Processor Base Frequency 1.33GHz, Burst frequency 1.83GHz Intel HD Graphic Intel HD Graphic(Gen7 LP) Graphics Base Frequency.
  • Page 7: Chapter 1. Getting To Know Your Mini Pc

    4×USB 2.0 port 1×Audio 3.5mm output 1×Audio 3.5mm line-in(microphone port) 1×DC-In 1×IR Blast port 1×Micro TF card Power adapter Input:AC100-240V~50/60Hz Output:5.0V/3A Video encoding Support Video(H264,H263,mpeg4,vp8,vp9) File Type(*.3gp,*.mp4,*.ts,*.mkv,*.avi) Audio encoding Support audio(aac,ammb,amrwb,g711-alaw,g711-mlaw,mp3,vor bis, Alac,raw,flac,gsm) File Type(*.mp3,*.wav,*.ogg,*.flac,*.mid,*.amr,*.aac,*.ts,*.mp 4,*.m4a, *.3gp,*.mkv) Description 107*107*25mm Weight 250g Operating System Win10...
  • Page 8: Front Panel

    Power button+ Power Indicator: The power switch turns ON and OFF the mini PC or putting the mini PC into sleep or hibernation modes. Actual behavior of the power switch can be customized in Windows Control Panel “Power Options” The power indicator lights when the mini PC is turned ON and shows the Blue.
  • Page 9: Usb 2.0 Ports

    Note: Listening to music at high volume over extended periods of time may damage your hearing. Microphone jack (3.5mm): Connects to external microphones. IR Blaster port (on selected models): IR port receive infrared signal from the remote control when you operate computer with remote control. Note: Remote control is optional part.
  • Page 10 Note: HDMI is an uncompressed all-digital audio/video interface. If you want to output audio by HDMI port, Please ensure your LCD have built-in speaker. Otherwise, audio is output from headphones port. Power Input (DC 5v): The supplied power adapter converts AC power to DC power for use with this jack.
  • Page 11: Chapter 2. Getting Started

    Chapter 2. Getting Started 2.1 Connecting to power adapter The power adapter converts AC power from a wall outlet to the DC power required by the computer. This computer comes with a universal AC-DC adapter. That means that you may connect the adapter to any 100v-120v as well as 220v-240v outlets without setting switches or using power converters.
  • Page 12 devices. The power adapter may become warm to hot when use. Be sure not to cover the adapter and keep it away from your body. Unplug the power adapter or switch off the AC outlet to minimize the power consumption when the mini PC is not in use. 2.2 Connecting to LCD monitor/TV 2.3 Turning on the power Press and release the power button...
  • Page 13 Hold the power button over 10seconds. Note: DO NOT use emergency shutdown while data is being written, doing so can result in loss or destruction of your data. 2.4 Preparing initial system configuration Step 1. Region and language If you prefer the English keyboard, Please choose the US in keyboard layout.
  • Page 14 Step 2. License terms Please click the ‘I accept’ Step 3. Personalize Key in the PC name, then click ‘next’...
  • Page 15 Step 4. Getting online Please click the ‘Skip this step’ Step 5. Settings Please click ‘user express setting’...
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    Step 6. Your account Key in the account, then to click ‘finished’ Appendix Troubleshooting Your device can not be turned ON ● Please check the LED indicator is light, if not, please check the DC is connected OK or NOT, and the AC adapter is connected OK or NOT. Your device can not access to the internet by WiFi ●...
  • Page 17 Maybe too many apps are running in the backstage. Maybe any incompatible-version app has been installed. Use the antivirus software to scan and kill the virus (if any). Your device gets warm in use ● It is normal that your device gets warm in a long-time use. Your device crashes and its keys do not work ●...
  • Page 18 service, information or third-party software through your device. Third-part services are subject to change, deletion or may stop without prior notice. We shall not be responsible for providing any related customer service for any third-party service requests directly to the relevant content or service provider. Please remember to backup data when using your device.

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