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Whirlpool SWASH Quick Start Manual

Whirlpool SWASH Quick Start Manual


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Summary of Contents for Whirlpool SWASH

  • Page 1 ® quick start guide...
  • Page 2: State Of California Proposition 65 Warnings

    SWASH System Safety ® Your safety and the safety of others are very important. We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. This is the safety alert symbol.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    System are not blocked. SWASH ® person for examination and repair. Incorrect reassembly Do not modify SWASH PODS cups or use any alternate ™ or repair could cause a risk of fire, electric shock, or formulas. The System was designed to work safely SWASH ®...
  • Page 4 SWASH ® ADJUSTA BLE HA NGER Your starter kit includes the following: SWASH adjustable hanger ® cups multipack SWASH PODS ™ S LEE VE pocket smoother SWASH ® WR AP S DO O R P OC KET S MOOTHE R...
  • Page 5 System ® into a standard grounded Excessive Weight Hazard electrical outlet (120v). Use two or more people to move SWASH unit. No plumbing, pipes, or vents needed. Failure to do so can result in back or other injury. WARNING Electrical Shock Hazard Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
  • Page 6 X BUT TON 10 MINUTE BUT TON 15 MINUTE BU TTO N (STA NDAR D CY CLE) (EXT ENDED C YCLE) cancels your cycle use for most clothing extends drying time for your heavier clothing buttons status lights B LUE LIGHT WHITE LIGHT S OR A NGE LIG HT turns on when your...
  • Page 7: How To Use Your

    White lights will count down the minutes remaining / a blue light will let you know (see pages 8–9 for tips) Only use SWASH PODS cups. ™ when cycle is done.
  • Page 8 Hanging your clothes Visit for video demonstrations on how to hang various articles of clothing. T-S HIR T / CR EA S ED S WE ATE R DRE S S P O LO S HIR T PANT S Smoothing clips aren’t needed for refreshing. You can get great results with minimal effort.
  • Page 9 Pull waist down and clip to pull flat and hold tight to get to get the most area exposed to the maximum wrinkle release. Finally, formula. SWASH PODS ™ put pocket smoother in pocket. S H OR TS O R S KI RT S...
  • Page 10: How Does It Work

    System works with a SWASH ® few key technologies. A superfine mist of the formula SWASH PODS ™ is sprayed onto both sides of the hanging clothes. The smoothing clips (optional) pull clothes tight, and heat is circulated. SUPERFINE MIST Color enhanced for demonstration purposes.
  • Page 11: Emptying The Reservoir

    Emptying the reservoir Your System is designed to collect any SWASH ® excess mist for easy disposal. If the orange and blue lights are both flashing, you will need to empty the reservoir that collects the excess mist. Empty liquid into sink...
  • Page 12 Additional SWASH hanger required. You can order additional ® hangers at SWASH.COM Cleaning the SWASH System ® Reducing wrinkles Use a soft, damp cloth or sponge to wipe your SWASH ®...
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Nothing happens when you push the 10 or 15 minute button 1. Orange light is blinking - SWASH System will not start ® Check to make sure the System is plugged SWASH ® Make sure door is closed properly.
  • Page 14: Limited Warranty

    LIMITED ATTACH YOUR RECEIPT HERE. PROOF OF PURCHASE IS REQUIRED TO OBTAIN WARRANTY SERVICE. Please have the following information available when you call the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CENTER: Name, address, and telephone number WARRANTY Model number and serial number A clear, detailed description of the problem Proof of purchase including dealer or retailer name and address ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY WHAT IS COVERED...
  • Page 15 1. Before contacting us to arrange service, please determine whether your product requires repair. Some questions can be addressed without service. Please take a few minutes to review the Troubleshooting section or visit SWASH.COM 2. All warranty service is provided exclusively by our authorized Go Unlimited Service Providers. In the U.S. direct all requests for warranty service to: GO UNLIMITED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CENTER In the U.S.A.
  • Page 16 ® it’s about time For questions visit SWASH.COM or call 1-866-333-4195 ®/™ © 2016 SWASH. All Rights Reserved.

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