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Other Operating Instructions; For A Rinse And Spin; For A Drain And Spin; Cleaning Me Lint Fitter - Whirlpool LA555oXP Use & Care Manual

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For a rinse and spin
When using extra detergent
heavily soiled clothes, or washing
Items, you may want an
extra rinse and spln.
1. Push Cantml Knob In.
2 Turn clockwise
ta one of the dots
an the dial. as Illustrated.
3. Pull Cot-ml Knob out. The washer
will fill to selected
level, agitate
2 minutes, drain and spin.
Other operating instructions
For a drain and spin
A drain and spin may help shorten
drying times for some heavy fabrics
or specIaLcare
Items by removing
excess water.
1. Push Control Knob In.
2. Turn clockwise
ta any bar lust
before an OFF area on the dial.
05 illushuted.
3. Pull Control Knob out. The washer
will dmln and spin.
For agliatbn
and rpln speeds In each cycle, see pages 6-9.
Cleaning the lint filter
Clean me filter at me bottom of the
agitator after every load for the best
filtering results.
To clean:
1. Lift off the agitator barrel.
2 Wash or wipe me filter clean In the
bottom of me agttator barrel. The
Rfter Is not removable.
3. Replace me agltator barrel and
snap It Into place.


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