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    ATTENTIONS 1.The 4-axis quadcopter is suitable for indoor/outdoor flight, please make sure the outdoor wind force is less than Beaufort force 4. adopts 2.4G frequency band for long remote control distance; allows multiple flights at the same time and in a same area without any interface.

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    Installation of fan blades- the fan blades should be installed to the designated place. The number of fan blade should be the same as the number of air frame. A is corresponding with A, B is corresponding with B, press down the fan blades with the motor shaft, Please do not deform it. Arms folding order- fold the front arms near the camera first, then the back arms (opposite when unfold them)

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    Attention: when the quadcopter battery plugged in, please insert the charger that has a small iron as inside. There is a certain risk when using lithium may cause fire,body injury or property loss. Users must be aware of the risks of using this product.Manufacturers,retailers and dealers do not bear any responsibility once accidents occur,so please read the safety guidelines and charging instructions carefully before operation.

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    1.Use your phone to scan the QR code, download and install the control software: 'JJRC'. Android, Android(Google Play) and lOS are all supported. 2.Turn on the drone and the lights will flash; turn on your mobile phone to connect WIFI (JJRC-##### as shown in figure 2.

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    3.Open the APP, enter the main interface, as shown in figure 3. Click "play" into the manipulation interface, as shown in figure 4. Click " " to enter ordinary control interface, as shown in figure 5 Click " ", Altitude Hold key becomes yellow, and enter the Altitude Hold interface, as shown in figure 6.

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    13.Leftjoystick (throttle) 1.Return 14.Right joystick (rudder) 2.Photo 15.Left rotation fine-tuning 3.Video 4.Document (Album/video) 16.Right rotation fine-tuning 5.Speed contr01:30%/60%/100% 17.Left side fly fine-tuning 6.Altitude hold 18.Right side fly fine-tuning 19.Forward fine-tuning 7.Gravity induction 20.Backward fine-tuning 8.Show/Hide steering wheel 21.More settings 9.360° flips and rolls 22.Camera reverse 10.One-key unlocking 23.3D display...

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    1. Accelerometer mode: Click into Accelerometer mode, put your right hand thumb on the right joystick, and move the phone towards any direction for remote control (Figure 1). 2. Selfie mode: In the Altitude hold mode, you can control the quadcopter to turn the camera back to itself, then click the camera button on the screen to take selfies(Figure 2), Attention: sefie-taking must be practiced when you are skillful enough...

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