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Philips SA4100 Quick Start Manual

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For support call 0906 1010 017
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  • Page 1 For support call 0906 1010 017 Audio player SA4100 SA4101 SA4104 SA4105 SA4110 SA4111 SA4114 SA4115 SA4120 SA4121 SA4124 SA4125...
  • Page 2: Need Help

    Need help? Please visit where you can access to a full set of supporting materials such as user manual, flash tutorial, the latest software upgrades and answers to frequently asked questions. Or call our Customer Care Helpline, 0906 1010 017 (£0.15/min) where our professional support team will be pleased to assist you in solving any issues you may have with your player.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Important safety information Your new player What’s in the box Register your product Getting started Overview of controls and connections Install Connect 3.3.1 Insert the battery 3.3.2 Read the battery level indication of your player Transfer Enjoy 3.5.1 Power on and off 3.5.2 Navigate the menu Organize and transfer music with Windows Media...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Information

    • Active mobile phones in the vicinity may cause interference. • Backup your files. Please ensure that you retain the original files you have downloaded to your device. Philips is not responsible for any loss of data if the product becomes damaged or not readable / legible.
  • Page 5 Philips is necessary for any of them to deny, withhold or otherwise restrict your access to Secure Content or to disable your device’s ability to transfer, store, access, copy, display, and/or play Secure Content. Philips does not guaranty that you will be able to transfer, store, access, copy, display, and/or play Secure Content.
  • Page 6: Your New Player

    Guía de inicio rápido Быстрый запуск Kurzanleitungsanleitung Krótka instrukcja obsługi Handleiding voor snel gebruik Gyors áttekintés Install Connect and charge Transfer Enjoy Quick start guide CD-ROM containing Windows Media Player 10, Philips Device Manager, User Manual and Frequently Asked Questions Your new player...
  • Page 7: Install

    Enjoy 3.5.1 Power on and off To power on, press 2; until the Philips welcome screen appears. To power off, press and hold 2; until there is no display on the screen. Your player automatically powers down if there is no operation and no music played for 3 minutes.
  • Page 8: Synchronize Windows Media Contents With Your Player

    Connect the player to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Select the Sync tab. In the pull-down menu on the right pane, select Philips SA41XX as the destination. If they are not in the list, press F5 to refresh and try again.
  • Page 9: Manage Your Windows Media Player Playlist

    4.1.3 Manage your Windows Media Player Playlist Create a Playlist Start Windows Media Player. Select the Library tab to access the media library. Click to highlight a song. Right click on the track and select Add to > Additional Playlist... In the Add to Playlist dialog box, select an existing playlist or click New to add a new playlist.
  • Page 10: Play Back Recordings

    Philips Device Manager. Select your device. Click Update. > Philips Device Manager will check whether a new firmware is available on the Internet and install it on your player. When Update completed appears on the screen, click OK and disconnect the player.
  • Page 11: Technical Data

    Technical data Power • Power supply: AAA alkaline battery* Display • Picture / Display: Mono display, 32 x 128 pixels, 7 colour LCD backlight Sound • Channel separation: 45dB • Equalizer settings: Rock / Jazz / Pop / Classical / Off •...
  • Page 12: Frequently Asked Questions

    • Your battery may have gone flat. Insert a new battery before use. • You may have failed to press and hold 2; long enough. Press and hold 2; until the Philips welcome screen appears on display. • Do a soft reset by re-inserting the battery.
  • Page 13: Glossary

    Glossary Album A collection list of songs. Digital Rights Management (DRM) A technology that provides a persistent level of protection to digital content by encrypting it with a cryptographic key. Authorized recipients (or end users) must acquire a license in order to unlock and consume the content.
  • Page 14: Contact Information

    Canada (English / Spanish) 1-888-744-5477 Chile 600 744 5477 (Tarifa local) 4008 800 008 ( Č eská republika 800142100 (Místní tarif) Danmark 3525 8761 (Lokal tarif) Suomi 09 2290 1908 (Paikallinen hinta) SA4100 SA4101 SA4104 SA4105 SA4110 SA4111 SA4114 SA4115 SA4120 SA4121 SA4124...
  • Page 15 PHILIPS reserves the right to make design and specification changes for product improvement without prior notice. Partner logos...
  • Page 16 Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Ko ninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. or their respective owners © 2006 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. print in china wk6524...