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Operation - Craftsman 172.439831 Operator's Manual

9 amp motor electric adjustable pole saw/chain saw


The pole saw has a telescoping pole assembly that will extend from 89.7 inches
(fully retracted) to 119.4 inches (fully extended).
A cam levered collet is used to hold the pole in position at any extended length.
1. To extend the pole, loosen the clamping lever as shown in Fig. 9.
Pole will slide freely.
2. Pull inner pole section out to desired length
Fig. 9
of extension.
Note: only extend pole to minimum length
required to reach limb that is being cut.
3. To lock pole in position, tighten clamping
lever as shown in Fig. 9.


1. Switching on and off (See Fig. 10)
Check the voltage and current supply: The voltage and current supply
must comply with the ratings on the product plate.
For switching on the tool,
press the Lock-off Button (3),
then fully press the On/Off Switch (2)
and hold in this position.
The Lock-Off Button can now be released.
For switching off, release the On/Off Switch.
prior to starting and regularly during operation. Refill oil when oil level is low.
A full oil tank will last approx. 12 minutes depending on sawing intensity and stops.
Check recent replaced chain tension about every 10 minutes during operation.
1. Connect saw to extension cord.
Connect extension cord to power supply.
(See Fig. 12)
2. Make sure section of log to be cut is not laying
on the ground. This will keep the chain
from touching the ground as it cuts through
the log. Touching the ground while the Chain
is moving is dangerous and will dull the Chain.
3. Use both hands to grip saw. Always use left
hand to grip Front Handle and right hand
to grip Rear Handle. Use a firm grip.
Thumbs and fingers must wrap around saw
handles (See Fig. 13 ).
4. Make sure your footing is firm.
Keep shoulder width feet apart.
Divide your weight evenly on both feet.
5. When ready to make a cut, push the
Lock-off Button (3) completely in with the
right thumb and squeeze the trigger.
This will turn saw on. Releasing the trigger
will turn the saw off. Make sure the saw is
running at full speed before starting a cut.
6. When starting a cut, slowly place moving chain
against the wood. Hold saw firmly in place to
avoid possible bouncing or skating
(sideways movement) of saw.
7. Guide the saw using light pressure and do
not put excessive force on the saw. The motor
Fig. 10
will overload and can burn out. It will do the job
better and safer at the rate for which it was
8. Remove the saw from a cut with the saw
running at full speed. Stop the saw by releasing
the On/off Switch (2). Make sure the chain
has stopped before setting the saw down.
9. Keep practicing on scrap logs in a secure
working area until you get the hang of it and
can saw with ease, using a fluid motion and
a steady cutting rate.
Be sure the oil reservoir is filled. Check the Oil Level Window (see Fig. 11)
Oil Reservoir
Fig. 12
Fig. 13
Fig. 11

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