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Important Safety Instructions; Child Safety; Electrical Information - Frigidaire FFFU17M1QW Use & Care Manual

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Child Safety

• Destroy carton, plastic bags, and any exte-
rior wrapping material immediately after the
unit is unpacked. Children should never use
these items for play. Cartons covered with
rugs, bedspreads, plastic sheets or stretch
wrap may become airtight chambers and
can quickly cause suffocation.
• An empty, discarded appliance is a very
dangerous attraction to children.
• Remove the door(s) of any appliance that is
not in use, even if it is being discarded.
Proper Disposal of your Appliance
Risk of child entrapment
Child entrapment and suffocation are not
problems of the past. Junked or abandoned
appliances are still dangerous – even if they
will sit for "just a few days". If you are getting
rid of your old appliance, please follow the
instructions below to help prevent accidents.
We strongly encourage responsible
appliance recycling/disposal methods. Check
with your utility company or visit www. for more information
on recycling your old appliance.
Before you throw away
your old appliance:
• Remove door/lid.
• Leave shelves in place
so children may
not easily
climb inside.
• Have the
removed by a
qualified technician.
Avoid fire hazard or electric shock. Do not use
an extension cord or an adapter plug. Do not
remove any prong from power cord.


Electrical Information

These guidelines must be followed to ensure
that safety mechanisms in the design of this
appliance will operate properly.
• Refer to the serial plate for correct electrical
rating. The power cord of the appliance is
equipped with a three-prong grounding plug
for your protection against electrical shock
hazards. It must be plugged directly into a
properly grounded three-prong receptacle,
protected with a 15-amp time delay fuse
or circuit breaker. The receptacle must be
installed in accordance with the local codes
and ordinances. Consult a qualified electri-
cian. Receptacles protected by Ground Fault
Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) are NOT RECOM-
MENDED. Do NOT use an extension cord or
adapter plug.
• If the power cord is damaged, it should be
replaced by an authorized service technician
to prevent any risk.
• Never unplug the appliance by pulling on
the power cord. Always grip the plug firmly,
and pull straight out from the receptacle to
prevent damaging the power cord.
• Unplug the appliance before cleaning and
before replacing a light bulb to avoid electri-
cal shock.
• If voltage varies by 10% or more, appliance
performance may be affected. Operating the
unit with insufficient power can damage the
motor. Such damage is not covered under
the warranty. If you suspect your household
voltage is high or low, consult your power
company for testing.
• To prevent the appliance from being turned
off accidentally, do not plug unit into an outlet
controlled by a wall switch or pull cord.
• Do not pinch, knot, or bend power cord in
any manner.
Grounding type wall receptacle
Do not, under
any circumstances,
cut, remove,
or bypass the
grounding prong.
Power cord with
3-prong grounded plug

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Table of Contents

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