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Alcatel GO FLIP Manual

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For more information on how to use the phone, please go to
and download the complete user manual.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 For more information on how to use the phone, please go to and download the complete user manual.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Email ...................... 26 Safety and use ....................1 Camera ....................27 Radio waves ....................5 Camera ......................27 Licences ......................10 Camcorder ....................28 General information .................. 11 Gallery ....................29 Your mobile ..................13 Video ..................... 31 Keys and connectors ................13 Music..........
  • Page 3: Safety And Use

    16 Making the most out of your phone..........48 Safety and use ..........16.1 Upgrade ......................48 17 Accessories ..................49 We recommend that you read this information carefully before using your 18 TCL Communication Ltd. Warranty ..........50 mobile phone. The manufacturer disclaims any liability for damage, which may result as a consequence of improper use or use contrary to the instructions 19 Troubleshooting ..................
  • Page 4 When the phone is switched on, it should be kept at least 15 cm from any - Play at the farthest distance possible from the screen. medical device such as a pacemaker, a hearing aid or insulin pump, etc. In - If your hands, wrists, or arms become tired or sore while playing, stop and rest for several hours before playing again.
  • Page 5: Radio Waves

    This symbol on your telephone, the battery and the accessories means that these products must be taken to collection points at the end of Radio waves ............. their life: - Municipal waste disposal centers with specific bins for these items THIS MOBILE PHONE MEETS THE GOVERNMENT’S REQUIREMENTS FOR of equipment EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES.
  • Page 6 Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits 4044V Maximum SAR for this model and for a Class B digital device pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits conditions under which it was recorded. are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 7 Please note by using the device some of your personal data may be shared with IC Radiation Exposure Statement the main device. It is under your own responsibility to protect your own personal This EUT is compliance with SAR for general population/uncontrolled exposure data, not to share with it with any unauthorized devices or third party devices limits in IC RSS-102 and had been tested in accordance with the measurement connected to yours.
  • Page 8: Licences

    • Website: http:/ / • Facebook: The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth • Twitter: SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by TCL Communication Ltd. • Instagram: and its affiliates is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 9: Your Mobile

    Disclaimer Your mobile ..........There may be certain differences between the user manual description and the phone’s operation, depending on the software release of your telephone or specific carrier services. TCL Communication shall not be held legally responsible for such differences, Keys and connectors if any, nor for their potential consequences, which responsibility shall be borne by the carrier exclusively.
  • Page 10 Center soft key • Confirm an option (press the middle of the key) • Press: Access app list (Home screen) Navigation key • Goes to up, down, left or right menu Main screen Messages key • Press: Access Messages app Back/clear key • Let you return to the previous screen, or close a dialog box, options menu • Press: Delete character (In edit mode) Center soft key...
  • Page 11: Getting Started

    Getting started Home screen Status bar 1.2.1 Set up • S tatus/Notifications Inserting or removing the nano-SIM/microSD card A nano-SIM card is required to make phone calls and use cellular networks. If you have a SIM card, insert it before setting up the phone. Do not attempt to insert other SIM types like micro or standard cards, as you may damage your phone.
  • Page 12: Calls

    1.4.2 Change Home screen wallpaper Calls ..........• From the Home screen, press the Center Soft Key , select Settings icon and then press the Navigation Key to select Personalization. • Press the Navigation Key and select Display -> Wallpaper. Select the image Making a call location to browse from Wallpaper, Gallery or Camera.
  • Page 13: Answer Or Decline A Call

    Answer or decline a call Contacts ........Consult your Contacts Contacts enables quick and easy access to the contact you want to reach. You can access this function by pressing the Center Soft Key from the Home screen and select Contacts icon When you receive a call: • Press the Left Soft Key or Call Key...
  • Page 14: Editing Your Contacts

    When finished, press the Right Soft Key and then choose Save to save. Sharing your contacts Editing your contacts You can share a single contact with others by sending the contact's vCard to them via Email, Messages, and Bluetooth. In contacts list screen, press the Right Soft Key to access Options, select Edit contact, and press the Center Soft Key to edit.
  • Page 15: Messages

    How to type a message Messages ......... When in edit mode, the default input method is English, you can press Keypad to change the input method to access numbers 1,2,3... or long press the corresponding key to get the number you want. Use the messaging feature to send and receive text (SMS) and multimedia You can enter text using predictive text input.
  • Page 16: Email

    Email ..........Camera ..........You can access this function by pressing the Center Soft Key Your mobile phone is fitted with a Camera and a Camcorder for taking photos from the Home screen and select Email. and shooting videos. Before using the Camera or Camcorder, be sure to remove the protective lens An email wizard will guide you through the steps to set up an email account.
  • Page 17: Camcorder

    Camcorder Gallery ..........To shoot a video • Press the right side of Navigation key to switch to Video mode from Camera mode. Gallery acts as a media player for you to view photos. In addition, a set of • Press the Center Soft Key or Camera Key to shoot a video.
  • Page 18: Video

    • Delete Delete the selected picture. Video ..........• Edit Select this option to adjust exposure value, rotate the picture, crop, add filters and auto-correction. • Rename Rename the selected picture. To access this function, press the Center Soft Key from the Home screen and select Video.
  • Page 19: Music

    Music..........Browser ......... Using this menu, you can play music files stored on phone storage in your Using Browser, you can enjoy surfing the Web. phone. Music files can be downloaded from your computer to phone using a To access this function, press the Center Soft Key from the Home screen and USB cable.
  • Page 20: Calendar

    • Go to date To go to whatever date you want. Calendar ........• Search Search the event or schedule you added on Calendar. • Calendar to Display To display offline calendar, Google account or Use the Calendar to keep track of important meetings, appointments, etc. Yahoo account.
  • Page 21: Clock

    12.2 Timer Clock ..........From the Alarm screen, press the right side of Center Soft Key to enter the Timer screen. • Press the Center Soft Key to edit hour, minute and second, when finished, Your mobile phone has a built-in clock. press Center Soft Key again to start timer.
  • Page 22: Calculator

    Calculator ........FM Radio ........With the Calculator, you can solve many mathematical problems. Your phone is equipped with a radio with RDS functionality. You can use the application as a traditional radio with saved channels or with parallel visual To access this function, press the Center Soft Key from the Home screen information related to the radio program on the display if you tune to stations...
  • Page 23: Settings

    15.1.4 Wi-Fi Settings ......... Using Wi-Fi you can now surf the Internet without using your SIM card whenever you are in range of a wireless network. The only thing you have to do is to enter the Wi-Fi screen and configure an access point to connect your phone to the wireless network.
  • Page 24: Personalization

    Auto Retrieve Alert Reminder Press to disable auto-retrieve or enable auto retrieve with/without roaming. Press to set alert reminder once, every 2 minutes, every 5 minutes, or off. WAP Push Alert Tone Preview Mark the checkbox to enable receipt of push messages from network. Press to preview alert tone.
  • Page 25: Privacy & Security

    15.2.4 Notices 15.3 Privacy & Security Show on lock screen 15.3.1 Screen Lock Press to enable or disable notice show on lock screen. Screen lock allows you to set a 4-digit password which protects your phone from intrusions. Whoever turns on your phone will be prompted to enter a Show after reboot password in order to access your device.
  • Page 26 15.5.2 Downloads TTY mode can be used by people who are deaf, have poor hearing or speech Press to view downloads. impairments. 15.5.3 Battery Press to set TTY to full, VCO, HCO or turn off TTY. Press to set power saving mode. Hearing Aid Compatibility(HAC) Turning power saving mode on will turn off the phone's data, Bluetooth and Hearing aid mode can be used by people who are deaf, have poor hearing or...
  • Page 27: Making The Most Out Of Your Phone

    Making the most out of your Accessories .......... phone ............ The latest generation of Alcatel mobile phones offers a built-in handsfree feature that allows you to use the telephone from a distance, placed on a table for example. 16.1 Upgrade 1.
  • Page 28: Tcl Communication Ltd. Warranty

    For more information on Electronic Recycling, please: • Non-compliance with the instructions for use or installation, or with technical 1) Visit Alcatel Electronic Recycling Program website at http:/ /www. and safety standards applicable in the geographical area where your phone, or is used;...
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    My phone can't charge properly Unable to receive incoming calls • Make sure you are using an Alcatel battery and the charger from the box. • Make sure your phone is switched on and connected to a network (check for • Make sure your battery is inserted properly and clean the battery contact if overloaded or unavailable network).
  • Page 30 • Check with your carrier to make sure that your subscription includes this service. • Make sure this feature does not require an Alcatel accessory. When I select a number from my contacts, the number can't be dialed • Make sure that you have correctly recorded the number in your file.
  • Page 31: Specifications

    Audio supported AMR-NB, AMR-WB, MP3, Vorbis, MIDI, AMR/ Specifications ........formats iMelody/MIDI 1.0/SP MIDI/WAV Battery • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery • Capacity: 1350 mAh Processor MSM 8909, Quad core 1.1GHz Expansion Slot microSD™ memory card KaiOS (Availability of microSD card depends on market) Memory 4 GB ROM + 512 M RAM Special Features...