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Chassis : U8BA
: UA23H4003AR
1. Precautions
2. Product specifications
3. Disassembly and Reassembly
4. Troubleshooting
5. Wiring Diagram


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 LED TV Chassis : U8BA Model : UA23H4003AR SERVICE Manual LED TV Contents 1. Precautions 2. Product specifications 3. Disassembly and Reassembly 4. Troubleshooting 5. Wiring Diagram UA23H4003AR...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Precautions ........................1-1 1-1. Safety Precautions ......................1-1 1-1-1. Warnings ........................1-1 1-1-2. Servicing the LED TV ....................1-1 1-1-3. Fire and Shock Hazard .....................1-1 1-1-4. Product Safety Notices .....................1-2 1-2. Servicing Precautions ......................1-3 1-2-1. General Servicing Precautions .................1-3 1-3. Static Electricity Precautions ....................1-4 1-4.
  • Page 3 This Service Manual is a property of Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. © 2014 Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. Any unauthorized use of Manual can be punished under applicable All rights reserved. International and/or domestic law. Printed in Korea...
  • Page 4: Precautions

    1. Precautions 1. Precautions 1-1. Safety Precautions Follow these safety, servicing and ESD precautions to prevent damage and to protect against potential hazards such as electrical shock. 1-1-1. Warnings For continued safety, do not attempt to modify the circuit board. Disconnect the AC power and DC power jack before servicing.
  • Page 5: Product Safety Notices

    1. Precautions 1-1-4. Product Safety Notices Some electrical and mechanical parts have special safetyrelated characteristics which are often not evident from visual inspection. The protection they give may not be obtained by replacing them with components rated for higher voltage, wattage, etc.
  • Page 6: Servicing Precautions

    1. Precautions 1-2. Servicing Precautions An electrolytic capacitor installed with the wrong polarity might explode. WARNING Before servicing units covered by this service manual, read and follow the Safety Precautions section of this manual. CAUTION If unforeseen circumstances create conflict between the following servicing precautions and any of the safety precautions, always follow the safety precautions.
  • Page 7: Static Electricity Precautions

    1. Precautions 1-3. Static Electricity Precautions Some semiconductor (solid state) devices can be easily damaged by static electricity. Such components are commonly called Electrostatically Sensitive Devices (ESD). Examples of typical ESD are integrated circuits and some field-effect transistors. The following techniques will reduce the incidence of component damage caused by static electricity. Immediately before handling any semiconductor components or assemblies, drain the electrostatic charge from your body by touching a known earth ground.
  • Page 8: Installation Precautions

    1. Precautions 1-4. Installation Precautions For safety reasons, more than a people are required for carrying the product. Keep the power cord away from any heat emitting devices, as a melted covering may cause fire or electric shock. Do not place the product in areas with poor ventilation such as a bookshelf or closet. The increased internal temperature may cause fire.
  • Page 9: Product Specifications

    2. Product specifications 2. Product Specifications 2-1. Product information Model UA23H4003AR Front View * W : Width H : High D : Depth Detail View Front Color Black With Stand 551.9 x 368.4 x 123.4 mm / 21.7 x 14.5 x 4.9 inches Dimensions 23"...
  • Page 10: Product Specification

    DTS Premium Sound / DTS Premium DTS 2.0 Sound 5.1 3D Sound Auto Volume Leveler Sound Customizer Sound Output (RMS) 3W x 2 Speaker Type Down Firing + Full Range Woofer HD Audio Smart TV Smart Hub Samsung SMART TV On TV...
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  • Page 14 2. Product specifications Item UA23H4003ARMXL Accessory Electric Wall Mount Support Ultra Slim Wall Mount Supported Mini Wall Mount Supported Vesa Wall Mount Supported Floor Stand Support TV Camera (Included) IR Extender Cable (Included) Network Speaker (Included) Wireless Keyboard (Included) Wireless LAN Adaptor (Included) User Manual E-Manual ANT-Cable...
  • Page 15: Feature & Specifications

    RF, 1-HDMI, 1-Component, 1-A/V(Africa model:2-A/V), 1-USB2.0, 1 Audio Out • Brightness : 250 cd/m • Dynamic Contrast Ratio : Mega DCR • Response Time : 8 ms Specifications „ Model UA23H4003AR Item Description Screen Size (Diagonal) 23 inches LCD Panel HD 60Hz Display Colors 16.7M color Display Resolution...
  • Page 16: Accessories

    2. Product specifications 2-3. Accessories NOTE • The items’ colors and shapes may vary depending on the model. • Cables not included in the package contents can be purchased separately. • The part code for some accessories may differ depending on your region. Product Code.
  • Page 17: Disassembly And Reassembly

    3. Disassembly and Reassemble 3. Disassembly and Reassembly This section of the service manual describes the disassembly and reassembly procedures for the LED TV. This LED TV contains electrostatically sensitive devices. Use caution when handling these components. WARNING 3-1. Disassembly and Reassembly Disconnect the LED TV from the power source before disassembly.
  • Page 18 3. Disassembly and Reassemble Description Picture Description Screws Remove the Rear-Cover. Remove screws of Main Board and Power Torque : Board. 7~ 6001-003016 Remove the Speakers and Power Cables. Remove the LVDS Cable and Panel Drive Cable.
  • Page 19 3. Disassembly and Reassemble Description Picture Description Screws Completed disassembly. NOTE Reassembly procedures are in the reverse order of disassembly procedures.
  • Page 20: Assy Board P-jog Switch & Ir

    3. Disassembly and Reassemble 3-2. Assy Board P-Jog Switch & Ir How to disassembly „ Description Picture Description Refer open the Back cover. Pull out jog function. NOTE Reassembly procedures are in the reverse order of disassembly procedures.
  • Page 21: Disassembly(ptc)

    3. Disassembly and Reassemble 3-3. Disassembly(PTC) How to disassembly „ Description Picture Description Refer Place TV face up on cushioned table. Products at the top of the central TOP- CHASSIS is rotated by 45 degrees outward and pulls.
  • Page 22 3. Disassembly and Reassemble Description Picture Description Refer Pull in the same way from the center of the top. Pull the left part of the product as shown while holding the raised portion on figure 3. Pull the bottom part of the product as figure 2 while holding the raised portion on figure 4.
  • Page 23 3. Disassembly and Reassemble Description Picture Description Refer As shown in the picture, Lift the bottom of the TOP-CHASSIS. Pull the products at the bottom of the right side of the chassis.
  • Page 24 3. Disassembly and Reassemble Description Picture Description Refer Lift the bottom of the chassis with one hand and holding the bottom of the product after you pull the right side of the product chassis. Disassembly is complete. CAUTION To use JIG : Does not lift the chassis by hand, JIG using the lift.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    4. Troubleshooting 4. Troubleshooting 4-1. Troubleshooting Check List for Initial operation „ AC Power Cord connected to the TV and the wall receptacle. Standby Power/IR Indicator LED is turned On. If Power/IR Indicator is not on check 14p power cable is connected and for correct Standby Voltage from SMPS to Main.
  • Page 26 4. Troubleshooting How to know it is from Main Board or T-Con when some problems happen „ No Picture : Backlight is on, but there is no picture and LED indicator in front of TV is blinking. Check the LVDS Cable connection. If still problems, change the T-Con Board and then Main Board step by step. Picture distortion : Enter the service mode ⇢...
  • Page 27 4. Troubleshooting Power-Tree „...
  • Page 28: How To Check Fault Symptom

    4. Troubleshooting 4-2. How to Check Fault Symptom 4-2-1.No Power and No Video • The LEDs on The front panel do not work when connecting The power cord. Symptom • The SMPS relay does not work when connecting The power cord. •...
  • Page 29 4. Troubleshooting Cause : There is proble at FET or Check ‘Power of LVDS (13V)’ Main IC(IC1001) did not appear at TP-PANEL_VCC? 13V (TP-PANEL_VCC) control the SW_PVCC. Measure : Change the Main Assy. Diagnostics Change the LVDS cable Change the Panel. Caution Make sure to disconnect the power before working on the IP board.
  • Page 30 4. Troubleshooting Location of Parts „ Main Board_Front Detail B3.3V #5 #1,2,5,6 B3.3V #5 A3.3V #1...
  • Page 31 4. Troubleshooting Detail SW_POWER #6 A13V #3,5,7,9 Panel Vcc...
  • Page 32: Factory Mode Adjustments

    4. Troubleshooting 4-3. Factory Mode Adjustments 4-3-1. Detail Factory Option NOTE If you replace the main board with new one, please change the factory option as well. The options you must change are "Type". UA23H4003ARMXL „ Inches 23" Vendor PANEL Code BN07-01309A Spec.
  • Page 33: Entering Factory Mode

    4. Troubleshooting 4-3-2. Entering Factory Mode o enter ‘Service Mode’ Press the remote -control keys in this sequence : • If you do not have Factory remote control Power OFF MENU Info Menu mute Power ON • If you have Factory remote control INFO Factory •...
  • Page 34 4. Troubleshooting Code BN07-01309A PANEL SPEC LTF230AN01 IP Board Code BN44-00693A MODEL NAME UA23H4003ARMXL Detail Items INDIA Contents Option Factory Reset 19B6TH0E/19L6TH0E/ Type 23A6AH0E 22D6TH0E/… H4000/H4003/H4060 H4003 Model /H4100/H5000H5100 4000/4003/4060/4100/ 4003 Model 5000/5100 Off/TSE/SDMA/SAVINA/SEIN/ Ch Table NONE TSEC/SEIL_N/SEIL_C EA_CHINA/EA_INDIA/EA_SRI/ EA_NEPAL/EA_BANGLA/EA_ EGYPT/EA_LIBYA/EA_M_ASIA/ Local Set EA_SAUDI/EA_PAK/EA_E_ASIA/...
  • Page 35: White Balance

    4. Troubleshooting 4-4. White Balance 4-4-1. Adjustment Into the Factory Mode. Select ADC/WB menu. White Balance Select menu. (Low Light) (Hight Light) Sub Brightness Sub Contrast ADC/WB White Balance R offset R gain G offset G gain B offset B gain 4-11...
  • Page 36: White Ratio (balance) Adjustment

    4. Troubleshooting 4-5. White Ratio (Balance) Adjustment You can adjust the white ratio in factory mode (1:Calibration, 3:White-Balance). Since the adjustment value and the data value vary depending on the input source, you have to adjust these in CVBS, Component 1 and HDMI 1 modes. The optimal values for each mode are configured by default. It varies with Panel’s size and Specification.
  • Page 37 4. Troubleshooting Gray Check Adjust Spec(xyL) 2nd Adjust Spec(xyL) Levels Code Check x(±) y(±) L(±) x(±) y(±) L(±) 10 IRE 0x01 0.007 0.007 0.11 0.007 0.007 0.11 20 IRE 0x02 0.007 0.007 0.08 0.007 0.007 0.08 30 IRE 0x03 0.007 0.007 0.06 0.007...
  • Page 38: Software Upgrade

    4. Troubleshooting 4-6. Software Upgrade Software Upgrade can be performed by downloading the. latest firmware from to a USB memory device. • Current Version - The software already installed in the TV. Software is represented as ‘Year/Month/Day_Version’. 4-6-1. How to Check the Software Version Use the Main Menu „ Click the "MENU" key in remote controller.
  • Page 39: How To Upgade Software And Micom

    4. Troubleshooting 4-6-2. How to Upgade Software and Micom Insert a USB drive containing the firmware upgrade downloaded from into the TV. Please be careful not to disconnect the power or remove the USB drive while upgrades are being applied. The TV will turn off and turn on automatically after completing the firmware upgrade. Please check the firmware version after the upgrades are complete (the new version will have a higher number than the older version). When software is upgraded, video and audio settings you have made will return to their default (factory) settings.
  • Page 40: Rear Cover Dimension

    4. Troubleshooting 4-7. Rear Cover Dimension UA23H4003AR „ 75.0 126.7 75.0 56.9 313.0 83.2 4-16...
  • Page 41: Wiring Diagram

    5. Wiring Diagram 5. Wiring Diagram 5-1. Wiring Diagram...
  • Page 42: Connector

    5. Wiring Diagram 5-2. Connector Main Board „ 2 CN201 6 CN401 1 CN802_HD 7 CN705 5 CN403 8 CN302 3 CN401 4 CN301 CN802_HD (to Panel) CN201 (to Powr board) PANEL_13V_PW EVEN_TXCLK+_LVDS SW_POWER_TO_ SMPS PANEL_13V_PW EVEN_TXCLK-_LVDS D13V_PW PANEL_13V_PW PWM_DIMMING_ PANEL_13V_PW EVEN_TX2+_LVDS A13V_PW...
  • Page 44: Connector Functions

    5. Wiring Diagram 5-3. Connector Functions Connector Function Supply main power and dimming signal from IP Board to Main Board. CN201  IP CN The LVDS signal transfered from Main Board to Panel. CN1301_FHD  T-CON CNF1 The LVDS signal transfered from Main Board to Panel. CN1302_HD ...

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