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Huawei DN371T User Manual

Huawei DN371T User Manual




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  • Page 1 96722357_02...
  • Page 2 Your Guide to YouView+...
  • Page 4 Hello and welcome to YouView Before you settle down to watch your favourite programme, why not take a few minutes to get to know what YouView can do? This guide will introduce you to YouView’s features, customisation options and help create the YouView experience that’s right for you.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    What’s Inside Settings Your Remote Control Parental Controls Browsing Programmes Subtitles and Accessibility Guide System Information On Demand Device Management Information Panel Network and Internet Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward Your Info and Legal Search Your Broadband Provider Recording Troubleshooting Recording: Extras Customer support Reminders Specification...
  • Page 6: Your Remote Control

    Dual key: Deletes recordings in MyView and text Shift - Changes to upper case characters in Search in Search. Also turns subtitles on/off. *To programme your universal remote control to operate your TV please visit Enter DN371t in the website search box and press enter.
  • Page 7: Browsing Programmes

    Browsing Programmes Having a great variety of TV shows, fi lms and radio to choose from is a good thing, but it can also make it hard to know where to start. That’s why YouView has made it easy to fi nd your favourites and discover what’s new. TV guide On demand Mini guide...
  • Page 8: Guide

    Browsing Programmes: Guide Catch up With the YouView Guide, you can check out Browse what’s currently on TV or Radio, what’s going To watch a programme that’s already been Press on the remote to bring up the to be on for the next 7 days and you can scroll shown, use the left arrow button to go back Guide, then use the left and right arrow back 7 days to catch up on your favourite...
  • Page 9 Browsing Programmes: On Demand Head to the On Demand area of YouView to fi nd By provider More about a programme a great selection of TV programmes, series and Press to bring up the main menu. Anywhere you see , you can press fi lms.
  • Page 10: Information Panel

    More Information: Information Panel Watched a great programme and want to fi nd More episodes Programme information another episode? Easy. Whether you’re watching Press to bring up the Information a show on live TV, a recording or just browsing on Press to bring up the Information Panel and see if more episodes of the...
  • Page 11: Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward

    Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward YouView gives you complete control over the way you interact with live TV, Catch Up, On Demand or recorded programmes. Pause Rewind Fast forward To pause live TV for up to two hours, press To rewind live TV, press .
  • Page 12: Search

    Search With YouView, you can search for specifi c On Demand, Catch Up, and Live TV programmes across YouView, using the keypad on the remote. Searching Auto suggestions Filtering Press on the remote control. Otherwise, As you type, YouView will suggest programmes To fi lter your search results, press the green you can press to display the main menu,...
  • Page 13: Recording

    Recording Live TV Mini Guide Setting a recording Series recording To record the programme If the programme you want you’re currently watching, to record is part of a series, press on the remote you will be given the option to control.
  • Page 14: Recording: Extras

    Recording: Extras Recording two programmes Recording clashes Cancelling a recording If you try to record too many programmes To cancel a recording, go to the Guide, fi nd Your YouView box lets you watch one at the same time, it will create a clash. the programme you’d selected to record programme while recording another.
  • Page 15: Reminders

    Reminders Don’t miss the start of that exciting new TV drama series. You can set reminders for all your favourite programmes and YouView will let you know they’re about to start. Cancelling a reminder Setting a reminder To cancel a reminder that you have previously set, select the programme Find the future programme you want to be reminded about in the Guide, on the YouView Guide or Mini Guide.
  • Page 16: Myview

    MyView Managing your programmes is really easy. Just press at any time and select MyView to access all your recordings. Viewing your recordings Playing your recordings Series Recording The Recordings area of MyView lists all your Highlight the recording you want to watch. Press If you have recorded a series you will see next watched and unwatched recorded programmes.
  • Page 17: Myview: Extras

    MyView: Extras Auto deleting recordings Finding out more about a recorded Deleting a recording programme If your hard disk becomes full and there isn’t 1. Highlight the recording. enough space to record a new programme, 1. Highlight the recording. 2. Press on the remote control.
  • Page 18: Security

    Security For complete peace of mind, your YouView box lets you restrict access to any programmes you believe are unsuitable for younger members of your household. Sharing information with PIN protection Hiding adult programmes entertainment providers Your YouView box comes with a default PIN: By default, access to the Adult section of the Your parental control settings will be passed 1234.
  • Page 19: Settings

    Settings We’ve made YouView as easy as possible to set up and start using. You can change many of YouView’s settings at any time to personalise your TV experience. To access any of the options covered in this section, press and select Settings, then use the arrow keys to move back and forth through the menu options.
  • Page 20: Parental Controls

    Settings: Parental Controls The parental control settings allow you to restrict access to rated programmes. When turning restricted rated programmes on, you will be asked to enter a PIN to access rated programmes before the watershed. Changing your PIN Changing your security question Your YouView box comes with a default PIN: 1234.
  • Page 21 Settings: Subtitles and Accessibility If you’re hard of hearing or visually impaired, your YouView box comes with some helpful additional features to ensure you get the most out of your TV experience. Subtitles Audio description If you want to turn subtitles off, 2.
  • Page 22: Subtitles And Accessibility

    Settings: Subtitles and Accessibility Sign language 2. Scroll up the list of options and choose Sign ‘Zooming’ the screen Language. Sign language is available on some On Demand If you’re finding it difficult to read some of the 3. Use the left or right arrow to select ON and programmes on YouView.
  • Page 23: Device Management

    Settings: Device Management Auto delete recordings Reset your YouView box Eco mode By default, your YouView box is set to delete old Use this option if you want to reset your Use this option to manage the energy settings recordings automatically when the hard disk YouView Box and restore it to its factory for your YouView box.
  • Page 24: Network And Internet

    Settings: Network and Internet Access this section if you want to check your Wired Connection settings. If they are set to Automatic, your YouView Box will detect your settings. This option is the default setting and is considered to be appropriate for most users. However, if you prefer, you can change this setting to ‘Manual’.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Need a bit of help with your YouView box? This section identifies some of the more common problems you may encounter and offers suggestions to help you fix them. 1. Setting up broadband, try the following steps to resolve this: When you switch the box on for the first time, you’ll need to run through the on screen setup to tune the TV channels available to you.
  • Page 26 If you’re still experiencing Network and Internet > Wired Connection and select Automatic. This problems with picture quality, please contact Huawei Support. should enter your broadband settings for you automatically. If this does f) If there appears to be a problem with the aerial in your home you may not happen, restart your router and try again.
  • Page 27 connection is working. For more information, visit 7. Can’t remember my PIN number support. If you did not change your PIN number during setup, the default PIN is If you are experiencing problems with finding Players, please ensure 1234. you disconnect and reconnect the aerial cable and manually retune the If you can’t remember your PIN, you can reset it by answering your security channels by going to Settings>TV Signal &...
  • Page 28: Customer Support

    Customer support Specification Power Supply Got a question or need more help with your YouView box? call your local Huawei support representative: Power type: SMPS tel: 0844 800 6800 Power Consumption: Max. 20W hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm Input Voltage: AC 90-250 volts, 50/ 60Hz Please visit for...
  • Page 29: Safety Information

    Safety Information This section contains important information about the operation of your device. It also contains information about how to use the device safely. Read this information carefully before using your device. Environmental consideration Keep the device and accessories in a well-ventilated and cool area away from direct sunlight.
  • Page 30 play with the device or its accessories may be dangerous. The device radiators. Batteries may explode if overheated. includes detachable parts that may present a choking hazard. Keep away Do not attempt to modify or remanufacture the battery, insert foreign from children.
  • Page 31 unusual sound or smell), immediately stop using it, power it off, remove all The company shall not be liable for any corruption of data on the hard disk cables connected to it, and contact an authorised service center. drive caused by carelessness or misuse Disposal and recycling information Do not walk on, pull, or excessively bend any cable.
  • Page 32 EU regulatory conformance Statement Hereby, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. declares that this device is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of LVD Directive 2006/95/EC and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC. For the declaration of conformity, visit the web site www.huaweidevice.
  • Page 33: Legal Notice

    Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. applications. Where a fault lies in the third party software, Huawei will be Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the unable to rectify the issue, nor be responsible or liable for the functions or double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
  • Page 34: Privacy Policy

    Huawei shall not compensate or be liable for services provided Import and Export Regulations by third-party service providers, or the interruption or termination of third- Customers shall comply with all applicable export or import laws and party contents or services.
  • Page 35: License Information

    Youview software, please visit pages/opensource/. To view more details about the copyright notice of HUAWEI software, please visit http://consumer.huawei. com/minisite/copyright_notice/. WRITTEN OFFER If you would like a copy of the GPL source code contained in this product, please contact

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