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Peripheral Electronics Automobile Parts User Manual

Peripheral electronics automobile parts user manual.
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No power / won't go into programming mode:
• Check Red wire connection and fuse. Make sure INTERFACE is connected to switched +12volts, not constant +12volts.
• Make sure vehicle ignition is on.
The INTERFACE controls the stereo immediately without pressing any buttons on the steering wheel:
• During programming, press the buttons on the steering wheel fi rmly until the left LED turns off. Releasing the button too early
will cause the INTERFACE to send out a signal even when no buttons are pressed.
The INTERFACE controls the radio whenever the steering wheel is turned (mostly late 80's early 90's Honda/Acura).
• Program the INTERFACE for version #11.
When ever I program a new button the previous button does not work.
• You must program all buttons during programming. If you try to program another button, all previous button will be erased. You
will have to relearn all previous buttons again.
Working on a new or unlisted vehicle?
We are always looking for new vehicle information. If you've successfully completed the installation on a vehicle with
steer ing wheel controls, and the vehicle is not listed in these instructions or on our Website, con tact us at
(727) 572-9255 ext. 230 or so that we may add the information to the instructions.
Peripheral Electronics
13160 56th Court, Clearwater, Florida 33760
Consumers - • Authorized Dealers -
Voice: 727-572-9255 • Fax: 727-573-9326 •
Copyright 2005 Peripheral Electonics. Content subject to change without notice.
Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface
For Pioneer and Sony Radios
with wired remote inputs.
Before You Start
A. Is this product compatible with the ve hi cle?
• See application guide (seperate sheet) for listing of vehicles and connection information. If not, check www. for an updated list of com pat i ble vehicles.
B. Prepare for the installation.
• If possible, install the PESWIPS while you are installing the new head unit. Keep in mind you may need to plug in
the factory stereo to locate certain wires; therefore do not complete the head unit installation until the PESWIPS is
working properly.
• Plan a general installation location for both the PESWIPS plug and the control body. Keep in mind that the sup-
plied wire harness is two feet long, and the 1/8" plug harness is three feet long.
• Use a multimeter or approved measuring device for checking vehicle circuits.
IP-BUS cable
Steering wheel
audio control wire
Antenna jack
Installation Instructions
IP-BUS input
Jack for the PESWIPS

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  • Page 1: Troubleshooting Guide

    Website, con tact us at (727) 572-9255 ext. 230 or so that we may add the information to the instructions. Peripheral Electronics 13160 56th Court, Clearwater, Florida 33760 Consumers - •...

  • Page 2: Wiring Connections

    Wiring Connections Note: Only 3 wires will be used during installation. Only GM vehicles programmed for version #4, will use 4 wires. Step 1. Connect the BLACK wire to ground (-). Verifi cation: Wire or location reg is ters a con stant (-) when probed.

  • Page 3

    Testing the PESWIPS Note: For Sony head units, please refer to the note below. Test each Heater function of the steering wheel controls. The TEMP and FAN should work properly. When testing the audio controls, the left LED on the PESWIPS will fl ash indicating it is sending a command.

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    Programming the PESWIPS to Control the Head Unit IMPORTANT! Some steps of the programming instructions must be completed within a certain number of seconds following the previous step. Review the complete instruction before beginning the pro gram ming sequence. Step 11. Turn the vehicle ignition to STRT the ON position.

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