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Troubleshooting(Faq) - Asus SP6540 User Manual

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3.3. Trouble Shooting (FAQ)
Power LED is not ON
The power LED lights
on but there is no
screen image
Screen image bounces
or a wave pattern is
present in the image
No sound or the sound
is too low
Touch function is not
Screen image is too
light or dark
Possible Solution
• Press the
button to check if the IWB is in the
ON mode
• Check if the power cord is properly connected to
the IWB and the power outlet.
• Check power LED function in the OSD menu,
press on to active it.
Check if the IWB and the computer are in the ON
•Make sure the signal cable is properly connected
the IWB and the computer.
• Inspect the signal cable and make sure none of
the pins are bent.
• Connect the computer with another available IWB
to check if the computer is properly working.
•Make sure the signal cable is properly connected
to the IWB and the computer.
• Move electrical devices that may cause electrical
• Adjust the volume setting between the IWB and
the PC.
• Make sure the computer already install and active
the computer card device driver.
• Check the IWB is properly connected to the
computer through the USB cable.
• Computer must have Windows 7 version or
above and does not support Android system.
• Check if the computer have HID device.
• Check if the reflective tape in the front bezel are
dirty or broken.
Adjust the Contrast and Brightness settings via OSD



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