Samsung SM-R323 Gear VR User Manual
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User Manual
Please read this manual before operating
your device and keep it for future reference.


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  • Page 1 M O B I L E D E V I C E User Manual Please read this manual before operating your device and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Legal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Read me first .
  • Page 3 Installing the Mobile Device . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Installing Gear VR Software .
  • Page 4: Legal

    Legal WEA_SM-R323_EN_IBGUM_102416_FINAL...
  • Page 5 RESOLUTION PROCEDURE and your right to opt out of arbitration within 30 calendar days of the first consumer purchase. You may opt out by either sending an email to optout@sea .samsung .com with the subject line “Arbitration Opt-Out” or by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864).
  • Page 6 All Intellectual Property, as defined below, owned by or which is otherwise the property of Samsung or its respective suppliers relating to the SAMSUNG mobile device, including but not limited to, accessories, parts, or software relating thereto (the “mobile device”), is proprietary to Samsung and protected under federal laws, state laws, and international treaty provisions.
  • Page 9 .com ©2016 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Do you have questions about your Samsung Mobile Device? For 24 hour information and assistance, we offer a new FAQ/ARS System (Automated Response System) at www .samsung .com/us/support.
  • Page 10: Read Me First

    Read me first...
  • Page 11: About The Gear Vr

    About the Gear VR The Samsung Gear™ VR powered by Oculus™ (also referred to as Gear VR) is a headmounted, virtual reality device that provides an immersive experience for a wide range of users. When you connect a compatible mobile device to the Gear VR, you can enjoy multimedia content and play games by launching apps on the mobile device.
  • Page 12 • The Gear VR cannot be operated by itself. For a list of compatible devices, go to the device’s product page on www .samsung .com. Important: Some languages or content may not be available depending on the region or network. To view the open source license...
  • Page 13: Support

    For more information and additional support, please visit the main www .samsung .com support page. • Get support for your Samsung Gear VR online. • Review your Gear VR’s troubleshooting FAQs, and solutions. Note: Mobile devices and software are constantly evolving—screen images you see here are for reference only.
  • Page 14: Wearing The Gear Vr

    Wearing the Gear VR Warning: Although eyeglasses can be worn inside Gear VR, they should be removed if the user experiences discomfort. If the discomfort continues and these glasses are not removed, this could cause facial injuries. If you have poor eyesight, we recommended wearing contact lenses when using the Gear VR.
  • Page 15 These Health and Safety warnings are periodically updated for accuracy and completeness. Check both www .samsung .com and oculus .com/warnings for the latest updated content. • The Gear VR should not be used by children under the age of 13, as young children are in a critical period in visual development.
  • Page 16 • A comfortable virtual reality experience requires an unimpaired sense of motion and balance. Do not use the Gear VR when you are tired, need sleep, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are hung-over, have digestive problems, are under emotional stress or anxiety, or when suffering from cold, flu, headaches, migraines, or earaches, as this can increase your susceptibility to adverse symptoms.
  • Page 17 • The foam cushioning may get dirty if your face is sweating while wearing the Gear VR. Doing so may deteriorate the quality of the foam cushioning. Ensure that you keep your face clean and dry when wearing the Gear VR. •...
  • Page 18 • When you are not wearing the Gear VR, do not place objects on the Gear VR’s proximity sensor. Doing so may cause the proximity sensor to stay on and drain the battery. • Refer to your mobile device online support material for more information.
  • Page 19 • Listening to sound at high volumes can cause irreparable damage to your hearing. Background noise, as well as continued exposure to high volume levels, can make sounds seem quieter than they actually are. Due to the immersive nature of the virtual reality experience, do not use the Gear VR with the sound at a high volume so that you can maintain awareness of your surroundings and reduce the risk of hearing damage.
  • Page 20: Before Using The Gear Vr Headset

    Before Using the Gear VR Headset • Read and follow all set up and operating instructions provided with the Gear VR. Immediately discontinue use if anyone using the Gear VR experiences any of the following symptoms: seizures; loss of awareness; eye strain; eye or muscle twitching; involuntary movements;...
  • Page 21 • People who are prone to motion sickness in the real world also have a heightened risk of experiencing discomfort while using the Gear VR. Such individuals should take extra care to read and follow these warnings carefully. • We recommend consulting with a doctor before using the Gear VR if you are pregnant, elderly, have psychiatric disorders, suffer from a heart condition, have pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities or suffer from a heart condition or other serious medical condition.
  • Page 22 • Just as with the symptoms people can experience after they disembark a cruise ship, symptoms of virtual reality exposure can persist and become more apparent hours after use. • Do not drive, operate machinery, or engage in other visually or physically demanding activities that have potentially serious consequences (i.e., activities in which experiencing any symptoms could lead to death, personal injury, or damage to property), or...
  • Page 23 • These post-use symptoms can include the symptoms above, as well as excessive drowsiness and decreased ability to multi-task. These symptoms may put you at an increased risk of injury when engaging in normal activities in the real world. • Using the Gear VR can make your muscles, joints or skin hurt.
  • Page 24: Additional Notifications

    Additional Notifications • The connected mobile device may become hotter than normal when used with the Gear VR, especially if you use the devices to play games for an extended period. When the Gear VR detects a high temperature, the quality of the application may be degraded or VR applications may be terminated in order to prevent overheating.
  • Page 25 The availability of VR-enabled content and applications and language support may vary by region. Note: Use only Samsung-approved accessories. Using unapproved accessories may cause performance problems and malfunctions that are not covered by the warranty. Factory lens protectors are pre- installed on the Gear VR.
  • Page 26 • If you use a third-party controller, consult the manufacturer for health and safety warnings for the controller. Always use included wrist straps with controllers to secure the controller to your wrist when in use. • Do not modify or open any of the components provided. •...
  • Page 27 • Do not attempt to repair any part of your device yourself. Repairs should only be made by an authorized servicer. • To avoid transferring contagious conditions (like pink eye), do not share the Gear VR with persons with contagious conditions, infections or diseases, particularly of the eyes, skin or scalp.
  • Page 28 Caution: Use only charging devices and batteries approved by Samsung. Samsung accessories are designed for your device to maximize battery life. Using other accessories may invalidate your warranty and may cause damage. Take care not to stand up or move around while the Gear VR is “plugged in”, as this may cause injury to...
  • Page 29: Getting Started

    Getting Started Learn about your device hardware, assembly procedures, and how to get started using your new device.
  • Page 30: Device Functions

    Device Functions Focus Adjustment Wheel Back Key Strap Loop Home ouchpad Front Cover Volume Keys...
  • Page 31 Proximity Sensor Foam Cushioning Lenses Note: Factory lens protectors are pre-installed on the Gear VR. Remove the lens protectors before you use the Gear VR. Getting Started 31...
  • Page 32 Top Strap Loop Main Strap Loop Device Holder Device Holder Multipurpose Jack...
  • Page 33 Controls Back: • Press to return to the previous screen. • Press and hold to access the Universal menu. You can view the status of the Gear VR and configure settings. Home: Press to return to the Home screen. Volume: Press to adjust the volume. Focus Adjustment Wheel: Rotate to focus by adjusting the distance between the mobile device and the Gear VR’s lenses.
  • Page 34: Setting Up The Device

    Setting Up the Device Installing the straps 1. Insert each end of the strap through the main strap loop on the Gear VR (1) and use the velcro to fasten each end (2). 2. Carefully insert the hook (from the top head strap) into the front bar of the Gear VR (3), then pull it upward until it locks in place (4).
  • Page 35 3. Slide the top head strap through the loop and use the velcro to fasten it (5). Note: The head strap contains a longer velcro strip and is used to secure the front of the Gear VR frame. Getting Started 35...
  • Page 36 Caution: Do not put on the Gear VR when you are wearing glasses. Doing so may cause facial injuries. If you need corrective lenses, it is recommended that you wear contact lenses when using the Gear VR. If you are farsighted or there is a big difference between your left and right eyes’...
  • Page 37 Removing the straps ► Remove the top strap by pulling its loop towards the foam cushioning. Then, remove the main strap. Getting Started 37...
  • Page 38: Installing The Mobile Device

    Installing the Mobile Device This section outlines the process for removing the cover, replacing the device holder, and then installing the desired device type. Removing the Cover ► Gently pull the right device holder outwards, then gently remove the protective front cover.
  • Page 39 Connecting the Mobile Device 1. Pull the device holder (right) to the right (1), verify the Lock Switch is in the correct “locked” position (2), and gently push the device holder into either position A or B (3) depending on the size of the mobile device screen you want to use.
  • Page 40 Device Holder (left) Position B Position A Indicates the current mobile device size • Position A: is used for larger devices. • Position B: is used for smaller devices.
  • Page 41 Note: Ensure that the connector is fully inserted into the mobile device’s USB port. The device makes a sound when properly connected. Caution: Do not forcefully insert the connector into the mobile device as this may damage the connector. Improper installation can scratch the mobile device.
  • Page 42 5. Verify the orientation of the mobile device. Caution: If you insert the mobile device tilted to one side, it may cause discomfort. In this case, the mobile device screen will not be aligned properly to the lenses.
  • Page 43 Correctly Mounted Alignment Device Holder (right) Tabs Note: Verify that your device volume is not set to silent. If the sound is not emitted when you insert the connector into the mobile device, the Gear VR did not recognize the connection. Carefully reconnect the mobile device until you hear the sound.
  • Page 44: Installing Gear Vr Software

    Installing Gear VR Software You must install the Gear VR software in order to use the Gear VR. When you connect the mobile device to the Gear VR for the first time, the set up process automatically begins. Note: Connect your mobile device to an active cellular network or Wi-Fi connection before performing the setup process.
  • Page 45 6. Read and agree to the health and safety warnings, and the terms and conditions in the End User License Agreement (EULA), and then tap NEXT > INSTALL. Note: During this initial process, you might be prompted to install additional software or update your mobile device firmware. 7. When prompted, tap Sign In and enter your previously created email and password.
  • Page 46 Completing the Set Up Process 1. Confirm the mobile device is securely mounted into the Gear VR. 2. Read the displayed Health & Safety Warning! information and then use your head to position the onscreen Pointer (crosshair) into the Oculus logo area to continue. 3.
  • Page 47 This menu contains items such as: Oculus Home, Passthrough Camera, Reorient, Volume, and Brightness. • A proximity sensor inside the Gear VR detects the position of your face. When you wear the Gear VR, the screen will unlock and you can then use the touchpad.
  • Page 48: Wearing The Gear Vr

    Wearing the Gear VR 1. Align your face and the foam cushion and put on the Gear VR. Caution: Do not walk or drive while wearing the Gear VR. Always be aware of your surroundings while using the Gear VR to avoid injury to yourself or others.
  • Page 49 Connecting a Headset You can connect a headset or a Bluetooth headset to the mobile device when using the Gear VR. Note: Some audio jacks on headphones/earbuds may not fit properly in your mobile device while mounted to the Gear VR. If this is the case, do not force the connector into the mobile device as this may cause damage.
  • Page 50 Removing the Mobile Device Remove the mobile device from the Gear VR when not in use. 1. Remove the protective cover (that aids in securing the mobile device). 2. Carefully pull the device holder (right) outward (1), remove the connected mobile device (2) by carefully sliding it outwards at an angle, and then replace the front cover.
  • Page 51: Using The Charger

    Using the Charger • You can connect the charger to the multipupose jack on the bottom of the Gear VR. Note: Use only Samsung-approved USB cables and power adapters. Micro USB charging cable Micro USB Connector • When connected to the charger, it is the connected mobile device that is being charged and not the Gear VR.
  • Page 52 • In high power demand situations, the Gear VR draws power from both the charger and the mobile device’s battery at the same time. • If the Gear VR is disconnected from the charger while it is being used: • The image on the screen may be briefly inactive.
  • Page 53: Know Your Device

    Know Your Device Learn some of the key features of your device, including the screens and icons, as well as how to navigate the device.
  • Page 54: Basic Navigation And Selection

    Basic Navigation and Selection Using the Touchpad The Touchpad, located at the right side of the Gear VR, is used for both selection and navigation of displayed elements. Making Selections (Tapping) 1. Move your head to place the pointer on top of the desired item. 2. Tap the touchpad with your finger to select an item or show available features within a video.
  • Page 55 Moving Around the screen (Swiping) • Swipe forward across the touchpad to move to the next item. • Swipe backward across the touchpad to view the previous item. Swiping forwards or backwards Move to the next or previous item Scroll right or left in a list Reject an incoming call Swiping upwards or downwards Scroll up or down on a webpage or list...
  • Page 56 Moving the Pointer or Screen The Gear VR recognizes your head movements and then translates that information as a location within your current screen environment. Some screens may not display a pointer. • Moving your head around also changes the views and perspectives of the current screen.
  • Page 57 Making a Selection You can select items or apps by moving your head and then tapping the touchpad. 1. Move your head to place the displayed pointer onto a desired selection (1). 2. Tap the touchpad (on the right side of the unit) (2). Note: The pointer is centered in your line sight and follows your head movements.
  • Page 58: Navigation - Home Screen

    Navigation - Home Screen Any time the Gear VR application restarts, you are prompted to read the displayed Health and Safety information and tap the touchpad to accept the terms before proceeding. Recommended apps Store New Oculus videos Recently used apps Friends list Store ( Tutorial...
  • Page 59 Swipe through your available selections and tap the touchpad to activate an app. Additional options available on this screen are: • Samsung Gear VR: Provides access to VR-related applications • Tutorial: Provides an on-screen tutorial on device use. •...
  • Page 60 Navigation - App Screen Once you select an app (from either your Recent Apps or Library screen), you can select additional related options. Launching a Loaded Application 1. From the HOME screen, select Library. 2. Use the touchpad to move through your available applications. Additional options include: My Apps, Updates, Not installed, or select from available filters at the top of the screen such as: Comfort, Recent, A-Z (alphabetical).
  • Page 61 Accessing Additional Application Functions 1. From within the Library, scroll left or right to locate an installed application. 2. Place your pointer over Options and select Details to display the Apps screen, where you can review more detailed information for the selected app. 3. This Apps screen provides both useful application information and additional related options such as: •...
  • Page 62 • User Ranking: View current user ranking for this application. • Comfort: View the current user comfort rating for this application. • Additional requirements: Displays notes about any application-specific requirements. • Start: Launches the application.
  • Page 63: Using The Universal Menu

    Using the Universal Menu You can use the Universal menu to configure settings for the Gear VR and to capture the Gear VR’s screen. Also, you can view the current time, remaining battery power, and more. Note: These features may not be available in some apps to protect their copyright.
  • Page 64 • Notifications : Displays your notifications such as incoming calls and message notifications. • Sett ings : Displays settings options. Volume : Adjusts the volume. Brightness : Adjusts the screen brightness. Reorient : Realigns the screen based on the current direction you are facing.* Notifications : Allows the Gear VR to receive the sounds of incoming calls and notifications.
  • Page 65 • Utilities : Displays utility options. Scree nshot: Captures the Gear VR’s screen. Captur e Video : Records the Gear VR’s screen. Passthrough Camera : Activates the mobile device’s rear camera and allows you to see through and to the outside environment. Note: Aligning the screen is available only in horizontal direction.* Going to Oculus Home ►...
  • Page 66 Using Passthrough Camera This feature activates the mobile device’s rear camera and projects it onto your screen so that you can see your surroundings while wearing the Gear VR. Note: Do not attach the front cover when using the mobile device’s rear camera.
  • Page 67 Reorienting the Gear VR There may be times when the viewing angle of the screen might change and not display centered in your line of sight. Reorienting the screen resets the viewing angle to match your current line of sight and orientation by resetting the forward location.
  • Page 68 Turning off Notifications When Notifications are turned off, you will not receive any audio notifications and incoming calls are ignored. To turn off Notifications: 1. From an active VR screen, press and hold the Back key. 2. Access the menu by tapping on Settings >...
  • Page 69 Adjusting Brightness 1. From an active Gear VR screen, press and hold the Back key. 2. Access the menu by tapping on Settings > Brightness, then position it over the displayed slider. 3. Swipe upward/downward over the touchpad to move the displayed slider up (increase brightness) or down (decrease brightness).
  • Page 70 Calls The icon displays on the screen if you receive a call while you are using the Gear VR. ► You can reject the call, by swiping backwards or forwards on the touchpad. ► You cannot answer calls while using the Gear VR. To answer a call, separate the mobile device from the Gear VR.
  • Page 71 Answering a call 1. To answer a call, separate the mobile device from the Gear VR and answer the call on the mobile device 2. Answer the call on the mobile device. Note: When you answer a call, the currently running VR app closes. If you do not see the calling pop up on your mobile device, you might have to tap the X at the top of the blank screen to close the current Gear VR app.
  • Page 72 Viewing Notifications While using the Gear VR, you can view general notifications, such as events, messages, and alarms when they display as a pop-up notification on the screen. You can turn on the pop-up messages in the Universal menu. To see more notification details, review them on the mobile device after you separate it from the Gear VR.
  • Page 73: Applications

    Applications Learn how to use available apps and how to download new ones.
  • Page 74: Applications

    Applications Loading New Applications Applications can be loaded from one of two locations: • Samsung Gear VR: Found on the HOME screen. • Recommended Apps: Displayed in the center of the HOME screen. Loading Using the Samsung Gear VR Store 1. Navigate to the HOME screen, place the pointer on the...
  • Page 75 4. Place the pointer over the installation button and tap the touchpad to make your selection 5. Once your application completes loading, select Start. Loading from the Mobile Device 1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Oculus. 2. Tap Menu and select either Library or Store.
  • Page 76 Uninstalling Existing Applications You must uninstall applications from the OCULUS application (available on the mobile device’s Applications page). Uninstalling Apps from the Mobile Device 1. From the mobile device’s Home screen, tap Apps > Oculus. 2. Tap Menu and select Library. 3.
  • Page 77 Updating Applications You can update default apps and installed apps. 1. From within the Library, place your pointer over the Updates option. 2. Place the pointer on the available application updates and follow the prompts. Applications 77...
  • Page 78 VR Gallery View images and videos you created using the mobile device. 1. Navigate to the HOME screen, place the pointer on the Library button and tap the touchpad. 2. Swipe across your touchpad until the VR Gallery app displays. Viewing images Select an image folder and then select an image.
  • Page 79 Playing videos ► Select a video folder, then select a video to watch. To access the playback controls: 1. While the movie is playing, hover your pointer over the bottom area of the displayed movie and tap the touchpad. 2. Once the controls display, tap on the screen and hover a selection use the touchpad to activate a function.
  • Page 80 Oculus Videos Enjoy videos on a screen in your own virtual movie theater. 1. Navigate to the HOME screen, place the pointer on the Library button and tap the touchpad. 2. Swipe across your touchpad until the Oculus Video app displays and tap the touchpad.
  • Page 81 4. Select a video and then choose an available surrounding for your movie watching experience. • Both 2D, 3D, and 360-degree videos are available for selection. To access the playback controls: 1. While the movie is playing, hover your pointer over the bottom area of the displayed movie and tap the touchpad.
  • Page 82 Oculus 360 Photos This application provides 360 degree views of available panoramic images. 1. Navigate to the HOME screen, place the pointer on the Library button and tap the touchpad. 2. Swipe across your touchpad until the Oculus 360 Photos app displays, and tap the touchpad.
  • Page 83 While viewing the image, tap the touchpad to use the following features: • View the previous image: Swipe backward across the touchpad. • View the next image: Swipe forward across the touchpad. • Menu: Tap the screen to access additional options: •...

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