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Users manual
Version 2.4 - August 2012


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   Summary of Contents for Samsung VISIO 22+

  • Page 1

    Users manual VISIO 22+ Version 2.4 - August 2012 English...

  • Page 2: About This Manual

    About this manual This manual addresses to end users of VISIO 22+. The device was assembled by your dealer or shipped to you as a completely assembled and tested device. In this manual you will find all information required to use your VISIO 22+.

  • Page 3

    About VISIO Handy design, simple to use, excellent picture quality – that is what VISIO 22+ stands for. All VISIO 22 models have a High-Resolution camera and a 22” widescreen display in 16 by 9 format with high contrast and power saving LED backlight. Thanks to the High-Resolution camera VISIO 22+ provides a bright and crisp image even in the smallest magnification.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents ABOUT THIS MANUAL ............................2 TABLE OF CONTENTS............................4 BEFORE YOU START ............................5 HOW TO POSITION VISIO 22+ ON YOUR DESK ....................5 VERY FIRST TIME POWER ON AFTER INSTALLATION..................6 VISIO 22+ CONTROL PANEL ..........................7 VISIO 22+ CONTROL PANEL BUTTONS - QUICK REFERENCE.................

  • Page 7: Before You Start

    Before you start Please read the safety instructions at the end and check the contents of the packaging What’s in the box:  1 VISIO 22+ CCTV Reader device  1 Power supply with cable to mains  1 Users manual How to position VISIO 22+ on your desk Place VISIO 22+ on your desk and set it so far back that when pulled out to the maximum position (nearest to your belly) the front edge of the XY-table is...

  • Page 8: Very First Time Power On After Installation

    Very first time power on after installation The following chapter usually can be skipped, as this has usually already been done when you received your VISIO 22+. It should not be necessary that you do this again. Connect VISIO 22+ power supply to mains. Press Power button on left of control unit for about one second or until lights turn on, monitor should be turned on automatically.

  • Page 9: Visio 22+ Control Panel

    VISIO 22+ Control Panel VISIO 22+ Control Panel Buttons - Quick Reference Power Short press of about 1 second will power up the device (lights on). Long press will switch off. Auto Focus Toggles Auto Focus on and off. Auto Focus on has always a sharp image. Auto Focus off is for taking handwritten notes.

  • Page 10: Getting Familiar With Your New Visio 22

    Getting familiar with your new VISIO 22+ You have already learned how to position VISIO on your desk and you have connected VISIO to the power supply. You can slightly tilt the display so that you can comfortably view the screen. Do not tilt too much;...

  • Page 11

    Let us try the buttons on the control panel now. We have already learned, the power on button is the leftmost button. In the middle of the control panel, there is a round knob. This is the zoom knob which controls magnification. Turning this knob clockwise will increase magnification while turning it counter clockwise will decrease magnification.

  • Page 12

    options. Try out by pressing the false colour button. This is the rightmost button on the control panel. Each time you press it, the colours will change. After you went through all 7 options it will start over again. If you want to reverse foreground and background, press the text button.

  • Page 13

    When you switch on VISIO, it is always in auto focus mode. That means, no matter how thick a book or how curved a page, VISIO will always focus on the part displayed and thus always present a sharp image on the display. So this is the setting you usually will prefer.

  • Page 14: For Your Safety

    For your safety WARNING: Failure to observe the following warnings may invalidate the guarantee and could cause damage of the device or serious injury. Please check contents of package before you use the device. If parts are damaged or missing, please do not hesitate to inform your dealer. Please keep the shipping box, so you can safely pack the device in case you have to ship it for service etc.

  • Page 15

    Do not allow sand or dust to come into contact with the device as this may lead to serious damage and could make repair impossible. Use the device with clean hands only. Do not use in locations where strong radio waves are emitted or where there is radiation.

  • Page 16

    Do not insert objects into openings. Do not use device during thunderstorms. Unplug from mains during thunderstorms. We recommend use of an overvoltage protection adapter, which can be bought from your local electronics store. Please note, this does not provide a 100% protection from overvoltage. Do not insert or remove the plug with wet hands.

  • Page 17: Common Problems And Solutions

    Common problems and solutions So now it happened. VISIO does not work as expected and you are clueless if it is broken. Very often, a small reason can cause a big problem, which can be resolved easily. So please read the following checklist and try to find out what is wrong.

  • Page 18: Letters Are Fluttering

    Letters are fluttering Increase zoom by turning zoom knob clockwise. Try different settings of Image optimizer button. Please contact our Service Department if you encounter any problems or have any questions: BAUM Retec AG - Service, In der Au 22, D-69257 Wiesenbach Germany Tel.: +49 6223 4909-0...

  • Page 19: Warranty

    Warranty BAUM Retec AG warrants the device, effective from the date of delivery, to be free of any defects in material and workmanship. Warranty is not transferable and does not apply to groups, multi users or agencies. This device has been designed for the individual purchaser to be used in home or office environments.

  • Page 20: Defects And Repair

    Defects and Repair If VISIO is broken – what to do?  Did you check all settings and connections according to the manual?  Did you remove the protective plastic film from the camera lens?  Are you sure the mains outlet is live? Do not use a broken device! Unplug broken device from mains! Please do not hesitate to contact your local distributor or BAUM Retec AG.

  • Page 21: Service Box

    Service box For shipping VISIO 22+ in the service box, proceed as follows:  Switch off VISIO  Unplug from mains  Put display in upright position, fasten brake of XY-table  Remove white foam parts and corrugated card board cover from box. ...

  • Page 22: Technical Data

    Technical Data  CCTV magnifying device with High-Resolution camera and widescreen display (up to 400% more Pixels as traditional CCTV’s)  Refresh rate 60 Hz  Display diagonal 54,61 cm (22 in.) in 16:9 format  Monitor with LED Backlight ...

  • Page 23: Informations For The Re-use Of Visio 22

    Informations for the Re-use of VISIO 22+ Product description: Stationary opto-electronic CCTV magnifying device for magnifying texts and images. The reading materials are being viewed and magnified by the camera and directly shown on the integrated monitor. Specific purpose: CCTV magnifiers are medical devices used to assist reading blackprint material.

  • Page 24: Special Advice For Transport And Storage

    Special advice for transport and storage: For safety reasons it is necessary to store and transport this device either in its original packaging or in a designated service box. This device must be stored in its original packaging or in the designated service box and in a dry and closed storage space.

  • Page 26: Product Identity Sheet Visio

    Product Identity Sheet VISIO Type:  VISIO Basic mono  VISIO Basic color  VISIO CS  VISIO 19  VISIO 19+  VISIO 22 Basic mono  VISIO 22 Basic color  VISIO 22 CS  VISIO 22  VISIO 22+ ...

  • Page 28

    Sales and Support: BAUM Retec AG In der Au 22 D-69257 Wiesenbach Germany Phone: +49 (0) 62 23 / 4909-0 Fax: +49 (0) 62 23 / 4909-399 E-Mail: Web: Manufacturer: BAUM Systeme GmbH In der Au 22 D-69257 Wiesenbach Germany Be advised this manual is subject to error and change without prior notice.

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