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Care And Cleaning - GE GDF 570-650 Series Owner's Manual

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Care and cleaning.

Cleaning the Exterior Door Panel
Before cleaning the front panel, make sure you know what type
of panel you have. Refer to the last two letters of your model
number. You can locate your model number on the left-hand
tub wall just inside the door. If your model number ends with BB,
CC, WW, SA or ES then you have a painted door panel. If your
model number ends with SS, then you have a Stainless Steel
door panel. If your model number ends with II, then you have an
Integrated door panel.
Follow the instructions below for cleaning the door panel for
your specific model.
Painted Door Panel (model numbers ending in BB–black, CC–
bisque, WW–white, SA-silver or ES-slate)
Use a clean, soft, lightly dampened cloth, then dry thoroughly.
Cleaning the Control Panel
To clean the control panel, use a lightly dampened cloth. Then
dry thoroughly.
Cleaning the Dishwasher Interior
To clean and de-odorize your dishwasher, use citric acid or
Lemi Shine®*, a detergent additive. Lemi Shine will break up
mineral deposits, and remove hard water film and stains. You
can order citric acid #WD35X151 through GE Parts by calling
877-959-8688 or visiting In Canada,
call 1-800-661-1616. You can purchase Lemi Shine at your
local grocery store or by calling GE at the numbers above and
ask for WX10X10019.
Stainless Steel Inner Door and Tub
The stainless steel used to make the dishwasher tub and inner
door provides the highest reliability available in a GE dishwasher.
If the dishwasher tub or inner door should be scratched or
dented during normal use, they will not rust or corrode. These
surface blemishes will not affect their function or durability.
* Lemi Shine® is a registered trademark of Envirocon Technologies, Inc.
Stainless Steel Door Panel (model numbers ending in SS)
For cleaning rust and tarnish, cleaners with oxalic acid such
as Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser™ will remove rust, tarnish
and small blemishes. Use only a liquid cleanser free of grit
and rub in the direction of the brush lines with a damp soft
sponge. Do not use appliance wax or polish on the stainless
For other blemishes and marks, use Stainless Steel Magic or a
similar product using a clean soft cloth. Do not use appliance
wax, polish, bleach or products containing chlorine on
Stainless Steel. You can order Stainless Steel Magic #
WX10X29 through GE Parts by calling 877.959.8688. In Canada,
call 1-800-661-1616.
Integrated Door Panel (model numbers ending in II)
This is a custom installed door panel, and you will need to refer
to the cabinet manufacturers recommendations for proper

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Table of Contents