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Panasonic Imagechecker P400 Specifications

Industrial machine vision
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P400MA and P400
Industrial Machine Vision


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  • Page 1 P400MA and P400 Imagecheckers Industrial Machine Vision 08/2008...
  • Page 2 They are fast, reliable and cost-effective. Speed – Precision – Flexibility The PV500 is Panasonic’s most powerful stand-alone Machine Vision system. Its innovative hardware and software help to increase the efficiency of your automation and quality-control tasks.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Imagechecker P400MA and P400 Contents Overview...4/5 Hardware P400MA ... 6/7 P400 ... 8/9 Vision P400 Software Graphical User Interface ... 10/11 Features ... 1/13 Inspection Functions... 14/16 Customization ... 17 Specifications ...18 Related Products ...19 08/2008...
  • Page 4: Overview

    Imagechecker P400MA and P400 Overview xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx P400MA The P400MA is a compact, PC-based Machine Vision system that comes with an all-round set of inspection tools and interfaces. It supports up to four cameras and uses exactly the same software and powerful inspection routines as the full-size system P400.
  • Page 5: Vision P400 Software

    Extremely user-friendly. Multi-purpose for a wide range of industrial inspection applications. High performance and cost effective. Expandable in hard- and software. A reliable and flexible partner: P400MA and P400 are complete PC-based vision systems. By selecting only high-quality components and developing a specially dedicated driver software, P400MA and P400 hardware and software have been optimized to yield maximum performance and reliability.
  • Page 6 Imagechecker P400MA Hardware P400MA A reliable and compact system The system’s hardware and software are delivered fully configured, which saves you time setting up your system. Standardized hardware and several protective features ensure safe and reliable operation for many years – even in a harsh industrial environment.
  • Page 7 Interfaces:  x RS3 Flashlight control  x Ethernet Highlights:  Cost-efficient and precise checking with up to 4 CCD matrix cameras  Several universal checkers that can be parameterized to handle your individual checking tasks – today and tomorrow ...
  • Page 8 For example, extracting more than 1000 object features takes less than 50ms. Designed with the customer in mind The Imagechecker P400 is based on a powerful IBM-compatible industrial computer and offer several important and convenient features:  Rugged metal housing with attachable 19"...
  • Page 9 CCD-matrix camera types, from basic types to mega- pixel types. Designed for use in industry During the development of the Imagechecker P400, Panasonic attached great importance to designing a durable system suitable for industrial use. The P400 system has been thoroughly tested with regards to vibration and shock.
  • Page 10: Graphical User Interface

    Imagechecker P400MA and P400 Vision P400 – Graphical user interface Vertical toolbar The icons on the left-hand bar are used to select a checker. With an icon from the right-hand bar, the checker window shape can be selected. The size and position of the window defined can be modified at will using the mouse.
  • Page 11 Includes various icons, e.g. to start the application or test the checkers. From here the inspection program can be started manually, and helpful diagnostic tools such as an error display or interface monitors can also be launched. Get your free trial version: 08/2008 Image area In this window the video image of the camera in question is displayed.
  • Page 12: Features

    Imagechecker P400MA and P400 Vision P400 Software – Features Highlights:  Fast and easy visual setup  Large amount of ready-to-use inspection tools for almost any application  Customizable Two systems – one software Although P400MA and P400 are different with respect to hardware features, their “intelligence”...
  • Page 13 Communication In addition to the standard hardware ports (serial interface, parallel I/Os), Vision P400 supports two software interfaces – named pipe and OLE automation (ActiveX®). They enable Vision P400 to communicate with other Windows application or to realize customized user interfaces for your application. Additionally, special actions such as storing NG-images, output warning messages, etc.
  • Page 14: Inspection Functions

    Imagechecker P400MA and P400 Inspection functions Object identification and position detection made easy Vision P400 includes several algorithms which allow fast, reproducible and precise recognition, identification and location of objects. Our powerful Contour-Matching Checker is an especially impressive tool for such inspection tasks.
  • Page 15 Imagechecker P400MA and P400 Inspection functions Impervious to fluctuations in illumination Taking into account real factory floor environments this inspection tool is not influenced by changes in ambient light or even variations in the object’s appearance. Accepts missing/ overlapping objects Object can touch or even overlap rendering costly fixtures for separation unnecessary.
  • Page 16 Imagechecker P400MA and P400 Inspection functions Checker Window Checker Binary Edge Detection Gray Value Edge Detection Difference Checker Feature Extraction Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Code Reader Contour Matching Applications  Presence check  Sorting  Area measurement  Surface inspection ...
  • Page 17: Customization

    Imagechecker P400MA and P400 Customization Tailor-made user interface via ActiveX ® ActiveX controls use Microsoft’s COM technologies to communicate with other MS Windows applications such as MS Excel or custom programmed software clients. The impltementation of P400’s ActiveX Control is well supported by almost every open- standard programming language, e.g.
  • Page 18: Specifications

    Imagechecker P400MA and P400 Specifications P400MA controller Part no. Processor Cameras Drives Interface Housing Supply voltage P400 controller Part no. Processor, RAM Cameras Drives Removable hard-disk 0GB or more 3.5" floppy drive, 1.44MB DVD-RW drive Interface  x serial RS3C 1 Centronics interface 1 digital I/O card: 16 inputs/16 outputs  x USB...
  • Page 19: Related Products

    4ms. High-performance in compact class system PV500 The PV500 is Panasonic’s most powerful stand-alone Machine Vision system. Its innovative hardware and software helps to increase the efficiency of your automation and quality control tasks. The all- round system is suitable for most of the typical industrial applications.
  • Page 20 Japan Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd. Singapore Panasonic Electric Works Asia Pacifi c Pte. Ltd. 101 Thomson Road, #25-03/05, United Square, Singapore 307591, Tel. (06255) 5473, Fax (06253) 5689 Asia Pacific China Rudolf-Diesel-Ring 2, 83607 Holzkirchen, Tel. +49 (0) 8024 648-0, Fax +49 (0) 8024 648-111, Josef Madersperger Str.