Casio AP-10 Service Manual page 7

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3. Disassembling the console panel
Note: To avoid scratch on the side board, put paper between the console panel and the side board at
both ends.
3-1. The console panel is fixed with screws and nuts.
Holding the nut, remove the screw.
3-2. Remove the screw fixing a grounding wire at the transformer.
3-3. Slide the console panel towards the front to free from catches.
3-4. Turn round the console panel.
3-5. Remove 2 screws fixing the power switch.
Hold this nut.
4. Disassembling keyboard unit
4-1. Remove 20 screws on the bottom.
4-2. Disconnect 2 connectors for the keyboard unit on the main PCB.
4-3. Remove the keyboard unit from the case.
Insert paper here.
Insert paper here.
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