Panasonic KX-TG2344 Quick Setup Manual

2.4 ghz multi-handset digital cordless phone.
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  • Page 9: Operating Instructions

    The unit is Caller ID compatible. To display the caller’s name and phone number, you must subscribe to Caller ID service. PLEASE READ BEFORE USE AND SAVE. Charge the battery for 6 hours before initial use. Panasonic World Wide Web address: for customers in the USA or Puerto Rico...

  • Page 10

    Thank you for purchasing your new Panasonic cordless telephone. Please read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS on page 74 before use. Read and understand all instructions. Caller ID and Call Waiting Service, where available, are telephone company services. After subscribing to Caller ID this phone will display a caller’s name and phone number.

  • Page 11: For Best Performance

    For Best Performance Battery Charge The handset is powered by a rechargeable Nickel- Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery. Charge the battery for 6 hours before initial use (p. 10). Base Unit Location/Noise Calls are transmitted between the base unit and handset using wireless radio waves.

  • Page 12: Table Of Contents

    Contents Preparation Location of Controls ..6 Installation ....9 Connections ... . . 9 Installing the Battery in the Handset .

  • Page 13: Table Of Contents

    Answering System Automatic Answering Operation ....49 Setting the Unit to Answer Calls ....49 Monitoring Incoming Calls .

  • Page 14: Location Of Controls

    Location of Controls Base unit [GREETING CHECK] Button (p. 20) [GREETING REC] (Record) Button (p. 19) [ERASE] Button (p. 20, 54) [REPEAT] Button (p. 53) [SKIP] Button (p. 53) Charge Contacts (p. 11) VOLUME [<], [>] Buttons (p. 19) [MESSAGE] Button (p. 51) [STOP] Button (p.

  • Page 15: Location Of Controls

    Handset Back side Speaker Display Headset Jack (p. 61) [C] (TALK) Button (p. 23) [s] (Speakerphone) Button (p. 23) [*] (TONE) Button (p. 45) [HOLD/INTERCOM] Button (p. 24, 41) Charger unit Charge Contacts (p. 11) CHARGE Indicator (p. 10) This unit includes two handsets and one base unit. The included handsets are pre-registered at the factory and assigned the extension numbers 1 and 2.

  • Page 16: Base Unit Display

    Location of Controls Handset soft keys Talk 00-00-32 (VE) Mute Pressing the right soft key selects mute “Mute ”. Pressing the left soft key selects Voice Enhancer “ (VE)”. • When a function name does not appear above a soft key, the soft key has no function.

  • Page 17: Installation, Connections

    Base unit Fasten the AC adaptor cord. Hooks • Base Unit: USE ONLY WITH Panasonic AC ADAPTOR PQLV1 (Order No. PQLV1Z). • The AC adaptor must remain connected at all times. (It is normal for the adaptor to feel warm during use.) •...

  • Page 18: Handset, Battery Charge

    Installation Installing the Battery in the Handset Insert the battery ( ), and press it down until it snaps into the compartment ( Close the cover. To replace the battery: Press the notch on the cover firmly and slide it as indicated by the arrow.

  • Page 19: Battery Information, Battery Replacement

    “Recharge battery” is displayed and/or “7” continues to flash, or “Charge for 6h” and “8” are displayed, the battery may need to be replaced. Please order a new Panasonic HHR-P104 battery at the telephone number shown on page 2. To replace the battery, see page 10.

  • Page 20: Programmable Settings, Programming Guidelines

    Programmable Settings Programming Guidelines This unit has several programmable functions which can be selected from the function menu on the display (p. 13). The soft keys selects the functions displayed above each soft key. When “d” or “B” is displayed, navigator key scrolls through the menu.

  • Page 21: Function Menu Table

    Function Menu Table You can use the following functions to customize your unit. See the corresponding pages for function details. • After pressing [MENU], you can also program menu items directly by pressing ([0] to [9], and [#]) instead of using the soft keys (p. 62–63). Main menu (p.

  • Page 22: Date And Time

    Programmable Settings Date and Time We recommend you set the date and time so that the unit will announce the day and time each message was recorded when you play back messages. Press [MENU]. Scroll to “Date and time” by pressing [d] or [B], then press Select.

  • Page 23: Display Language, Dialing Mode

    Display Language You can select either “English” or “Spanish” as the display language. The factory preset is “English”. Press [MENU]. Scroll to “Initial setting” by pressing [d] or [B], then press Select. Scroll to “Change language” by pressing [d] or [B], then press Select. To change from English to Spanish, press Español.

  • Page 24: Line Mode, Auto Talk, Set Line Mode

    Programmable Settings Line Mode Handset The line mode is preset to “B” and generally should not be adjusted. If “Line in use” on the handset and “ the line mode selection is incorrect. Set line mode to “A”. Press [MENU]. Scroll to “Initial setting”...

  • Page 25: Ringer Volume

    Ringer Volume You can select the handset ringer volume to high, medium, low, or off. The factory preset is HIGH. If the handset ringer is turned off, the handset will ring at the low level for intercom calls, and will not ring for outside calls. Press [MENU].

  • Page 26: Ringer Tone, Lcd Contrast

    Programmable Settings Ringer Tone Handset You can set the handset ringer to use one of 7 ringer patterns for outside calls. “Tone 1” to “Tone 3” are bell ringer patterns. “Melody 1” to “Melody 4” are melody patterns. The factory preset is “Tone 1”. •...

  • Page 27: System, Greeting Message

    Preparing the Answering System Greeting Message You can record a personal greeting message of up to 2 minutes. If you do not record your own message, one of two pre-recorded greetings will be played for callers (p. 20). The total recording time of all messages (greeting and incoming) is about 15 minutes.

  • Page 28: Caller's Recording Time

    Preparing the Answering System To review the greeting Press [GREETING CHECK]. To erase the greeting Press [GREETING CHECK], then press [ERASE] while the recorded message is being played. • The unit will answer calls with a pre-recorded greeting (see below). Pre-recorded greeting If you do not record a greeting (p.

  • Page 29: Number Of Rings

    Select the recording time by pressing [d] or [B]. • You can also select the recording time by pressing [1], [2], [3] or [0] (Greeting only). Press Save, then press [OFF]. If you select “Greeting only”, the unit will answer calls with the greeting message, and then hang up.

  • Page 30: Message Alert

    Preparing the Answering System Message Alert You can select whether or not the Ringer/Message Alert indicator on the handset will flash slowly when new messages have been recorded (p. 52). The factory preset is OFF. Press [MENU]. Scroll to “Initial setting” by pressing [d] or [B], then press Select.

  • Page 31: Making Calls

    Making Calls Press [C]. • “Talk” is displayed. Dial a phone number. • The dialed number is displayed. • After a few seconds, the display will show the length of the call. To hang up, press [OFF] or place the handset on the base unit or charger.

  • Page 32

    Making Calls To dial after confirming the entered number Enter a phone number. 3334444| Clear Pause • If you misdial, press Clear. Enter the correct number. • If a pause is required when dialing, press Pause where needed (p. 46). •...

  • Page 33: Voice Enhancer Technology

    Voice Enhancer Technology Panasonic’s Voice Enhancer Technology clarifies the voice of the person you are talking to, reproducing a more natural-sounding voice that is easier to hear and understand. Voice Enhancer Technology can be turned on or off. The factory preset is OFF.

  • Page 34: Answering Calls

    Answering Calls When a call is received, the unit rings, “Incoming call” is displayed, and the Ringer/Message Alert indicator on the handset and “ flash rapidly. If you subscribe to Caller ID, see page 27. Press [C] or [s]. • You can also answer a call by pressing any button except [d] or [OFF].

  • Page 35: Caller Id Service

    Caller ID Service This unit is compatible with Caller ID services offered by your telephone company. If you subscribe to Caller ID, caller names and phone numbers will be displayed and recorded in the Caller List. How Caller ID information is displayed When a call comes in, the unit will ring and Caller ID information will be received.

  • Page 36: Using The Caller List, Viewing The Caller List

    Using the Caller List The unit can record information up to 30 different callers and store this information in the Caller List. Caller information is sorted by the most recent call to the oldest. When the 31 call is received, the information from the 1 The unit will also tell you how many calls you missed while you were out or unavailable to answer the phone.

  • Page 37: List

    What “,” means “,” indicates you have already viewed this calling information or answered the call. If the same caller calls again, the call entry with the “,” will be replaced with the new call entry. If a caller calls more than once The number of times the same caller called is displayed (“...

  • Page 38: Number

    Using the Caller List Editing the Caller’s Phone Number You can edit a phone number in the Caller List by removing its area code and/or the long distance code “1”. Once you call back an edited number, this unit can automatically edit incoming phone numbers from the same area code in the Caller List and each time you receive a call (Caller ID Number Auto Edit, page 31).

  • Page 39: Edit, Caller Id Number Auto Edit

    Caller ID Number Auto Edit Once you call back an edited number (p. 30), this unit can automatically edit incoming phone numbers from the same area code in the Caller List and each time you receive a call. For example, it can ignore the area code of calls originating from your area code, so that you can call these numbers from the Caller List without dialing the area code.

  • Page 40: Storing Caller Information In The Phone Book

    Using the Caller List Storing Caller Information in the Phone Book Handset Caller names and phone numbers that are in the Caller List can be stored in each handset’s phone book. Press Rcvd calls, [d], or [B] to enter the Caller List.

  • Page 41: Erasing Caller Information

    Erasing Caller Information To erase a specific caller Press Rcvd calls, [d], or [B] to enter the Caller List. Scroll to the desired caller by pressing [d] or [B], then press Erase. • To erase other items, repeat step 2. •...

  • Page 42: Phone Book, Numbers

    Phone Book The handset can store up to 30 names and phone numbers in its phone book. You can make a call by selecting a name or number from the phone book, and copy phone book items from one handset to another (p. 39–40). Storing Names and Numbers Press Phone book.

  • Page 43: Selecting Characters To Enter Names

    Selecting characters to enter names Enter names using the dialing buttons. Press each button until the desired character is displayed. • Pressing each button selects a character in the order shown below. Characters Keys # & ’ ( ) ; , – . / 1 a b c A B C 2 d e f D E F 3 g h i G H I 4...

  • Page 44: Book

    Phone Book Dialing from the Phone Book Press Phone book. Press Search. Scroll to the desired item. To scroll down, press [d]. To scroll up, press [B]. Phone book items are sorted in the following order: Alphabet letters (Alphabetical) Space & ’ ( ) , – . / Numbers 0 to 9 Telephone numbers (If no name is stored) Press [C] or [s].

  • Page 45: Chain Dial

    Index table Keys Index Symbols, 1 A, B, C, 2 D, E, F, 3 G, H, I, 4 J, K, L, 5 Chain Dial Handset You can dial a combination of phone book or manual key pad entries while making a call.

  • Page 46

    Phone Book Editing an Item in the Phone Book Press Phone book. Press Search. Scroll to the desired item by pressing [d] or [B], then press Edit. • To search for the item by initial, see page 36. Edit the name (p. 35), then press [d]. •...

  • Page 47

    Copying Items in the Phone Book You can copy one or all phone book items between two handsets. The destination handset will save the entries in its phone book. • If an outside call is received during the phone book copy, copying will stop. You will need to re-send the item(s) later.

  • Page 48: Copy All Items

    Phone Book To copy all of the items in your phone book to another handset Make sure the destination handset is not in use. Press [MENU]. Scroll to “Copy phone book” by pressing [d] or [B], then press Select. Scroll to “Copy all items” by pressing [d] or [B], then press Select.

  • Page 49: Intercom, Making Intercom Calls

    Intercom Intercom calls can be made between a handset and the base unit, and between two handsets. The handsets have the extension number 1 and 2 which has “[1]” and “[2]” on the display. • If the handset is off the base unit or charger when there are missed calls or new messages, the handset’s extension number “[1] or “[2]”...

  • Page 50: Answering Intercom Calls

    Intercom During an intercom call: • If you have difficulty hearing while using the handset speakerphone and base unit speaker, decrease the speaker volume by pressing VOLUME [<] on the base unit or [d] on the handset. • If an incoming call is being received, you will hear two tones (incoming call tone, page 47) and “...

  • Page 51: Transferring A Call

    Transferring a Call You can transfer an outside call to another handset. Handset From a During a call, press [HOLD/INTERCOM], then page another handset by pressing Handset. Wait for the paged party to answer, then you can announce the transfer. •...

  • Page 52: Conference Calls, Call Share

    Conference Calls While you are talking with an outside caller, another handset user can join the conversation and establish a conference call. Handset During a call, press [HOLD/INTERCOM]. • The call is put on hold. Press Handset. When the paged party answers, press Conf on your unit to make a conference call.

  • Page 53: Special Features, Muting Your Conversation, Users

    Special Features Temporary Tone Dialing (For Rotary or Pulse Service Users) Press [*] (TONE) before entering access numbers which require tone dialing. • The dialing mode changes to tone. You can enter numbers to access an answering service, electronic banking service, etc. When you hang up, the dialing mode will return to pulse.

  • Page 54: Flash Button, Set Flash Time

    Special Features Using the PAUSE Key (For PBX Line/Long Distance Calls) We recommend you press Pause or P if a pause is required for dial with a PBX or to make a long distance call. Ex. Line access number [9] (PBX) [9] N Pause or •...

  • Page 55: Incoming Call Tone, Key Tone, Incoming Call

    Incoming Call Tone During an intercom call (p. 41), you can be informed of incoming calls by two tones. If this feature is turned on, incoming call tones will be heard for as long as the line is ringing. If this feature is set to “2”, incoming call tones will be heard only 2 times. If this feature is turned off, no tones will be heard.

  • Page 56

    Special Features Re-registering the Handset If “No link to base. Move closer to base, try again.” is displayed even when using the handset near the base unit, the handset may have lost communication with the base unit. You need to re-register the handset to the base unit.

  • Page 57: Operation, Calls

    Automatic Answering Operation When the unit answers a call, a greeting message is played and the caller’s message is recorded. • The total recording time of all messages (greeting and incoming) is about 15 minutes. If messages are recorded in noisy rooms, the time may be shortened by up to 3 minutes.

  • Page 58: Monitoring Incoming Calls

    Automatic Answering Operation Monitoring Incoming Calls While a caller is leaving a message, you can monitor the call through the base unit speaker. • To increase the speaker volume while monitoring, press VOLUME [>]. To decrease the volume, press VOLUME [<]. To answer a call while monitoring, press [C] or [s] on the handset.

  • Page 59: Listening To Messages, Using The Base Unit

    Listening to Messages Voice Day/Time Stamp: During playback, the unit will announce the day and time when each message was recorded (p. 14). Using the Base Unit You can see the total number of recorded messages on the base unit display. If the NEW MESSAGE indicator flashes on the base unit, new messages have been recorded.

  • Page 60

    Listening to Messages Using the Handset (Remote Operation) If “New message” is displayed on the handset, new messages have been recorded. • If the Message Alert is turned on (p. 22), the Ringer/Message Alert indicator on the handset will flash slowly when new messages have been recorded and the handset is not in use.

  • Page 61: During Playback

    For Caller ID service users (p. 27) During playback using the handset, the handset display will show the name and/or number of the caller whose message is being played. To call back the displayed number: 1. During playback, press [MENU]. 2.

  • Page 62: Erasing Messages, Erasing All Messages

    Erasing Messages The unit will announce the remaining recording time after playback if it is less than 3 minutes. New messages cannot be recorded when: —“Memory full” is heard. —“ ” flashes on the base unit. FULL —the ANSWER ON indicator flashes rapidly (when the Answering System is on). Erase unnecessary messages.

  • Page 63: Tone Phone

    Remote Operation from a Touch Tone Phone While outside, you can operate the Answering System from any touch tone phone. A synthesized voice menu will guide you through the Answering System (p. 57). • To skip the voice menu and operate the unit directly, see page 58. Summary of remote operation Call your unit from a touch tone phone.

  • Page 64: Remote Code

    Remote Operation from a Touch Tone Phone Remote Code The remote code prevents unauthorized people from accessing your unit and listening to your messages. Choose any 2-digit number (00–99) for your remote code. The factory preset remote code is “11”. If you do not program your own remote code, you can use “11”.

  • Page 65: Voice Menu

    Remote Operation from a Touch Tone Phone Voice Menu The shaded parts are voice prompts. Press 1 to play back all messages. Press 2 for other functions. Press [2]. Press 1 to play back new messages. Press 2 for other functions. Press [2].

  • Page 66: Direct Remote Operation

    Remote Operation from a Touch Tone Phone Direct Remote Operation Once you have entered the remote code, you can also control your unit by direct commands instead of using the voice menu. To end remote operation, hang up at anytime. Direct commands [4] : Plays back new...

  • Page 67: Wall Mounting

    Wall Mounting This unit can be mounted on a wall phone plate. Base unit Press the tabs in the direction of the arrows ( ), then remove the wall mounting adaptor ( Connect the AC adaptor. • Fasten the AC adaptor cord to prevent it from being disconnected.

  • Page 68: Charger Unit

    Wall Mounting Charger unit The charger can be wall mounted. Connect the AC adaptor. Install screws using the wall template (see below). Mount the charger ( down to the right ( ) until it is secured. 2.45 cm Screws Wall Template for the Charger unit 2.45 cm "...

  • Page 69: Belt Clip, Optional Headset

    To attach the belt clip Optional Headset Connecting an optional headset to the handset allows hands-free phone conversation. Please use only a Panasonic KX-TCA60, KX-TCA86, KX-TCA88, KX-TCA88HA, KX-TCA91, KX-TCA92, or KX-TCA98 headset. To order, call the accessories telephone number on page 2.

  • Page 70: Direct Commands

    Direct Commands Handset After pressing [MENU], you can also program menu items directly by pressing ([0] to [9], and [#]) instead of using the soft keys. Menu item Ringer volume Ringer tone Incoming call tone Message play Date and time Voice enhancer Activate Caller IQ * View information *...

  • Page 71

    Menu item Set line mode Number of rings Recording time Remote code Change language Message alert During programming: When “Save” is displayed, press the right soft key to save the new settings. To exit programming, press [OFF]. • If you press the direct command incorrectly, press [OFF], then re-enter programming mode by pressing [MENU].

  • Page 72: Display

    If the Following Appear on Your Display... The following will be displayed when the unit needs your attention. Display message Recharge battery Charge for 6h No link to base. Move closer to base, try again. Please lift up and try again. Busy Error!! Phone book full...

  • Page 73: If The Following Appear On Your Display

    If the Following Appear on Your Display... Display message • When phone book item(s) was(were) sent to another ---Incomplete--- Phone book full Example • When you tried to send phone book items, the other Tom Jones 555-765-4321 • Your phone book is empty. No items were copied to No items stored •...

  • Page 74: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If the handset display shows error messages, see “If the Following Appear on Your Display...” (p. 64–65) for the Cause & Remedy. Telephone System Problem “No link to base. Move closer to base, try again.” is displayed and an alarm tone sounds.

  • Page 75: Answering System

    Problem You cannot make long distance calls. The handset does not display the caller’s name and/or phone number. The handset cannot automatically edit the Caller List/incoming phone numbers. The handset display exits the Caller List or phone book. The Ringer/Message Alert indicator flashes slowly when the handset is not ringing and in use.

  • Page 76

    Troubleshooting Problem “ FULL ” flashes and the ANSWER ON indicator flashes rapidly. No new messages are recorded. You cannot operate the Answering System from the base unit or the handset. You cannot operate the Answering System from a touch tone phone. You cannot erase messages.

  • Page 77: Openlcr Service For Caller Iq

    • The battery may need to be replaced. If you install a new battery, fully charge it (p. 10). • This is normal. • Visit our website: • Contact us via the web at: • Call our customer call center at: 1-800-211-PANA(7262) Cause &...

  • Page 78: Caller Iq, Turning Caller Iq On/off

    • If you have any questions regarding the openLCR service, call openLCR’s customer service department at 1-866-openLCR(1-866-673-6527). • NEITHER PANASONIC COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD. (PCC) NOR MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC CORPORATION OF AMERICA (MECA) IS IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH, OR RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTS OR OMISSIONS OF, OPENLCR.COM, INC.

  • Page 79: Downloading Data

    Downloading Data You can download the following data to your unit from the openLCR web site. • Phone book data • Function setup for your unit • Information such as weather forecasts, stock quotes, lottery results, sports scores and horoscopes (Internet content) Accessing the openLCR web site can be done from any computer with Internet access.

  • Page 80

    openLCR Service for Caller IQ To download data from openLCR Each time you download data (p. 71) from openLCR, the information stored in your unit will be updated. To view up-to-date information, you will need to download it to your unit. •...

  • Page 81

    • If the handset beeps 3 times and “Download incomplete. Phone book full.” is displayed, some items could not be stored in the phone book. Store items by following the steps below. 1. Erase items which do not exist on the web from the phone book of the unit (p. 38). 2.

  • Page 82: Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions When using this unit, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury. 1. Read and understand all instructions. 2. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on this unit. 3.

  • Page 83: Important Safety Instructions

    CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire or injury to persons, read and follow these instructions. 1. Use only the battery(ies) specified. 2. Do not dispose of the battery(ies) in a fire. They may explode. Check with local waste management codes for special disposal instructions. 3.

  • Page 84: Fcc And Other Information

    FCC and Other Information This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules and the requirements adopted by the ACTA. On the bottom of this equipment is a label that contains, among other information, a product identifier in the format US:ACJ-----. If requested, this number must be provided to the telephone company.

  • Page 85

    TVs and VCRs. To minimize or prevent such interference, the base of the cordless telephone should not be placed near or on top of a TV or VCR. If interference is experienced, move the cordless telephone further away from the TV or VCR.

  • Page 86

    • If there is any trouble — disconnect the unit from the telephone line and connect a known working phone. If the known working phone operates properly, have your unit repaired by one of the authorized Panasonic Factory Service Centers. If the known working phone does not operate properly, consult your telephone...

  • Page 87: Index

    Index Accessories ....2 Answering calls ....26 Answering System... . 49 Auto talk .

  • Page 88

    Index Navigator key ....8 Noise ..... . . 3 Number of rings .

  • Page 89: Warranty

    Panasonic Services Company Customer Servicenter Suite B 4900 George McVay Drive McAllen, TX 78503 For assistance in Puerto Rico call Panasonic Sales Company (787)-750-4300 or fax (787)- 768-2910. For Limited Warranty service for headsets if a headset is included with this product please call Panasonic Call Center at 1-800-211-PANA (7262).

  • Page 90

    Personal Checks) For hearing or speech impaired TTY users, TTY : 1-866-605-1277 Service in Puerto Rico Matsushita Electric of Puerto Rico, Inc. Panasonic Sales Company Factory Servicenter: Ave. 65 de Infantería, Km. 9.5, San Gabriel Industrial Park, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00985...

  • Page 91: Specifications

    Specifications ■ Base Unit Power Supply: Power Consumption: Frequency: Dimensions (H x W x D): Approx. 124 mm x 155 mm x 174 mm Mass (Weight): ■ Charger Power Supply: Power Consumption: Dimensions (H x W x D): Approx. 69 mm x 74 mm x 99 mm Mass (Weight): ■...

  • Page 92: For Product Service

    Symptom • Send the unit to an authorized servicenter, prepaid and adequately insured. • Do not send your unit to the Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company listed below or to executive or regional sales offices. These locations do not repair consumer products.

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