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LG 32LW340H Easy Setup Manual

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Easy Setup Guide
Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference.
Guía Rápida de Configuración
Lea atentamente este manual antes de poner en marcha el equipo y consérvelo para futuras consultas.
Guide de configuration rapide
Avant d'utiliser l'appareil, veuillez lire attentivement ce manuel et le conserver pour pouvoir vous y reporter
X 6
X 8
(M4 x L20)
(M4 x L20)
X 2
: Depending upon model / Según el modelo / Selon le modèle
32LW340H 32LW560H 32LW570H
43LW340H 40LW560H 40LW570H
49LW340H 43LW560H 43LW570H
55LW340H 49LW560H 49LW570H
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X 2
X 2
P/No: MFL69354912 (1604-REV00)
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   Summary of Contents for LG 32LW340H

  • Page 1 LED TV ENGLISH Easy Setup Guide 32LW340H 32LW560H 32LW570H Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. 43LW340H 40LW560H 40LW570H ESPAÑOL 49LW340H 43LW560H 43LW570H Guía Rápida de Configuración 55LW340H 49LW560H 49LW570H Lea atentamente este manual antes de poner en marcha el equipo y consérvelo para futuras consultas.
  • Page 2 ENGLISH Read Safety & Reference. ESPAÑOL Leer Seguridad y Consultas. FRANÇAIS Lisez Sécurité et références. 43/49/55LW340H, 32LW340H, 32LW560H, 32LW570H 43/49LW560H, 40/43/49/55LW570H 32LW340H, 43/49/55LW340H, 32/40LW560H, 32/40LW570H 43/49LW560H, 43/49/55LW570H...
  • Page 3 ENGLISH Image shown may differ from your TV. ESPAÑOL La imagen puede ser diferente a la de su televisor. FRANÇAIS Cette illustration peut ne pas correspondre à votre téléviseur. ANTENNA/ CABLE IN HDMI IN USB IN...
  • Page 5 HDMI IN...
  • Page 7 ENGLISH 32LW340H 43LW340H 49LW340H 40LW560H 55LW340H (32LW340H-UA) (43LW340H-UA) (49LW340H-UA) (40LW560H-UA) (55LW340H-UA) 32LW560H 43LW560H 49LW560H MODELS (32LW560H-UA) (43LW560H-UA) (49LW560H-UA) 40LW570H 55LW570H 32LW570H 43LW570H 49LW570H (40LW570H-UA) (55LW570H-UA) (32LW570H-UA) (43LW570H-UA) (49LW570H-UA) 733 x 490 x 282 911 x 576 x 282 974 x 619 x 325...
  • Page 8 ESPAÑOL / FRANÇAIS 32LW340H 43LW340H 49LW340H 55LW340H 40LW560H (32LW340H-UA) (43LW340H-UA) (49LW340H-UA) MODELOS (55LW340H-UA) (40LW560H-UA) 32LW560H 43LW560H 49LW560H (32LW560H-UA) (43LW560H-UA) (49LW560H-UA) 55LW570H 40LW570H MODÈLES 32LW570H 43LW570H 49LW570H (55LW570H-UA) (40LW570H-UA) (32LW570H-UA) (43LW570H-UA) (49LW570H-UA) 733 x 490 x 282 911 x 576 x 282...
  • Page 9 OWNER’S MANUAL Safety and Reference LED TV* * LG LED TVs are LCD TVs with LED backlighting. Please read this manual carefully before operating your TV and retain it for future reference. 32LW560H 32LW570H 40LW560H 40LW570H 43LW560H 43LW570H 49LW560H 49LW570H 55LW570H
  • Page 10: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Always comply with the following precautions Follow all instructions. to avoid dangerous situations and ensure peak performance of your product. • Do not use this apparatus near water. WARNING/CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN...
  • Page 11 • Only use attachments/accessories specified by • CAUTION concerning the Power Cord the manufacturer. (Can differ by country): Check the specification page of this owner’s manual to be certain concerning current requirements. Do not connect too many devices to the same AC power outlet as this •...
  • Page 12 TV, unplug the power cord and contact an • Do not attempt to modify this product in any authorized service center. way without written authorization from LG • If water or another substance enters the Electronics. Unauthorized modification could product (like an AC adapter, power cord, or TV), void the user’s authority to operate this product.
  • Page 13 • Generated Sound • Handle the adapter carefully to avoid dropping Cracking noise A cracking noise that occurs or striking it. An impact could damage the adapter. when watching or turning off the TV is generated by plastic thermal contraction due to temperature and humidity.
  • Page 14 Preparing CAUTION • Do not use any unapproved items to ensure the safety and lifespan of the product. NOTE • Any damages or injuries by using unapproved items are not covered by the warranty. • Image shown may differ from your TV. •...
  • Page 15: Lifting And Moving The Tv

    Lifting and Moving the TV Using the Button When moving or lifting the TV, read the following (Depending upon model) to prevent the TV from being scratched or You can simply operate the TV functions, pressing damaged and for safe transportation regardless of or moving the button.
  • Page 16: Mounting On A Table

    Mounting on a Table Attaching the TV to a desk (optional) (Depending upon model) 1 Lift and tilt the TV into its upright position on a The TV should be attached to a desk so it cannot table. be pulled in a forward/backward direction, - Leave a 10 cm (4 inches) (minimum) space from potentially causing injury or damaging the the wall for proper ventilation.
  • Page 17: Using The Kensington Security System

    Securing the TV to a Wall (optional) [TYPE 2] 1 Insert and tighten the eye-bolts or TV brackets and bolts on the back of the TV. 2-Screws, 2-Washers, 2-Nuts - If there are bolts inserted at the eye-bolts (provided as parts of the product.) position, remove the bolts first.
  • Page 18: Mounting On A Wall

    Detailed instructions will provided with your particular model.) be included with the wall mount. We recommend that you use an LG brand wall mount. The LG wall Provided Item mount is easy to adjust or to connect the cables.
  • Page 19: Connecting To An Antenna Or Cable

    Connecting to an Antenna or Cable Remote Control Connect an antenna, cable, or cable box to watch (Depending upon model) TV while referring to the following. The illustrations The descriptions in this manual are based on the may differ from the actual items and an RF cable is buttons on the remote control.
  • Page 20 Color buttons ( Switches between Letter and Number Red, Green, Yellow, Blue) input modes. These access special functions in some menus. Selects a closed caption. , , , Control buttons for media contents Turns the TV off in a set amount of time. Accesses the AV devices connected to the TV;...
  • Page 21: Specifications

    Specifications HDMI (DTV) supported mode Horizontal Vertical Resolution Product specifications may be changed without Frequency (kHz) Frequency (Hz) prior notice due to upgrade of product functions. 31.46 59.94 640 x 480p 31.50 60.00 Television System 31.47 59.94 720 x 480p 31.50 60.00 ATSC, NTSC-M, 64 &...
  • Page 22: Supported Video Formats

    Supported Video Formats Supported Audio Formats • Maximum: 1,920 x 1,080 @ 30p (only Motion • File type: mp3 JPEG 640 x 480 @ 30p) [Bit rate] 32 Kbps - 320 Kbps • .asf, .wmv [Sample freq.] 16 kHz - 48 kHz [Video] MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part2, XViD, H.264/AVC, [Support] MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Layer2, Layer3 VC1(WMV3, WVC1), MP4...
  • Page 23: Open Source Software Notice Information

    Manufactured under license from Dolby are available for download. Laboratories. LG Electronics will also provide open source code Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering the cost of Dolby Laboratories.
  • Page 24 Regulatory FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement [For having wireless function (WLAN, Bluetooth,...)] This equipment complies with FCC radiation FCC NOTICE exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This transmitter must not be (For USA) colocated or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.
  • Page 25: Lg Recycling Policy

    5250-5350 MHz and 5470-5725 MHz Through these activities, LG seeks to contribute to shall be such that the equipment still complies conserving natural resources and protecting the with the e.i.r.p.
  • Page 26: Child Safety

    CHILD SAFETY: PROPER TELEVISION PLACEMENT MATTERS THE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CARES • Manufacturers, retailers and the rest of the consumer electronics industry are committed to making home entertainment safe and enjoyable. • As you enjoy your television, please note that all televisions – new and old- must be supported on proper stands or installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Page 27 The model and serial numbers of the TV are located on the back and on one side of the TV. Record them LG Customer Information Center below should you ever need service. For inquires or comments, visit or call; 1-888-865-3026 USA, Commercial User MODEL...

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