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HP 3330B Software Manual

Network analyzer.
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HP 3330B/3570A
Software and Manual by:
John Barnes
(905) 873 1087


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  • Page 1

    HP 3330B/3570A NETWORK ANALYZER SOFTWARE MANUAL Software and Manual by: John Barnes (905) 873 1087...

  • Page 2

    Introduction This manual describes how to install and operate network analyzer software to operate the HP 3330B / 3570A combination of instruments to perform low frequency network analysis. The software enables Bode plots to be generated and the resulting plots can be plotted on a pen plotter or plot files can be generated for including in reports.

  • Page 3

    DEVICE = EMM386.EXE X=DC00-DFFF This to prevent memory conflict between the memory manager and the interface card. No drivers are required for the HP card, all the software is contained within the program. National Instruments GPIB II/IIA card Set the dip switches as follows:...

  • Page 4

    This configures the card to operate with a base address of 2C0, PC II operation, IRQ 5 and no DMA. Install the card in a free ISA bus slot. Drivers must be installed for this card. Drivers can be obtained from the National Instruments website.

  • Page 5

    Connecting the Instruments • The RF connection is optional. The output of the 3330B can be routed to the rear alt. Output Triaxial connector or to the front panel. This depends on the internal wiring of the 3330B. Connect the 1MHz ref connectors using a bnc cable.

  • Page 6: Starting The Software

    The software assumes that the 3330B is at its default address 4 This is configured by jumpers S1 to S5 on the A6 assembly. The software assumes that the 3570A is at its default address 1 This is configured by jumpers 1 to 5 on the A33 assembly.

  • Page 7

    spaced between the Start and Stop Frequency. The Steps parameter controls the number of steps. Pressing F6 allows the user to enter a title. The following screen appears:...

  • Page 8

    The left and right cursor keys can be used to move the cursor. Backspace deletes the character to the left of the cursor. Delete key deletes the character above the cursor. Insert toggles the entry mode from insert to replace. Home moves the cursor to the start of the title.

  • Page 9

    Pressing F3 produces the Display Reference screen. The following screen is displayed: Using the up / down keys the reference memory for display can be selected. Pressing Enter closes the Display Reference screen and displays the reference sweep superimposed on the current sweep. The reference sweep can be turned off by selecting No reference display.

  • Page 10

    Pressing F10 displays an about box. Contacting the author. The author can be contacted by email at

  • Page 11

    APPENDIX A HP 11235A adapter Edge Connector Signal Name HPIB 18-24 DIO1 DIO2 DIO3 DIO4 DIO5 DIO6 DIO7 DIO8 NDAC NRFD 16,T Key Way SHIELD Not Connected Edge connector is 2 rows of 18 connections on 0.156” centers.

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