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  • Page 1 / H e a l t h c a r e E-Manual...
  • Page 2 ASUS will only be responsible for or indemnify you for loss, damages or claims based in contract, tort or infringement under this Warranty Statement. This limit also applies to ASUS’ suppliers and its reseller. It is the maximum for which ASUS, its suppliers, and your reseller are collectively responsible.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    About this manual ..................... 5 Conventions used in this E-Manual ............. 6 Typography ......................6 Chapter 1: Getting started Getting to know your ASUS VivoWatch ............. 8 LED information ....................10 Charging your ASUS VivoWatch..............12 Chapter 2: Using your ASUS VivoWatch Installing companion app ................16...
  • Page 4 Chapter 3: ASUS VivoWatch phone app Records ........................30 HiVivo app drawer ...................31 My VivoWatch ....................32 Setting ........................33 Changing watch face ..................34 Changing language ..................36 Setting daily target ..................37 Updating firmware ..................38 Appendices ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 5: About This Manual

    Chapter 1: Getting started This chapter details the hardware components of your ASUS VivoWatch and shows you how to use the different parts of your ASUS VivoWatch. Chapter 2: Using your ASUS VivoWatch This chapter provides an overview of using your ASUS VivoWatch.
  • Page 6: Conventions Used In This E-manual

    WARNING! This message contains important information that must be followed to keep you safe while performing tasks and prevent damage to your ASUS VivoWatch's data and components. Typography Bold = This indicates a menu or an item that must be selected.
  • Page 7: Chapter 1: Getting Started

    Chapter 1: Getting started Getting started...
  • Page 8: Getting To Know Your Asus Vivowatch

    VivoWatch complies with IP67 for dust and water- • ASUS resistant. DO NOT use your ASUS VivoWatch in liquids with chemicals • or salt water (such as sea water, swimming pools, or hot springs) as it may damage the charging connectors.
  • Page 9 NOTE: For more details, refer to the LED information section in this E-Manual. Home button Press this button on your ASUS VivoWatch to return to the home screen. You can also press this button to unlock your ASUS VivoWatch. Strap The strap allows you to wear your ASUS VivoWatch on your wrist.
  • Page 10: Led Information

    Exercise mode Color Status Blinking Green Heart rate normal. Blinking Red DANGER! Heart rate abnormal. WARNING! The LED indicator blinks red when your heart rate is abnormal. This could happen when the current exercise is too intense. ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 11: Charging Cradle

    NOTE: For details on using the charging cradle, refer to the Charging your ASUS VivoWatch section in this E-Manual. Spring lock Press this spring lock to release you ASUS VivoWatch from the charging cradle. Charging pins Connect these pins to the charging connectors to charge the battery and supply power to your ASUS VivoWatch.
  • Page 12: Charging Your Asus Vivowatch

    Charging your ASUS VivoWatch Connect the charging pins to the charging connectors. NOTE: • Ensure that the charging pins and connectors are clean and dry before charging. • After wearing your ASUS VivoWatch in water sports, ensure to thoroughly rinse the charging pins and connectors with fresh water and dry with a clean cloth to prevent corrosion. Connect the micro USB to USB cable to your power adapter, then connect the power adapter to a nearby power outlet.
  • Page 13 ASUS VivoWatch. NOTE: ASUS VivoWatch automatically powers on when fully charged. WARNING! • Connecting the charger improperly may cause serious damage to the ASUS VivoWatch. Any damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty. • Do not short circuit the pins on the dock. • Some power banks can not charge the ASUS VivoWatch because they can not detect the low current devices.
  • Page 14 ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 15: Chapter 2: Using Your Asus Vivowatch

    Chapter 2: Using your ASUS VivoWatch Using your ASUS VivoWatch...
  • Page 16: Installing Companion App

    Installing companion app On your phone, log in or sign up for a Google account or Apple ID. Launch Play Store or App Store. Search for HiVivo for ASUS VivoWatch, then install the companion app. Pairing for the first time IMPORTANT! • Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone before pairing.
  • Page 17: Navigating Your Asus Vivowatch

    Navigating your ASUS VivoWatch ASUS VivoWatch Home screen The ASUS VivoWatch home screen displays the time, date, and status of your ASUS VivoWatch. NOTE: You can press the Home button to return to this screen. Icon Description Locked Battery level...
  • Page 18: Asus Vivowatch Features

    NOTE: The screens shown in this manual are for reference only. To scroll through the ASUS VivoWatch features: From the ASUS VivoWatch home screen, swipe left or right to scroll through the ASUS VivoWatch features. Activity This screen shows you the steps you have taken and the calories you have burned.
  • Page 19: Alarm

    Alarm This screen allows you to set an alarm. An alarm saved on the ASUS VivoWatch works independently from alarms set on your phone. You can also set an alarm through the companion app. To set an alarm: Navigate to the Alarm screen.
  • Page 20: Uv Index

    This screen shows you the current UV index. The sensor on your ASUS VivoWatch automatically detects the intensity of the UV light around you. Face the UV sensor on the ASUS VivoWatch towards the sun, and the UV level will appear on the screen when the measurement is complete.
  • Page 21: Pulse

    To get more accurate results: Wear the ASUS VivoWatch in a normal way with the watch face facing up, the bottom of the ASUS VivoWatch touching your skin, and the ASUS VivoWatch away from your wrist bone.
  • Page 22: Asus Vivowatch Records

    ASUS VivoWatch records Your ASUS VivoWatch records your daily exercise and sleep statistics. To scroll through your records: From the ASUS VivoWatch home screen, swipe up or down to scroll through your personal activity records. ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 23: Happiness Index

    Happiness Index This screen shows your happiness index. Your ASUS VivoWatch automatically determines your happiness index based on information such as your daily activity status, exercise time, and sleep quality. Happiness Index Status 85-100 Excellent 75-84 Good 60-74 Fair 40-59...
  • Page 24: Sleep Info

    Exercise Info This screen shows your exercise time and aerobic time. Your ASUS VivoWatch automatically stores your daily exercise time and aerobic time. You can view the daily exercise time and aerobic time as they are recorded.
  • Page 25: Exercise Mode

    Exercise mode Exercise mode allows you to keep track of your exercise sessions. When exercise mode is on, your ASUS VivoWatch will record information about the current exercise session and show the information as they are recorded. To enter exercise mode: Press and hold the Home button for at least four (4) seconds to enter Exercise mode.
  • Page 26 From the exercise home screen, swipe left or right to view other information about the current exercise session. WARNING! The LED indicator blinks red when your heart rate is abnormal. This could happen when the current exercise is too intense. ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 27: Incoming Call Notification

    Incoming call notification Your ASUS VivoWatch allows you to view incoming calls. When you receive a call on your paired phone, your ASUS VivoWatch will vibrate and show you the phone number of the caller. Target goal notification Your ASUS VivoWatch will show you a notification when you have reached your target goals.
  • Page 28: Walk Reminder

    Walk reminder Your ASUS VivoWatch will show you this screen to remind you to get up and move. This screen appears when you have not moved after some time. ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 29: Chapter 3: Asus Vivowatch Phone App

    Chapter 3: ASUS VivoWatch phone app ASUS VivoWatch phone app...
  • Page 30: Records

    Records The Records screen reflects the same HI (happiness index) shown on your paired ASUS VivoWatch. It also allows you access to more information about your daily statistics. NOTE: For more details on getting the companion app, refer to the Installing companion app section in this E-Manual.
  • Page 31: Hivivo App Drawer

    You can also view the current user profile and edit profiles. Tap this to part of the screen to return to the previous screen Tap to edit the profile Tap any of these icons to view more details ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 32: My Vivowatch

    My VivoWatch The My VivoWatch screen allows you to view the battery level and other information about your ASUS VivoWatch. ASUS VivoWatch status Battery level Device serial number Firmware version Pair device Update firmware NOTE: Ensure to sync with your ASUS VivoWatch after setting an alarm.
  • Page 33: Setting

    Setting You can customize the watch face and change the settings for your ASUS VivoWatch. Swipe up to view more settings ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 34: Changing Watch Face

    Changing watch face You can change the watch face of your ASUS VivoWatch to give it a different look. Navigate to the Setting screen. Swipe up to view more icons. Tap Watch Face. ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 35 Tap a watch face of your choice, then tap done. NOTE: More watch faces will be available in future updates. ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 36: Changing Language

    Changing language You can change the language of your ASUS VivoWatch on your companion app. Navigate to the Setting screen. Swipe up to view more icons. Tap Watch language. Select a language of your choice. ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 37: Setting Daily Target

    Navigate to the Setting screen. Swipe up to view more icons. Tap Steps per day to set target steps, or tap Calories per day to set target calories. Set you target value, then tap OK. ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 38: Updating Firmware

    Updating firmware You can update the firmware of your ASUS VivoWatch through the companion app. Navigate to the My VivoWatch screen. Tap the Device update icon. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete update. NOTE: We recommend using the latest firmware.
  • Page 39: Appendices

    Appendices Appendices...
  • Page 40: Battery Precautions

    If it gets wet, wipe immediately using a soft dry cloth. • Ensure that your ASUS VivoWatch is dry before using it with app features and follow the warning labels for your personal safety. • Discontinue usage if leakage is found. • The ASUS VivoWatch and the charging cradle must be recycled or disposed of properly. • Keep any small components away from children. • Your ASUS VivoWatch should only be used in environments with ambient temperatures between 5°C and 40°C. ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 41 Keeping your ASUS VivoWatch and the strap clean and dry will reduce the possibility of skin irritation. • If you experience redness, swelling, itchiness, or any other irritation or discomfort on your skin around, or beneath, your ASUS VivoWatch, please remove your ASUS VivoWatch and consult your physician before resuming wear. • Continued use, even after symptoms subside, may result in renewed or increased irritation. ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 42 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 43: Rf Exposure Warning

    NCC警語: 經型式認證合格之低功率射頻電機,非經許可,公司、商號或使 用者均不得擅自變更頻率、加大功率或變更原設計之特性及功 能。 低功率射頻電機之使用不得影響飛航安全及干擾合法通信;經發 現有干擾現象時,應立即停用,並改善至無干擾時方得繼續使 用。 前項合法通信,指依電信法規定作業之無線電通信。低功率射頻 電機須忍受合法通信或工業、科學及醫療用電波輻射性電機設備 之干擾。 CE Marking ASUSTeK Computer Inc. hereby declares that this device is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. Full text of EU declaration of conformity is available at: ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 44: Proper Disposal

    Proper disposal Do not throw your ASUS VivoWatch in municipal waste. This product has been designed to enable proper reuse of parts and recycling. The symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin indicates that the product (electrical, electronic equipment and mercury-containing button cell battery) should not be placed in municipal waste.
  • Page 45: Notices For Removeable Batteries

    Rechargeable Battery Recycling Service in North America For US and Canada customers, you can call 1-800-822- 8837 (toll-free) for recycling information of your ASUS products’ rechargeable batteries. Regional notice for California WARNING! This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Page 46 VAROITUS! Paristo voi räjähtää, jos se on virheellisesti asennettu. Vaihda paristo ainoastaan laitevalmistajan sousittelemaan tyyppiin. Hävitä käytetty paristo valmistagan ohjeiden mukaisesti. (Finnish) ATTENTION! Il y a danger d’explosion s’il y a remplacement incorrect de la batterie. Remplacer uniquement avec une batterie du mêre type ou d’un type équivalent recommandé par le constructeur. Mettre au rebut les batteries usagées conformément aux instructions du fabricant. (French) ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 47 типа возможно его возгорание. Утилизируйте аккумулятор в соответствии с инструкциями производителя. (Russian) Manufacturer ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. Address 4F, No. 150, LI-TE RD., PEITOU, TAIPEI 112, TAIWAN Authorized ASUS COMPUTER GmbH Representative in Europe Address HARKORT STR. 21-23, 40880 RATINGEN, GERMANY ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...
  • Page 48 ASUS VivoWatch E-Manual...

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